Jan. 22nd, 2017


Jan. 22nd, 2017 10:18 am
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Another foggy moist day.

I got a four album 2 CD set of John Prine music yesterday and put it into my system of music. Had a whole evening of John Prine last night. He is a great storyteller. We had run out of netflix movies to watch so it was nice to just listen to music - I crocheted and Dave interneted and Andy tried to get our attention by bringing us newspapers. I leave a pile of old ones in the kitchen where he can reach them and if he is bored he will bring one to me. I say thank you and take it and put it up on the table. He looks at me expectantly, probably cause I used to give him little treats when he did this, but I don't anymore. I talk to him for a while and he tilts his head back and forth as he listens to me and then he goes away to find something else to bring me. If he brings a toy I will throw it and he will catch it. He is very good at that. Amazing really. Another thing I will do to just pass the time with him is get a handful of his kibble and toss pieces so he can catch it. He doesn't like it that much in his bowl and it will sit there all day long uneaten but if I'm throwing it he eats it. He is a dog that if he isn't sleeping then he feels the need to be busy DOING something. Sometimes he will just pace the house with a toy or chew bone hanging from his mouth. The living room is set up with a chair and 2 conga drums in the middle of the space so he can go in a circle around that and keep moving.

The plan for today? I hope we get out and walk with Andy somewhere. And I hope to paint on my art project.
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Official groundhog souvenir shop. Took this photo as we were driving through town.

Dave's brother has had a hunting camp near Punxsutawney for about 25 years but he finally gave up on it this year and sold it. He just didn't spend enough time there anymore and the mice and porcupines were taking it over. Dave wanted to see it one last time so we drove over there today. I had never been there so hadn't seen it in its better days but Dave related a lot of stories about when his brothers, the nephews, his dad and Johnny had gone there for buck season over the years. Pictures )


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