Jan. 2nd, 2017

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The card I looked at called this a garden but I want to call it a maze - with a weird confusing statue in the middle. I dreamed last night that I was stuck down in the basement and trying to get upstairs. In place of a stairway was a set of shelves with knickknacks all over them. The lower ones had handles so you could use them for climbing but the upper ones didn't. I started up but found I couldn't continue and gave up. Stuck. Then I decided to just go outside, walk around the house and get upstairs that way. Problem solved (in the dream) - leave the problem. I can make it be so complicated and difficult sometimes...
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Dave and I took Andy for a walk down back. They came last fall and cleared the brush from the natural gas pipeline. I like how the view down the path fades into the woods now. Three more HERE )
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"Seeing with the Heart #10" pendant - sterling, enamel on fine silver and nu-gold brass. Listing HERE

This pendant is very similar to the one I wear all the time:
Now that I see them side by side I see how different they are.

Something I have decided to change on etsy is I'm not going to automatically offer a rubber cord with every pendant anymore - some people don't use them anyway. I'm going to start listing the pendants without cords. Plus the cords don't last very long before they start to harden and shorten if you wear them everyday. They aren't a very long lasting kind of thing - that's always been a disappointment to me. If someone wants one or a sterling chain then they can add it to the order.


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