Jan. 6th, 2017


Jan. 6th, 2017 10:40 am
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The card I looked at today featured a sylph. Invisible creature of the air. Made of air. Light and above it all.

I got up late today. Both Dave and I slept in. Usually I get up around 5 or 6, while Dave is still sleeping, go out into the dark of the kitchen with a flashlight (don't want to wake Dave or Andy yet) and start the coffee pot, come back to my room with my coffee and do my morning meditations with a small table light and a candle burning. This morning I got up (the sun was shining) and started the coffee pot but then went outside and filled the bird feeders, and the suet feeders. There is a fresh coat of thin snow on everything. I was wearing sandals and my feet were touched by the cold snow. A bright clean world today.

I dreamed last night about a place near town that only exists in my dreams. You go across a bridge and on the other side of the river is a wide grassy expanse and then you walk back towards the hills to a stream that you follow into the hills. It is always beautiful there with huge boulders and fields, winding streams, paths to follow and it finally leads to a lake shore. I usually go by myself to this place but in the dream I was taking Dave there for the first time. I was wearing my green pajamas (that I actually was wearing while I was sleeping) and was a little embarrassed when we came to a mansion house where a lot of people were gathered. They were there to fix it up and restore it. They didn't pay much attention to us. We were exploring the building and there were narrow hallways and stairways that you could hardly get through and building materials stacked all over the place. Someone that I used to go to school with (a popular girl I never liked much) had shoes that she was giving away and offered me a pair but I said I already had shoes - didn't need any - give them to someone who really did need them.

I woke up feeling good. I love dreams where I go to this place. It is always summer and "the golden hour" there. I'm sure I am feeling better now that Dave's biopsy is over, even though he won't get the results for 7 to 10 days. I am choosing to believe everything is fine and that this was just a test that will confirm that. If we find out later that it isn't, then it will be time to deal with that then.
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Gracegiver gave me the idea to collect my LJ into PDF form using the blogbooker.com website and it got me all woken up to wanting to print off my journal again. As I was going through my old writings from 2007 that I had put into a word document, I see that on Jan 28 of 2007 I had just finished printing off 3 binders full of stuff. Here's the entry I made about it. I was also reading that I had run into problems with my printer back then too - just as I am now - I can only print off a page or 2 at a time. I had hoped to print off 25 pages at a time but it won't print all the photos if I do it that way. I may bring the printer into my room so I don't have to keep walking out to the living room to check on it.

I do enjoy reading this old stuff. Not sure who else will ever read it. Maybe someone 50 years from now wanting to know what great (great) Grandma Boden's life was like? Or imagine I am old and have dementia - someone could show it to me and it might connect me with myself again - there might be that.

Interesting to see that some things have changed so much since 2007 and some things have changed so little.

I've got 50 pages printed of year 2007 at this point - might take a break and do some mindless crochet now...


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