Feb. 3rd, 2017

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I feel like I am making a fresh start of things today. Today will be a day of domestic catch-up. There are baskets of clothes that need folded, overripe bananas that I will make into bread, partially made jewelry that is sitting on my worktable, the floors need vacuumed. I even had a dream last night that seems to mirror this - I dreamed that I was swimming in the creek with the grandkids and it was after a rain so the water was murky and high and running fast. I noticed that there were dead bodies of animals floating in the water and I was trying to watch out for them and avoid them. The kids got into a place where the water was running faster (in spite of my warnings) and they were taken away - there was nothing I could do. I started working my way back upstream to where we had gotten in and as I was going the water all drained away and the creek bed became exposed as dry and smooth as a road - perfectly clean now - the water took all the dead bodies with it. I had hopes that it was clearing downstream for the kids too. This dream makes me think about how we (I) can't protect (or control) young people very much. They refuse to be controlled or advised. I refused to be controlled or advised when I was young too. It is hard to accept that though - to let them go.
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Rossy pulling the minnow trap up.

About a month ago we had a flood and water came up from the creek. Some minnows got left behind in a tiny pool in the gully. Rossy and I were concerned about what would happen later when the pool dried out - the minnows would die. So Rossy and Dave put a minnow trap in the pool a few days ago and today Rossy remembered it when we were walking Andy down there. If we would have thought ahead we would have brought a bucket. There were 7 minnows in the trap. Since we had no bucket for transport it was decided that the fastest of us (Rossy) would run them to the lake. He did an excellent job with his young legs and got them there alive. On the way he thought to give the minnows a quick dousing in some other pools of water to keep them moist. Definitely a hero. A couple pictures of eagles obscured by snow flakes and one of a sunset. )


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