Feb. 5th, 2017


Feb. 5th, 2017 11:43 am
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Just a sketch this morning of a pattern I saw. It was from a piece of cloth that had peace signs on it but I couldn't help seeing a distressed face there instead.

On another subject - I saw this etsy artist and love her work. I want to find a way to use fabric as a collage element somewhat the way she does. Fabric prints are so rich in color and texture. Golden Soft Gel Matte Medium is a wonderful thing - I think I will try painting the cloth with that first to stabilize it (so it won't fray when it is cut) and then cut it to shape after that. See if that will work.

Other than that - no real plans for the day. I have a ring that someone wants me to fix (the turquoise stones are crumbling) which I have been avoiding. But I bought the 5 minute epoxy for that yesterday and have no reason to not proceed.

I think I am getting burned out with all the requests I get to be active - to write letters, share things on facebook (not going to do that), sign petitions, call people. Maybe if I could just choose one cause to concentrate on and shut all the others out? Everyday, all day long I am getting emails telling me I should do something or other. They are all good causes! But I wouldn't have time to live my own life if I did them all - it would keep me busy all day long - plus, I imagine I would start to get even more requests for action if I did that. I feel like this is what Trump wants - to wear us down on all the fronts he is making his stupid rulings on. Though I haven't really done much except sign petitions at this point. It is the constant requests (for urgent action!!!) that makes me want to just skip them all. Then I feel bad. I need to do something - resolve my desire to be of help with how much help I can realistically give. As it is now I am just running away while throwing a few petition signings at them. This is what made me shut down during the time of the election - so many requests from the democrats to DO SOMETHING. I shut down at that time too, finally, and turned off all the emails I was getting from them. Dave is lucky - we share an email address but I act as our secretary and send only the things he needs to deal with over to his box. He never has to see all this stuff. But he is the one who reads the news online and other places. He is exposed to all that. I can't take it.


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