Mar. 1st, 2017

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This must be a sleepy, get up a little while and then go back to bed kind of day. Raining. Heard our first thunderstorm last night. Dave and I both woke up around 3 and got up - him to his computer, me to my room to enamel. We went back to bed around 6. Got up around 9 and now after breakfast (Dave made fried mush again) I'm thinking of going back to bed...

Yesterday I got a long handle that you pick up a tennis ball with and then you can throw it long distances. Hopefully later today we'll get a chance to give it a try in the lower backyard. Andy does love to fetch - he also loves to chew. We had to take tennis balls out of his toy box cause he had become an expert at tearing them apart in just a couple minutes. I'm hoping that if we keep him occupied with the outdoor and longer distance aspect of the new game it will work as something to wear him out. Also we need to remember to take along treats to give him for giving the ball back to us - that will help.
summersgate: (eggshells)
We took Andy down back to try out the ball thrower this afternoon and it was a big success. Really tired him out and made him more likely to stay with us for the rest of the walk to the creek and to the lake. Blustery weather and a few little spats of rain - then as we were heading back the sun came out. Some pictures HERE )


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