Jan. 17th, 2017

summersgate: (view out my back door)

This afternoon I was surprised when I looked out the kitchen window and everything looked so "white". I went out and got some pictures of the fog rising up out of the creek and the sun hitting it over a period of time. More HERE )

Today Johnny is putting the new bigger hard drive into my laptop. I'm on Dave's computer at the moment in the living room. I hope it turns out okay. Doing the information recovery now. Do or die!!!!!

This morning Hazel and I drove to Pittsburgh so she could meet with her gender wellness doctor. Afterwards we ate at what is now becoming our favorite Chinese buffet on Forbes Ave. They have lots of vegetarian options. We had a good time walking around Oakland. On the way out of the city we missed a turn and ended up near downtown - which wasn't too bad - just a long detour. I'm glad Hazel was driving - she is very calm and takes to city driving much better than I do. Though by the time we got home I was exhausted and went to bed for a while.

I've started doing stretching exercises for my heel and think it feels better already.

We've been (re)watching Groundhog Day this evening. One of my all time most favorite movies. I think as a movie I have probably re-watched it more times than any other movie - that's interesting in itself.


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