Mar. 15th, 2017

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Today would have been the 43rd anniversary of marriage to my first husband if we had stayed married. Thankfully we didn't. I knew it wouldn't last even as we were standing there in front of the magistrate. But we tried to make it last as long as we could. I was pregnant with his baby and we wanted to "do the right thing" - apparently the right thing in 1974 was to get married. When the anniversary date would come I would always think of the old quote, Beware the Ides of March. His mother chose that date for us - was she even aware? My parents were of the mind that I should not marry Pat and should come back home to live with them. It took me 9 years to come to that same conclusion. We divorced in 1983. A big year for me - later that year I met Dave.

Anyway - after not being married to Pat and not needing to cope with his way of life anymore I found I could be much friendlier to him. Near the end of his life he even came to live with Dave and me and sleep on our couch for 6 months while he got his living arrangements figured out. I was very glad we had that chance to do final repairs to any hard feelings and put the focus on being grandparents together.

BTW - I see now that a person can get The Red Book: A Reader's Edition (Philemon) new for only about $25. It doesn't have the pictures but it is smaller and much easier to read. It is highly recommended (if you don't care about the art).

Still snowing. And cold. Supposed to get windy later. We didn't get a lot of snow like they did to the east. Only about 6 inches here I would say. Decided not to make the effort to drive over and walk with Jan today. I just want to stay in and get caught up with stuff. There are 5 old bananas in the kitchen that need made into bread...
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"Winter" pendant - sterling, enamel on fine silver and faceted white CZ. Listing HERE

Still snowing. I haven't been outside yet. Dave did the outside chores (filled the bird feeders, brought in the garbage cans and got the mail) before he took off with Andy so I didn't need to. Busying myself with baking and jewelry.


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