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I went to the surgeon this morning and he said they could either do a lumpectomy with radiation afterwards or a full mastectomy. Either would work well to eliminate the cancer – it would be my choice. I said I will go with the lumpectomy and radiation. The operation will be on Monday April 10th. I’m glad I will get in so soon. Then I will be started on some kind of hormone therapy where I will be taking a pill for some years into the future. The cancer type is called ductal cancer or IDC (invasive ductal carcinoma). That is the basics of what I know. It will be an out-patient surgery and only take about 4 hours in all. I will talk to the oncologist next Wednesday and should learn even more then.

I felt it would be a good idea to cancel the baby chicks and just concentrate on taking care of myself so I called the hatchery when we got back from the doctor's office - it's funny but that was the only thing that made me cry today.
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Baby chicks at the feed store today.

Dave and I visited the feed store just now - him to check on a trailer tire - me to ask about baby chicks. I found out that baby chicks will not be available (individually) after Easter. Though you can special order 25 at a time. I don't want 25. Just before Easter is when I get back from Florida. I wouldn't want to get them now and stick Dave with the job of caring for them when I'm gone. I guess we will have to wait and see what is still available when I get back. Maybe it will all work out if it's meant to be...

Edit: I see now where I can get as few at 10 by mail. That could be an option that might work okay too.


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