Jan. 1st, 2017

new year

Jan. 1st, 2017 08:04 am
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Good morning new year.
I woke up with mixed feelings this morning. Wondering where the world is heading. Feeling older, weaker, hurting more. But also excited about what I can do - new ideas to execute, new places to go and explore. I'm not done yet.

Not much of a drawing this morning. It seemed enough to do Rabbit Rabbit and then doodle. I reached the end of my collection of tarot decks yesterday. But as a present to myself I ordered 3 more decks recently and they should be here soon. I have enjoyed using them for a jumping off point to explore my thoughts and feelings in the morning and plan to continue doing a daily drawing using them (working my way through the decks again), but I am taking a break from that till the new ones arrive.

Yesterday we were given a gift of some French onion soup but it was made with beef broth so I didn't eat any. Dave made us a big batch of shrimp cocktail that I did eat with some crackers and sharp cheddar cheese. Drank a glass of blackberry wine. Crocheted one and a half dishcloths. Watched the movie Sisters - which I felt was over the top a lot of the time but there were still some laughs. We stayed up till 10 and then went to bed to read. I didn't stay awake much longer than that.

Plans for my day:
Make a "Seeing with the Heart" pendant with one of the new enamels.
Get out for a walk.

And plans for my year:
Remember to write 2017 instead of 2016.
Keep up with hiking and biking.
Start doing stretches and yoga type things to get rid of some of these aches and pains.
Walk Andy by myself to the creek more.
Visit some national and state parks.
Visit Kathy and Pete.
Do more enameling and get out the stuff for stone cutting.
Explore a new jewelry technique - maybe learn wax carving.
Keep up with my morning meditations and art a day drawings.
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Dave, Andy and Johnny.

I've heard it said that whatever you do on the first day of the new year you will be doing a lot of that year. I'm glad that we took a walk in the woods today then. We went to the Kennerdell overlook but when we got there I discovered the battery was dead in my camera. On the way back I remembered my ipod (it's battery was nearly dead with the cold too) but I put it inside my shirt to warm it up and it woke up a bit so I could get a few photos. Too bad I didn't remember it when we were at the lookout. Four HERE )


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