Feb. 17th, 2017

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I was looking at my 5 year diary and 2 years ago yesterday it was 20 below zero (F) and the kids did not have school. Last year it was a day of heavy snow fall and they did not have school again. Today though the temps are going up and I imagine all our snow will be gone soon - not that we had that much - only a couple inches. Over the weekend it will be in the mid 50's. The sun is breaking through the clouds at the moment. It is nice to see it again.

I finally finished putting the epoxy in the ring of my old classmate and will be giving it back to him today. It doesn't look that different but I think it will hold up better now with a filler between the cracks in the crumbling turquoise. My next job is to make a repeat of a pendant I made a few years ago. A customer liked it and wondered if I could make another. I told her I will make one and send her pictures of it - if she likes it then I will reserve it for her so she can buy it. I would rather do it that way - then I feel like I have more freedom. I don't like the feeling I have hanging over me when it's a commission with expectations that need fulfilled. I will need to make an enameled element for it and it is hard to make something with enamel exactly like I made it before just from memory. And while I am at the enameling table I want to make some more hearts to use in other things too. So I imagine that will be my day today...


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