Feb. 14th, 2017

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We take Andy to the vet today for his annual checkup. Not looking forward to it. He is great around the house with us and he is well behaved on the walks we take him (he meets no other dogs). But he is still a nut when he meets new people and totally crazy when he is around another dog. To get him to hold still for the vet's exam is not going to be easy at all. It is too late to try and do any more work to familiarize him to new situations, dogs, cats and new people. It's out of our hands except to try and stay calm amid all the barking, wiggling and lunging he will be doing today.
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One good thing about Andy is that he sleeps well at night and is not an early riser. He doesn't really wake up till after 9 or later. This was him before we got ready to go to the vet appointment this morning. He did okay at the vet's (for him). There was quite a bit of barking and whining and wanting to get out of the exam room while we waited for the vet to come in. The vet seemed very understanding - said he had his own crazy lab pup at home. The assistant also told us about a dog trainer that we might try in Meadville. She will do a free evaluation and then work with the dog in whatever way is best - starting out alone or with other dogs or animals present. The other class we tried last year had too many dogs and Andy just could not settle down. He was too distracted (and distracting) and we felt unwelcome there. So maybe with the new trainer helping us we might get Andy to tolerate the cats being close by without whimpering, whining and lunging at them like a nut someday.

Another animal problem or issue... Yoshi hasn't been eating lately. I'm getting worried about her. We went to the pet shop in Meadville today and got crickets to see if she could be enticed to eat at all - just to see if she did have an appetite. Though she is fat - maybe that is the problem. Overweight and not wanting to move - not needing to move. The girl at the pet shop said that Yoshi might be going through a winter dormancy. I hope that's the reason she's not eating. Though she did get excited by her crickets and ran (waddled) after them - I'm glad to see she does still have an appetite.

After Andy got off the couch this morning this was the next place he decided to lay down - right in front of where Yoshi was sunning herself. .


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