Jan. 18th, 2017

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Woke up feeling out of pace with the world. I was surprised to see the mailman cause it felt to me like it was Sunday. Feeling like I might have lost my past - the laptop isn't working at all now. Thinking thoughts of giving up and letting go. Is that what the universe wants me to do? I have things I could do. Taxes, business book work, the basement always awaits, jewelry that could be made - but nothing I *want* to do. Tarot cards and drawing are dead. Raining. Hazel slept last night in my studio bed so I don't have that space to retreat to. Dave tells me that they have named a species of moth after Trump. I just can not understand how I can dislike and be repulsed by a person so much and there are other people who love him so much. The way people can perceive things so differently in this world is such a mystery. Though I do believe it can be made better only by trying to put myself in other's shoes - by trying to see the similarities, rather than the differences. Unless he truly is the AntiChrist - then what?

Milo knows what to do. Posting this with my tablet. Playing around. Not sure how to get the right size of picture.

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Jan. 18th, 2017 08:38 pm
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As the day went on things started to seem a lot better. Even though I was ready to give up on my laptop and start grieving its loss Johnny wasn't, and he tried new things with it today. He quit using the recovery discs I had made for it and instead installed Windows 10. Not something I wanted to do - I like Windows 7 and didn't want to learn a new thing but as the day went on I got myself ready for a new adventure. Hopefully that is the answer. So far so good - we are still loading my files back into it.

Crocheted a while. That was calming. Went through the Christmas cards and made sure the return addresses matched the ones in our address book. Some of Dave's nieces and nephews moved to new houses last year. Did some business book work in preparation for figuring out state sales tax. Helped Johnny make templates and cut material for the chairs that he is reupholstering. Walked down to the creek and to the lake with Dave and Andy as dusk was falling. Made part of our dinner - the raviolis and green beans, while Dave grilled salmon. So all in all a productive day in spite of the blaas.

And now David Z is coming so Johnny can look at his old computer - to advise him if it can be saved...


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