Jan. 20th, 2017

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Johnny will be going back to college later today and I will be on my own with any future problems, though I think I've got everything I usually want to use back in place again. But I can't find my CD for Elements 11 to reinstall it. Which is a disappointment. I liked using 11 a lot. I have a copy of 5 that I have installed but I'm not liking it much. I might need to invest in getting 15.

I reinstalled my old Office 2000 programs. They have flaws in them that I was used to working around. That is another thing that someday I should upgrade. It is dumb to have programs that don't work right.

Johnny loaded a different version of windows 7 (the one on my recovery discs didn't work) into the laptop - took windows 10 out.

We went shopping at the website that he buys his computer parts from and chose all the components for a future super desktop - someday... Till then I'm going to just limp along with the laptop and make do.

A person is supposed to come today so I can look at a ring. I went to school with him though we weren't close at all. Anyway - his brother knows Dave and found out that I do jewelry so he wants to know if I can fix an old ring. I doubt I can - though by putting some epoxy in it I might keep it from falling apart worse. He had something happen to him and he is now a paraplegic in a wheelchair. I will go out to the car when he gets here to see the ring.



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