Feb. 26th, 2017

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I had a busy day yesterday. I went to my usual OA meeting in the morning (we had a newcomer! - good news cause our meeting is so small (2 to 4 people) normally) and then came home to change vehicles with Dave. I had taken the car by mistake and I should have left the car for him to pick up Johnny and Alison later. From there I took the truck to Oil City to gallery sit with Chloe from noon to 6. Such a long cold sit. The recent unseasonable warm weather is gone now. I wore just a sweater that morning and should have worn a winter coat. The gallery is down a little flight of stairs from the street door and there seems to be a big leak of air coming in that door. Three people came in to see the show. I crocheted on the granny square blanket I'm making for Chloe - made 6 squares in 6 hours. She read two and a half graphic novels. Chloe left with her friend Kiyomi to have lunch and I made myself a bracelet with the beads there while I was alone. It is an interactive art project and when I was finished I thought it would make it easier to have the beads sorted into separate trays for the people who came after me and started to do that. I put the other bottle caps out and started to separate the 3 colors into them. Then I looked up and saw the title of the art piece. It is interesting to see how we want to compartmentalize things - we do! I did. So I dumped them all back in together and put the caps back on the other 2 bottles.

How I left the piece.

At 6 we headed over to the A and C Buffet for Sebby's birthday dinner. Afterwards we came home for cake and presents. I had difficulty with this cake - the recipe I found did not make enough to fill a 9 by 13 pan (I found that out after I baked it) so I made a second cake and made a double layer cake out of the 2 of them. Sebby's main interest is music and guitar, bass and keyboards now so I put a guitar on the cake.

His favorite color to wear is black so I got black candles.

I love Sebby's looks.

We sat around the rest of the evening talking and watching Andy catch things and bring us things. Some people wanted to see what the shock collar felt like and had a contest to see how high they could stand it. Most people didn't want to go above 6 but Johnny went to 10. Lots of laughter - are we backwoods rednecks - shocking each other for entertainment? Maybe we just had a lot of young people together...

Also I want to mention a movie we watched a couple nights ago - very strange and odd, but something to really make you think. I'm going to put it on the list of my all time favorite movies but it probably isn't for everyone. The Lobster.
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Dave and I walked Andy down to the lake today and saw 2 Canada geese paired up and scoping out a nesting spot, then on the way home in amongst the sumac there was a flock of robins. Orange breasts and red seed pods against a blue sky.


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