Jan. 13th, 2017

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I am willing to be just another human being today - no better and no worse - just another.

It's funny how time passes differently when you are drawing. I'm measuring my time with candles now as I do my morning meditations and when I am reading and writing time goes slowly - I look up and the candle has barely gone down. But once I start to draw my picture outer time speeds up and when I look up again when I'm done the candle's always gone.

I'm still messing around with my old LJ's from years past. Collecting the info using Blogbooker but then after I get it I'm working on it in Word and reducing the size of the photos and changing some text as I'm getting it ready for printing later. But it's not going well. It seems that my laptop can't handle all this info. Keeps crashing. Johnny looked at it last night and recommends that I get a bigger hard drive since my old one (500GB) is nearly topped off. That will arrive next Tuesday. If that isn't the problem then I could try to install a new Word program. My version is very old - it came with Office 2000. I looked at the new version in Johnny's computer and it looks confusing and I'm sure I would have a hard time learning it but if that's what needs done I'm willing to do it. Doing stuff like this - fooling around with writing and pictures and being able to print things is what I love to do.

Today the plan is to meet Karen for lunch, then later come home and get Johnny and we are going out to Jo-Ann's and get some fabric adhesive for some chairs he wants to fix. Also I want to keep in mind that I have 2 jobs to do - a keyring/pendant for MnH, and a handmade book for a repeat customer. This customer wants me to make her a new journal book every year. I don't tell her that I'm really not doing handmade books anymore and just get out the stuff and do it. Sometimes I have to search the basement a while to find the materials for it.

The sun just now broke through the clouds - looks like it's going to be a dry day today. I hope.


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