Apr. 14th, 2017 11:06 am
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page from For Today
A reading from For Today that spoke to me.

I'm finding myself to be in a bad mood a lot lately - especially with Andy. No patience with his barking or lunging at the cats. Acknowledging feelings should help to cope with them.

I have the number to call the breast cancer society but don't want to - don't want to talk about that yet - don't want to face it or even learn more right now. Though I know that would be helpful in the long run. I don't feel strong enough. Whenever I start reading about it my heart starts pounding and I feel weak. I am doing the thing where I go back to bed over and over again all day - my go-to mode when I'm stressed out. But now I am thinking it's not just stress alone that makes me do that - it has been this heart condition (RBBB) all along.


Posting this on dreamwidth just to try that out and see if that would work for cross-posting. I found the place that allows me to upload photos. Still not leaving LJ - and probably never will - but I want to learn more about my options.
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Well, I got my errands done this afternoon. Then I went to visit a friend who is recuperating from a broken kneecap but she was just then leaving to a doctor appointment so I didn't really get to visit with her. I worked myself into a bad mood while I was driving there though cause my brother-in-law has me on his cellphone contact list for when he wants to send a photo to Dave. He had shot a buck today and sent us (me) photos but we are on his contact list with lots of other people too so when they replied congratulations to him I had all those other text messages come in while I was driving. We have to pay for every minute we use on our cellphones (we don't use the phones much - only important things) and when we get a photo from someone it uses up nearly a dollar. Annoying to be getting all these texts and photos about stuff that doesn't even pertain to me while I'm trying to drive. But I can't blame him - he had no idea that it was doing this and it was only a few dollars total - don't know why it made me so mad. Anyway I got into a bad mood. Maybe it is something about the season - the ending of things that I love. Not getting enough exercise - and dreading the future where I won't be getting out as much. Maybe it is a let down after working on the basement - yeah, it felt good to get that done yesterday, but there is still a HUGE amount of stuff to do down there. I've been eating too much - gaining weight - it's like I'm hungry all the time - maybe I am mad at myself for that. Maybe it is the moon - the planets - the universal vibes? I want to do more art (and write more) and read things that feed my soul - but I need to take the time to do that and I don't. Time for a change...


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