Apr. 13th, 2017 07:48 am
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I see a tree that has been damaged, splitting, cracking apart but still alive and bursting with life. Spring is happening.

I had a headache most of yesterday and felt fuzzy. My tinnitus was extra loud. But in it's own way it was a good day with lots of talking to friends, lots of crying, which was just what I needed. Getting used to life as it is. Hazel drove me to the store for some shopping and carried the groceries in for me. I made progress on the crocheted baby blanket. Watched episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - good silliness. Dave swept off the front porch and back porch and made them nice. He mowed the back yard for the first time this year too. I ate my supper out back at the picnic table. We (Dave and I, Hazel and Rossy) walked Andy down to the creek and threw his ball with the ball thrower in the lower yard. Hazel has got a great throwing arm - I think cause she is so tall - and Andy got a really good work out. He loves to chase the ball.

Tomorrow Johnny and Alison and Chloe and Mike are coming for a visit. Chloe wants me to show her some new hiking trails where she can take her ARC clients. I think we will show her the trail to Rainbow Rocks - it will be a relatively easy walk that her clients can handle. Mike and Dave are going fishing.

It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day today. I have a big pot with a passionflower vine in it. I might have killed it with neglect over the winter but I want to get it planted outside soon - there might still be hope for it. I won't be able to lift it myself but I bet I can get a grandkid to help me. I am not very good with most houseplants, except succulents. I think the passionflower will have better luck outside, even with our winters - they can withstand some freezing.

I have had a dreamwidth account since 2010 but I only use it to back up my LJ now and then and never post there. The last time I backed it up was in 2012 but I am backing it up today. I have a different name there: Summersgate. I don't want to leave LJ and don't plan to leave but just in case something happens to LJ I will be covered. I will still be posting my entries on LJ.


Mar. 24th, 2017 06:42 pm
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Lake - me on a big rock - Andy and Rossy - photo by Dave.

After I got the appointment set up for the surgeon we were finally able to get out of the house and take a walk. It felt good to get outside and the weather is super nice right now. For once someone (Rossy - I was impressed) remembered to bring plastic bags with us so we could pick up the garbage that people had left strewn all over down there. We got 3 grocery bags full. Andy found a flip flop and had a good time throwing it around and fetching it from the lake before we added it to one of the bags.

Now I think it is time to take a late afternoon nap - it feels like it's been a long day.
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Sunday - the day that Dave and I usually drive somewhere and take Andy for a walk. But Sebby agreed to go along today so we wanted to take him somewhere special - not just for an ordinary walk in the woods. We thought it would be neat to go back over to Kane to see the railway viaduct bridge that used to cross Kinsua Creek. It stood and was used until it fell in a tornado in 2003. I couldn't find the regular camera I usually carry on walks so I took the infrared camera instead - it made the rusty steel look nice and dark compared to the snow on the ground today.

Looking across the valley. More... )
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"Autumn" pendant - sterling, enamel on copper and red CZ stone. Listing HERE

Andy and I are passing time watching "The Secret Life of Pets" today while Dave went to a rattlesnake seminar at the local sporting goods store with his friends. Well, maybe it's just me watching - Andy's sleeping. It's a good thing - as he is getting older he sleeps more and more each day. It used to be a tough job to babysit him all day - it's getting easier.

PS - I added a new little informational thing to my Wood Thrush Studio Blogspot about the flower wafers and four seasons pendants. It always surprises me when I go to post there that it has been so long since I did it last. My last one (before today) was November 2015.
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Every time we go to the lake it seems there is a different bird or animal to see there.

Andy watching the swans. More HERE )

Also finished 3 enameled elements today:

More flower wafers used in the heart shape - Autumn, Spring and Eye.

Full moon tonight - I can see it out the window.

Going to be cold again tomorrow. Candy and I are planning to hike anyway. It is supposed to be 17 and with the wind chill factor it will seem to be only 8 F. Back in February when it was 70 it was hard to imagine it would get this cold again.
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Jumbles of rocks.

Dave and I took Andy to Bear Town Rocks this afternoon (that name just sounds so funny to me). It is a place of huge rocks that have been left behind as everything slowly eroded away around them at Clear Creek Forest. It wasn't that cold today - only about 25 F but for some reason it felt bitterly cold - I guess it was the wind. I have not felt as cold as this all winter long. Lots more HERE )
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We took Andy down back to try out the ball thrower this afternoon and it was a big success. Really tired him out and made him more likely to stay with us for the rest of the walk to the creek and to the lake. Blustery weather and a few little spats of rain - then as we were heading back the sun came out. Some pictures HERE )
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This must be a sleepy, get up a little while and then go back to bed kind of day. Raining. Heard our first thunderstorm last night. Dave and I both woke up around 3 and got up - him to his computer, me to my room to enamel. We went back to bed around 6. Got up around 9 and now after breakfast (Dave made fried mush again) I'm thinking of going back to bed...

Yesterday I got a long handle that you pick up a tennis ball with and then you can throw it long distances. Hopefully later today we'll get a chance to give it a try in the lower backyard. Andy does love to fetch - he also loves to chew. We had to take tennis balls out of his toy box cause he had become an expert at tearing them apart in just a couple minutes. I'm hoping that if we keep him occupied with the outdoor and longer distance aspect of the new game it will work as something to wear him out. Also we need to remember to take along treats to give him for giving the ball back to us - that will help.
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I had a busy day yesterday. I went to my usual OA meeting in the morning (we had a newcomer! - good news cause our meeting is so small (2 to 4 people) normally) and then came home to change vehicles with Dave. I had taken the car by mistake and I should have left the car for him to pick up Johnny and Alison later. From there I took the truck to Oil City to gallery sit with Chloe from noon to 6. Such a long cold sit. The recent unseasonable warm weather is gone now. I wore just a sweater that morning and should have worn a winter coat. The gallery is down a little flight of stairs from the street door and there seems to be a big leak of air coming in that door. Three people came in to see the show. I crocheted on the granny square blanket I'm making for Chloe - made 6 squares in 6 hours. She read two and a half graphic novels. Chloe left with her friend Kiyomi to have lunch and I made myself a bracelet with the beads there while I was alone. It is an interactive art project and when I was finished I thought it would make it easier to have the beads sorted into separate trays for the people who came after me and started to do that. I put the other bottle caps out and started to separate the 3 colors into them. Then I looked up and saw the title of the art piece. It is interesting to see how we want to compartmentalize things - we do! I did. So I dumped them all back in together and put the caps back on the other 2 bottles.

How I left the piece.

At 6 we headed over to the A and C Buffet for Sebby's birthday dinner. Afterwards we came home for cake and presents. I had difficulty with this cake - the recipe I found did not make enough to fill a 9 by 13 pan (I found that out after I baked it) so I made a second cake and made a double layer cake out of the 2 of them. Sebby's main interest is music and guitar, bass and keyboards now so I put a guitar on the cake.

His favorite color to wear is black so I got black candles.

I love Sebby's looks.

We sat around the rest of the evening talking and watching Andy catch things and bring us things. Some people wanted to see what the shock collar felt like and had a contest to see how high they could stand it. Most people didn't want to go above 6 but Johnny went to 10. Lots of laughter - are we backwoods rednecks - shocking each other for entertainment? Maybe we just had a lot of young people together...

Also I want to mention a movie we watched a couple nights ago - very strange and odd, but something to really make you think. I'm going to put it on the list of my all time favorite movies but it probably isn't for everyone. The Lobster.


Feb. 23rd, 2017 08:19 pm
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Dave and I walked down to the lake tonight with Rossy and the guys got the idea to build the three of us "rock seats". Dave and Rossy carried big flat rocks and piled them up. Here's Rossy trying one out. Now we can look forward to having chairs waiting for us tomorrow when we take Andy for his evening run. Andy loves to swim in the lake and fetch sticks.

I've thought about putting seats in different areas of the woods this summer. Having places to go - to be. Nancy was talking today about how such good ideas can come when sitting outside - just letting your mind wander in nature. I look forward to doing lots of that this summer.
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Sunny hillside. Dave and I took Andy on another run today. This time on the gamelands near Panther Run. It got too late in the afternoon to make it to Panther Rocks but it was a nice walk anyway. Sunny and warm (for February). Pictures HERE. )
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P1040397-andy - Copy
Andy is happy - we are going someplace!

Dave and I decided to drive over (with Andy) and see the Kinzua Bridge State Park today. Lots of pictures )

We didn't see all there was to see there - we went too late in the day. I'd like to take the grandkids next time and see the museum and walk on the General Kane hiking trail too.

On the way back we stopped and ate at a little Italian restaurant in Kane. I had a really good meal of eggplant manicotti - Dave had spagetti and meatballs. I gave the last of mine to Andy.
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One good thing about Andy is that he sleeps well at night and is not an early riser. He doesn't really wake up till after 9 or later. This was him before we got ready to go to the vet appointment this morning. He did okay at the vet's (for him). There was quite a bit of barking and whining and wanting to get out of the exam room while we waited for the vet to come in. The vet seemed very understanding - said he had his own crazy lab pup at home. The assistant also told us about a dog trainer that we might try in Meadville. She will do a free evaluation and then work with the dog in whatever way is best - starting out alone or with other dogs or animals present. The other class we tried last year had too many dogs and Andy just could not settle down. He was too distracted (and distracting) and we felt unwelcome there. So maybe with the new trainer helping us we might get Andy to tolerate the cats being close by without whimpering, whining and lunging at them like a nut someday.

Another animal problem or issue... Yoshi hasn't been eating lately. I'm getting worried about her. We went to the pet shop in Meadville today and got crickets to see if she could be enticed to eat at all - just to see if she did have an appetite. Though she is fat - maybe that is the problem. Overweight and not wanting to move - not needing to move. The girl at the pet shop said that Yoshi might be going through a winter dormancy. I hope that's the reason she's not eating. Though she did get excited by her crickets and ran (waddled) after them - I'm glad to see she does still have an appetite.

After Andy got off the couch this morning this was the next place he decided to lay down - right in front of where Yoshi was sunning herself. .
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We take Andy to the vet today for his annual checkup. Not looking forward to it. He is great around the house with us and he is well behaved on the walks we take him (he meets no other dogs). But he is still a nut when he meets new people and totally crazy when he is around another dog. To get him to hold still for the vet's exam is not going to be easy at all. It is too late to try and do any more work to familiarize him to new situations, dogs, cats and new people. It's out of our hands except to try and stay calm amid all the barking, wiggling and lunging he will be doing today.


Feb. 11th, 2017 07:04 pm
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Icy little lake.

This afternoon Dave and I took Andy for a walk on a piece of property that we are part owners of with 2 of his brothers - it's down in Butler County. I must have walked on it once, 25 years ago when they first bought it cause I remembered a small isolated lake in a steep valley that had been formed from strip mining but other than that it seemed all new to me. More photos HERE )


Feb. 11th, 2017 08:58 am
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My day - walked with Dave and Andy in the morning. I took the LX3 camera that can do double exposures but I accidentally had it on black and white settings so they turned out a little disappointing to me. I wish they could have had the red in the sumac, the blue in the sky and the brown in the weeds. Here they are anyway... )

Tonight Jan and her husband Leon, Nancy, Dave and I ate out at the Villa Italian and then went to the Diversity art show. Really enjoyed the art - a couple of my favorites:

"Resistance" by Carol McDonald.

"Diversity" and "Water is Life" by my daughter Chloe.
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Andy is happy to run.

I slept and read the afternoon away today and was starting to feel better. Towards dusk Dave and Rossy wanted to take Andy for a walk down back so I got my boots on. Since it was so misty out there anyway I thought the infrared camera might make things look neat. Many photos HERE )
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Hiking. Two different places. Sunday it was Dave, Rossy, Andy and me going out on the game lands to a hill overlooking Polk. We went out the wide open trail till it came to the woods. From there the trail winds its way through the trees and is harder to find, but all you have to do is stay on the top of the ridge till you get to the end. That's where you can see Polk far off in the distance. An interesting thing about yesterday was it was a day when the snow fleas were out. On the way I noticed that the snow looked kind of dirty but it wasn't till I looked beside a fallen log at the "dirt" that I saw it was snow fleas. They come out in droves on certain days and hop all over the snow. By the time we were starting back at 4 pm they were all gone back into the snow again.

Today Candy and I went out to "Window Trail" over the Allegheny River at the Kennerdell Tract. Which is another place I love to go. Sunday's hike was only 4.5 miles but it felt much longer - I got to feeling so exhausted and sick. Maybe I was coming down with something - or maybe it was the chocolate chip mint milkshake that I had on the way home that made me sick. Came home and went to bed and slept 12 hours. I got up this morning feeling much better and the 6.5 mile hike today felt good.

Pictures HERE )

Sometimes it seems like all I write about are these outings. I do love them. I love seeing things in nature. I love taking photos too. When staying home there seems to be nothing much to say or write about.

Tonight: watching Rectify (end of season 3) - now we will have to wait who knows how long to see what happens next.

I made a big pot of red lentil soup tonight and invited the vegans next door to come over for supper. After we ate I showed them the laser light machine I got. It shines red and green lights that move in patterns - you could shine the lights on the outside of your house or inside your house on the ceiling. Before Christmas they had them for $50 at Joanne's but the last time I went in there they were down to $15 so I got one. I shine it on the ceiling in the living room. Andy doesn't know what to do and tries to leap up and get the lights off the ceiling. Funny.
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a P1040163-lake-geese
Dave and I walked Andy down to the lake just before dusk. There were lots of geese there. They seemed very tame and actually came closer to us after we got there. Probably knew we weren't dangerous people and that Andy couldn't swim fast enough to do them any harm. Three more... )


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