Feb. 21st, 2017


Feb. 21st, 2017 10:50 pm
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Today was the monthly appointment for Dave to get his eye poked (his way of describing it). The last three times we have seen the same man (a fellow patient) in the waiting room and we are getting to know him better. Today when he came in and saw Dave he said, ah, my friend the forester. He used to be a minister and I bet he was a good one. I like him. I got to talking to him while Dave was in the treatment room and I told him I really enjoy seeking out and finding the big rocks around here and he told me about a place he used to visit when he was young called Painter's Rocks. Back then there was no bike trail, there was only the railroad there and he and his friends would go out the tracks to a place where they would climb a hill. I think I know the place from his description and look forward to exploring it.

After the eye treatment Dave and I went to eat at Perkins. I got what has now become my favorite meal there - omelet with mushrooms, onions, green peppers and pepper jack; fresh fruit and a blueberry muffin (which I took home for later). Then we went to the pet store and got another couple dozen crickets for Yoshi. The last dozen seemed to really perk her up. She is dramatically more lively now. I put the crickets in a transparent tub beside her tank and she likes to watch them. Dave and I enjoy hearing the crickets chirping in the evening too. I'm going to give her just one cricket each day and increase her fruits and vegs to get her to lose some weight. Quit feeding her the freeze dried mealworms - too fattening.

Two days ago I got a tick on me. I have found that I am very allergic to them. This one tried 3 times to get into me and everywhere it tried I am incredibly itchy now. From past experience I'm pretty sure the itch will last for weeks. I hate it. I took Benadryl this afternoon, maybe it helped. I did nap but now I'm working to not react and start scratching again. I'm going to pick out a pair of pants and treat them with pyrethrum now that we are having weather warm enough for the ticks to wake up.


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