Jan. 14th, 2017

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I woke up this morning from what felt like a neat dream. I was driving through town with a person who I think was my mother (not a real definite person) and came to an alley that we drove down. All of a sudden I noticed a house that I remembered I was buying. I had put a down payment on it a long time ago and then had forgotten about it. We stopped the car and I walked around the house and was looking in the windows - the house looked empty. I noticed the back door was open so I went in. There was a huge German Shepherd dog tied to a leash in the kitchen. The dog was very relaxed, looked at me and then went back to sleep. Just then the person who was selling me the house came in the back door and we were talking about the conditions of the sale. She said that everything in the house was mine but she wanted to retain the rights to "the bridge". I asked what the bridge was and she pointed out the window upwards and said it's up there but you can't see it from here. We went outside so we could see it and it was like a glowing drawing in the sky overhead. The first drawing I saw was like the one I made below, but then she changed it to a few more things. If she retained the rights to it she would be able to keep making "the bridge". I said sure - I thought it was pretty wonderful and I would even build her a gazebo out back so she and her family would have a place to sit and watch while she made the bridge. I was hoping that maybe someday she would get tired of it and she would give it to me and then I would be able to make my drawings in the sky too.


Yesterday Karen and I were talking about the writing group that meets locally (she goes regularly). The group is called The Bridge. Also the house in my dream was near the part of town that has the bridge that goes across to the bike trail and the River Ridge Farm gate. That bridge has featured lately in my dreams too. So I don't know for sure what the meaning was but I love dreams where there are big images in the sky overhead. Sometimes I dream that the stars are in new constellations and that they are moving and forming new pictures. One of my favorite kinds of dreams.


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