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We took Andy down back to try out the ball thrower this afternoon and it was a big success. Really tired him out and made him more likely to stay with us for the rest of the walk to the creek and to the lake. Blustery weather and a few little spats of rain - then as we were heading back the sun came out. Some pictures HERE )


Feb. 23rd, 2017 08:19 pm
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Dave and I walked down to the lake tonight with Rossy and the guys got the idea to build the three of us "rock seats". Dave and Rossy carried big flat rocks and piled them up. Here's Rossy trying one out. Now we can look forward to having chairs waiting for us tomorrow when we take Andy for his evening run. Andy loves to swim in the lake and fetch sticks.

I've thought about putting seats in different areas of the woods this summer. Having places to go - to be. Nancy was talking today about how such good ideas can come when sitting outside - just letting your mind wander in nature. I look forward to doing lots of that this summer.
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Rossy pulling the minnow trap up.

About a month ago we had a flood and water came up from the creek. Some minnows got left behind in a tiny pool in the gully. Rossy and I were concerned about what would happen later when the pool dried out - the minnows would die. So Rossy and Dave put a minnow trap in the pool a few days ago and today Rossy remembered it when we were walking Andy down there. If we would have thought ahead we would have brought a bucket. There were 7 minnows in the trap. Since we had no bucket for transport it was decided that the fastest of us (Rossy) would run them to the lake. He did an excellent job with his young legs and got them there alive. On the way he thought to give the minnows a quick dousing in some other pools of water to keep them moist. Definitely a hero. A couple pictures of eagles obscured by snow flakes and one of a sunset. )


Jan. 27th, 2017 06:43 pm
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Movies. "Me Before You". Just my kind of movie - sad - sweet and it makes you smile. Heartrending too. Sam Claflin plays a young quadriplegic man and Emilia Clarke is wonderful as an adorable caregiver. Gets my recommendation. Jan lent us a lot of the "Vikings" DVDs and we are starting them now.

End of the road - where the gully starts. Rossy and I walked with Andy to the creek and lake this afternoon - I wanted to show him where you can climb down into the gully and go to the lake from there. More HERE )

Andy was very good for me on the walk - stayed close - most the time. Though he must have eaten something rotten when I couldn't see him cause as soon as we got in the house he threw up a big pile. Yuck.

Other than the walk to the lake and watching "Me Before You" I have had a big day of painting and working on my art project. Just 8 more faces left to paint of the 16.


Jan. 21st, 2017 07:13 pm
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It was a (relatively) warm day today - overcast. Dave and I took Andy down to the creek for a walk this afternoon. This time I wanted to actually go down into the gully that runs through the woods over to the lake. I've never been in it, even after all these years. We found a place that we could climb down. Many pictures HERE )
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This afternoon I was surprised when I looked out the kitchen window and everything looked so "white". I went out and got some pictures of the fog rising up out of the creek and the sun hitting it over a period of time. More HERE )

Today Johnny is putting the new bigger hard drive into my laptop. I'm on Dave's computer at the moment in the living room. I hope it turns out okay. Doing the information recovery now. Do or die!!!!!

This morning Hazel and I drove to Pittsburgh so she could meet with her gender wellness doctor. Afterwards we ate at what is now becoming our favorite Chinese buffet on Forbes Ave. They have lots of vegetarian options. We had a good time walking around Oakland. On the way out of the city we missed a turn and ended up near downtown - which wasn't too bad - just a long detour. I'm glad Hazel was driving - she is very calm and takes to city driving much better than I do. Though by the time we got home I was exhausted and went to bed for a while.

I've started doing stretching exercises for my heel and think it feels better already.

We've been (re)watching Groundhog Day this evening. One of my all time most favorite movies. I think as a movie I have probably re-watched it more times than any other movie - that's interesting in itself.
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After I tried to draw a map of the backyard this morning I became obsessed with trying to make a better version. It's a little large so it's behind a cut. )

snow walk

Dec. 11th, 2016 05:38 pm
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Asters (I think) near the back door.

Dave and I took Andy for a walk down to the creek and to the lake. I should say Dave took Andy and I went along as the official photographer. I took a bunch of photos of mostly the same things I always do. Maybe they are a little different with snow on them now. 11 more HERE. )

soft focus

Aug. 6th, 2016 08:00 pm
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Wasn't sure what to do with myself this afternoon - thought about working in the basement, taking a bike ride, a nap (did that), reading in the tent (did that too) and then thought I would get out the big girl camera and play with that. Something I haven't done for a while. I put the lensbaby soft focus lens on it.

Rainbow bracelet. 11 more... )
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The whole design - a pear tree on the left and 2 spruce trees on the right - a stream flowing through the middle. A realistic landscape is not really my thing but that is what the customer wanted. I'm trying for realistic with a bit of fun. I'm getting happier with working on it now. I have already made all the little random pieces - the flowers, leaves, pears and grass. Now it is time to make the numbered exact pieces. More HERE )

I might end up going with Dave and Andy on a walk today - if not, the basement is where I will be, cutting out and texturing clay pieces.

Rossy sleeping.

Last night Rossy and I slept in the new tent for the first time - we listened to a far away thunderstorm and had some rain the beginning part of the night then all was quiet. At midnight I wrote this thinking I could update LJ from my ipad but I was too far from the house:
"So here it is, 8 minutes after midnight and I'm still awake. I went in the house to get a sleeping pad, to add to the cot to make it a bit softer and use the bathroom while I was in there. I got my cell phone too - in case I need to call Dave for help. A raccoon might come. That's the worst I can imagine. Or maybe a bear."

After writing that I read for a while longer and then fell asleep till perhaps 4 am when I needed to go out to pee again. Peeing in the yard at 4 am is something I haven't done for a while. The main memory that came to me was of when I first met Dave and he lived in a small house in the woods with an outhouse. On nights when I stayed over I always went out in the dark to pee in his side yard (it seemed too far to go to the outhouse for something as simple as peeing). A nice relaxing thing to do in the dark - very real. Mysterious. Earthy. Secretive. Prime. Spiritual even. Quiet and feeling like I had god over my shoulder.

This morning after Rossy left and before I straightened things up.


May. 26th, 2016 09:59 pm
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The new larger tent arrived this afternoon and the grandboys and I have been playing around with it. It has 3 defined "rooms" and space for 3 queen sized mattresses. The plan at this point is a queen air mattress for me and Dave, cots for Sebby and Gabe and a twin-sized air mattress for Rossy. It will be pretty cool I think. I just hope Andy doesn't try to chew the air mattresses.


I want to leave it up in the backyard for a few days - see how it does in rain before we take it out later on a real camping trip. I can not remember the last time I was on a real camping trip. I just asked Dave and the one and only time was about 10 years back he and I took a tent and slept out after a wedding reception for his niece at a little campground/bed and breakfast near Ithaca, NY - I wouldn't call that camping though. But I have slept out in the back yard with the kids and grandkids many times. Not quite the same as real camping. I'm excited to do this.

The last time I truly camped was in 1976 when my first husband Pat and I were kicked out of our basement apartment in the little village of Hacienda on the Russian River in Northern California. We couldn't find another place to rent (or we just didn't want to spend the money - it was summer and the weather was fine) - someone lent us a tent and we went to live down by the river. We probably camped for about a month. Until little toddler Jules and I both ended up with impetigo and it seemed like it was getting to be time to do something else.
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Rhododendron closeup.

I went out with the lensbaby this morning to get shots of the steps that Rossy and I made last night and visited the rhododendron bush. More HERE. )
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Dave put his back out of place on Friday when he took Rossy and Andy out fishing in the boat. He had a terrible time getting out of the boat and then getting the boat loaded on the trailer and driving home again. Saturday I did only the minimal things and stayed close to home so Dave could rest in bed. The same today, but at least today Rossy and I did set up a tent in a mossy spot down by the creek and we built a fire ring with boulders from out of the creek. We made a fire and sat around it for a while. Gabe came down thinking he would swim in the creek but it was too cold. We took turns sitting in the tent and laying on the sleeping bag. Dave even drove the car down, hobbled over with his cane and visited for a while. Then we packed it all back up (tent, sleeping bag and chairs) and came home again. Now my hair smells like wood smoke.
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Yesterday I had a busy day - OA in the morning, lunch at Eat-n-Park with the OA ladies, home to get Dave and then we picked up Nancy and went to Jill's visitation and funeral service. Thoughts on the viewing. The funeral home did a good job I suppose in making Jill look like herself but it was hard to connect with the body till I looked at her hands - they had put all her rings on that she was known to wear frequently. One of them was a ring I made for her. Then it was real to me - this was Jill. I felt overcome when I talked to her son - he is the same age as Jules. Afterwards we came home and I took a nap. Later I went out in the back yard and noticed that the sycamores had chosen that day to release their seeds. 2 photos of seeds.  )

After dinner we took Andy for a walk on Oak Hill. They are starting to do a timber cut there and the areas where the trees tops were laying helter-skelter all over was barely recognizable. I would have been lost there. It seemed like all the jumble of tree tops filled my eyes and I couldn't see the little streams, hills and gullies that used to be my frame of reference in those areas. I didn't take any photos of that. But I did get some photos of the snow and paths in other areas where the cutters haven't been yet.

Blue paint slashes mark trees that will be cut. Goodbye trees. 2 more HERE )

snow again

Apr. 9th, 2016 08:25 am
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Backyard this morning.

We woke up to snow again. The birds are busy at the feeders. Skye is busy at her window in my room watching them, tail twitching back and forth.

I got Andy a new squeaky play ball yesterday - I can hear him out in the living room now. If a toy squeaks he carries it around or brings it to us to play fetch with. Sometimes he just walks around the house gently squeaking a toy chicken or pig in his mouth as he goes - I think he likes making the sound.


Mar. 18th, 2016 06:09 pm
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Last month I found a freshly dead dove on the ground down by the creek. Wasn't sure what to do with it but I didn't want Andy to get into it so I hung its body in the crook of a little tree. I see that something has finally found it, taken it to the ground and torn it apart. There is absolutely nothing there now except feathers.

Dave had a scary thing happen a few days ago while walking Andy down by the creek. Andy took off after a pretty big animal - Dave couldn't see at first what it was through the brush. The animal climbed a tree a ways then it came back down and went after Andy. Andy came running back to Dave at full speed with the animal chasing him. It was a big boar raccoon and it got to about 10 feet away from Dave before it decided it didn't want to mess with both a dog and a man and it went away. I don't like raccoons. I'm looking out for it when I walk alone with Andy. But I always keep Andy on the leash when I walk him. I just don't want to risk anything. Dave feels more capable with Andy than I do and lets him run when he is down in the woods.

The sky when we took Andy for a walk to the lake last night. Pretty colors in the clouds.

My day today. Got the blood work done and Dave and I had breakfast (mine was a tomato and spinach omelet) at Eat-n-Park, then shopping at Walmart. We got Andy a harness (rather than using just his collar during walks and it might work for taking him in the boat too). So far it is working well - keeps the leash up and from going under his legs all the time. I took him for 2 walks today with it and it seemed he pulled even less than usual. Pulling hasn't been that much of a problem with him anyway. It looks very similar to this one.

Yesterday talking to Nancy we both mentioned a renewed interest in Tarot. I have fallen away from the 2016 365 writing prompts and spad and might take up tarot as a writing subject again for a while. I have so many decks. Will see if I have time - lately I just haven't felt like I do.

Now it's time to get some work done. A ring that I made for Gabe last year broke - he wore it 24/7 and I want to make him a new one to replace it. He designed the new one and it will be much more elaborate. And I have a ring to make for a customer too.
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I just got back from taking Andy on a quick walk down to the creek and back.


Powerline pole.


The first thing that comes to mind for ribbon is that Dave always calls the elastic bands that he uses to hold his ponytail his "hair ribbons". He also calls a bracelet a "wristlet". I like that.
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Chinese elm seeds and the power line.

I took a walk around the back yard and to the creek and lake by myself this afternoon with the Diana lens on the SLR camera while Dave took Andy on an outing somewhere else. Not saying they are great photos at all but I just like seeing things in different ways. MORE )
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Watching Rossy wait for the bus.

I felt moody yesterday - did nothing constructive. I should have been in the basement but I didn't go there. I did take a walk to the creek and to the lake with Dave and Andy. This was our 3rd walk down there since the big snow and the trail gets easier each time. I was supposed to take Gabe to Meadville for a school tour but it was cancelled. But Dave and I did go to Gabe's Swim Team Banquet last night.

Since I am already here writing maybe I could write on yesterday's prompt: play a game.

I'm not much for game playing. I'm not very competitive - or maybe I am too competitive so I manage it by being consciously non-competitive. I prefer to play games with others for fun and for the chance to be silly and say silly things. I prefer to play games of chance rather than games of skill so that when someone loses they can't feel bad. My favorite game of solitaire that I play in the evening is called Tapestry. I found it in a book of little known solitaire games and it is so easy. I probably win 1/4 of the time. But to me it is more about just playing the game, finding a place to put the latest card and checking over the tableau. I enjoy losing as much as winning - losing tells me that I can and will lose sometimes so all the winning I do is deserved. I never got the hang of video games so I know nothing about how to play them. Rossy has tried to teach me but the controller just feels too foreign. I'd rather read a book. Or play the game of writing an LJ entry. This is a game too - trying to organize words to make sense and have the right grammar and spelling (I don't always succeed).

Today's prompt is: apple tree.

Instantly I think of an apple tree that is on the back hill of the property. My mother pointed it out to me as a little child - my first apple tree. A yellow transparent - it was the first of their apple trees to give fruit in the summer. The apples were so delicious. And the tree was easy to climb. The tree is still there but no longer produces fruit - it's slowly dying. Here are 2 infrared photos I took of it back in 2010.

Our pet cemetery is just to the right of the tree.
The spruce trees have overgrown it and it is fading away. It just looks like a scraggly nondescript tree now, but I taste delicious apples when I see it.


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