Mar. 3rd, 2017


Mar. 3rd, 2017 08:51 am
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Another snowy day. Pretty. Another day to stay in listening to music on shuffle and work on enameling and jewelry. My goal - have something to etsyize later.

Editing - adding on:
I have fallen into a habit of doing something - painting some enamels on, putting them up to dry, setting things out with solder and flux on them, letting them dry, etc and then coming over to the computer and *wasting* time while they dry. So here I am again. Things go so much slower this way.

I ordered a pound of truffle salt last week - I told Dave about it this morning and he exclaimed, a pound!? It was cheaper by the pound. I am looking forward to putting it on eggs and popcorn. Maybe one of the reasons the thought of a chicken coop keeps coming into my mind - truffle salt is on its way.

A letter I just wrote to the president - I put my own words into a petition that I signed:

President Trump,
Please take care of our earth, water and air. You have a chance to be a good president - one who could be admired in the future. Someday people will either remember you with horror at what you have done and the things you have ruined or with affection for the care you took with our natural world and its people's needs. I'm hoping you will choose the second option.

I hope he reads it. Though that's very doubtful.



Mar. 3rd, 2017 07:24 pm
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"Snow Flowers" pendant - sterling and enamel. Listing HERE

I finished 3 pendants today - and finally figured out the etsy listing site after about 2 hours (maybe it just seemed like 2 hours). They changed things since the last time I listed something - which was nearly 2 months ago (I have been very non-productive lately it seems!) The prices were just not showing up right and I kept doing the same things over and over, with slight differences so I could figure out what was wrong. Finally it turned out that it wasn't me, or what I was doing - there was a temporary glitch in their site and now it's working. So good - and I can get on to other things now.

Here is another pendant I finished today but it is already sold (I hope):
"Summer Song" pendant - sterling, ceramic, enamel on fine silver and peridot.

Now it's time for mindless TV and mindless crochet.


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