Feb. 8th, 2017

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Jan and I walked up one of the creeks at Two Mile Run today - very squishy and lots of puddles that needed skirted but not raining. Dry on the head - wet on the feet. Looking forward to exploring more trails out there. We went out on Northward trail and came back by the way of Boone trail. Other names of trails I look forward to hiking someday: Raccoon, Bridal, Sandy Loop, Whitetail, Big Buck, Black Gum, Deer Meadow, Long Beard, Trefoil, Cornplanter, Seneca, Big Rock, Cauvel Run, Blue Gill. I wish they had the trails marked better out there. We had to guess a lot of the time if we were on a proper trail or not. The trails are on the map but there are no markings in the woods. And some trails are marked in the woods but there is nothing on the map about them. Confusing.

I've been avoiding putting epoxy in that ring I was supposed to fix for an old classmate. I keep thinking about it. I ground up some small turquoise beads into powder today and mixed a little bit into some clear epoxy and used it to fill a crack in one of my own old turquoise rings. Maybe later after I see how that turns out I will be more confident about doing the same to his ring. That seems to be the best option - after much (too much) thought on the matter. It is what I imagined I would do in the beginning but I had to let it build up in me to certainty I guess.


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