Jan. 29th, 2017

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Have you ever had it happen to you where the more you work on an art project the dumber it seems? But I have put too much time into this to abandon it now - need to see it through. I painted all the faces - 20 in all. Here they are laid out in what I think will be the final order before gluing them into place. )

Snowing right now - big flakes - so pretty. Dave and I thought about driving over to see Chloe and Johnny today and taking Andy for a walk in the game lands but now it doesn't seem like a very good idea with roads being bad. Will probably walk to the creek with Andy at least.
summersgate: (eggshells)
The snow stopped falling and Dave and I did decide to get out and hike somewhere with Andy. There is a game lands over by Marianne and Clarion that the North Country Trail goes through. We had walked to a certain bridge by way of the NCT last summer but thought we would try and reach it over game lands roads this time.

Andy was funny - he was afraid to go over the open slats of the bridge and was all hunkered down as he went. On the way back he had no fear - had figured it out.

Toby Creek. I used the "pin hole" setting on the camera - thought it expressed the overcast look of the day.

My feet ended up getting very cold - heading to bed with a hot rice pack now...


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