Mar. 8th, 2017


Mar. 8th, 2017 07:37 am
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I have some free time this morning - woke up too early. This is the morning I'm going for blood work so there is no coffee to help me pass time. I love the routine of making coffee and slowly waking up with meditation and journaling. I got the reading and writing out of the way so I thought I would start some new enameled trees - other seasons - fall and spring.

This makes it a little more difficult to work. Though she is very careful not to disturb anything I still can't get into some of the enamels with her there.

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Mar. 8th, 2017 06:40 pm
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Sitting at Dave's computer at the moment trying to figure out how to fix it. The first thing I always think to do is run Malwarebytes to see if malware is causing the problem. The data base needs updated. Doing that...

After my blood work this morning Dave and I had the buffet breakfast at Eat-n-Park. Then home so I could get ready for hiking with Jan. We went to Two Mile Run. There was a wind warning today - there was supposed to be winds up to 25 miles per hour till about 1 - then it was going up to 40 mph - gusts of 50 mph. I was worrying about being safe in the woods but I just didn't want to give up the idea of a hike. It was a very invigorating morning - bright sun, dark blue sky, clouds scuttling overhead, the treetops whining in the wind and rattling. My new walking stick has holes to help adjust the height and the wind was playing the holes like a flute. I was a little afraid of falling limbs and kept an eye on trees ahead to see if there were any hanging dead branches that might fall. I figured if it was a live branch breaking we would hear that and have a chance to run but a dead branch could just come loose and fall. Thankfully we survived ;-) - which made the morning even more amazing and encouraged me to be full of gratitude to be out in it. Afterwards we stopped at Dawndi's restaurant and we both had fish sandwiches with fries while watching the wind blow leaves and loose building materials across the parking lot.

The traveling pain thing was having fun with me today. On the way to Two Mile Run my shoulder ached a lot but after we started hiking I went back to having a mild pain in my heel and no shoulder pain (at all). After we got out of the woods and back in the car the shoulder started up big time - almost unbearable while we were eating. When I got home I took two ibuprofen and put the heating pad on my shoulder while I napped. Woke up with everything good again.

Dave and I took Andy to the lake this afternoon. The wind was very strong and throwing up white caps on the lake. The sun seemed extra bright so it was hard to see. The outside world seems very intense. The wind chimes on the back porch are going crazy.

I took one outdoor picture today. The Two Mile Run lake as we were leaving:


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