Jan. 30th, 2017

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I'm just annoyed that it seems like to keep our president and government from doing stupid things we are going to have to get out and march and protest about everything now. Though I haven't marched or protested anything yet - I just talk about these things with my friends and family who are like minded and concerned too. I want to live my life in peace and let the government take care of itself - that's why I vote - to have people that I respect take care of all the people in our country, our land and our relationship with the rest of the world. Now it seems that we might have to personally go out and protest the government's decisions to have things go properly. I spend time every morning meditating just so I can have a serene mind - getting mad every day about my government is counter-productive.

Onto other thoughts...

The pink line.

Going to hike with Candy today. Try a trail that we have never been on at the Kennerdell Tract of the Clear Creek Forest. It's called the Dennison Run trail. I'm imagining it will take us over flat land for about 2 miles before it descends down into Dennison Run (where we have been before). Dennison Run has a nice pathway with lots of little foot bridges crossing the creek till it comes to the Allegheny River, then you can climb back up the mountain to the Kennerdell Lookout. From the looks of the map it might be about a 5 mile hike. Afterwards we are going to eat out somewhere - make a big day of it. I'm going to dress warmer today than I did yesterday and put on water-resistant pants too. A few days ago while exploring down back with Rossy when climbing over rocks I strained a ligament in my groin - that is still bothering me - so I hope today goes okay - going to take a stronger walking stick.

Still snowing - it's going to be a cold but quietly beautiful day.
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Snow patterns.

It was a big hike (almost 6 miles) and we were very tired and sore footed afterwards - down a huge (to me) mountainside and then back up again - but it was very worth it - beautiful snow falling with some sun breaking through now and then. I used the pin hole setting on the camera again. Many, many photos HERE )

Afterwards on the way home we had a late lunch at Taylor's Pub. Hot coffee, fish sandwich without the bun and french fries. The waiter was someone that Candy's sons had grown up with - it was nice to hear how much he liked their family.


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