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Every time we go to the lake it seems there is a different bird or animal to see there.

Andy watching the swans. More HERE )

Also finished 3 enameled elements today:

More flower wafers used in the heart shape - Autumn, Spring and Eye.

Full moon tonight - I can see it out the window.

Going to be cold again tomorrow. Candy and I are planning to hike anyway. It is supposed to be 17 and with the wind chill factor it will seem to be only 8 F. Back in February when it was 70 it was hard to imagine it would get this cold again.


Mar. 9th, 2017 08:26 am
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This is the nest box that I can see from my studio window. We might actually have some bluebirds this year! We put 4 bluebird boxes on poles (and hung 5 gourds) around the yard last year and got barn swallows (in this one) and the rest of the nest boxes had wrens. Just before I took this picture there was some starling action. A starling came down and alighted on the box and the bluebirds chased it away.

I was able to see my blood work results online last night and it seems that I have a high amount of white cells in my urine - maybe I have a little UTI going on. I really don't drink enough water. I have heard before from others that UTIs can cause all kinds of unrelated symptoms - maybe that's my Traveling Pain. Will talk to the doctor about it tomorrow.

Today - lunch with Nancy and more jewelry work. The wind has died down - overcast skies today. We might have snow tonight.


Mar. 3rd, 2017 08:51 am
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Another snowy day. Pretty. Another day to stay in listening to music on shuffle and work on enameling and jewelry. My goal - have something to etsyize later.

Editing - adding on:
I have fallen into a habit of doing something - painting some enamels on, putting them up to dry, setting things out with solder and flux on them, letting them dry, etc and then coming over to the computer and *wasting* time while they dry. So here I am again. Things go so much slower this way.

I ordered a pound of truffle salt last week - I told Dave about it this morning and he exclaimed, a pound!? It was cheaper by the pound. I am looking forward to putting it on eggs and popcorn. Maybe one of the reasons the thought of a chicken coop keeps coming into my mind - truffle salt is on its way.

A letter I just wrote to the president - I put my own words into a petition that I signed:

President Trump,
Please take care of our earth, water and air. You have a chance to be a good president - one who could be admired in the future. Someday people will either remember you with horror at what you have done and the things you have ruined or with affection for the care you took with our natural world and its people's needs. I'm hoping you will choose the second option.

I hope he reads it. Though that's very doubtful.

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a P1040163-lake-geese
Dave and I walked Andy down to the lake just before dusk. There were lots of geese there. They seemed very tame and actually came closer to us after we got there. Probably knew we weren't dangerous people and that Andy couldn't swim fast enough to do them any harm. Three more... )


Dec. 18th, 2016 04:31 pm
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Dave and I just got back from taking Andy for a walk to the creek and to the lake next door. The bald eagles were out - perching and watching over the lake. They have a nest near there. This isn't a good picture at all - and besides being so far away I was using the infrared camera which leaves out even more contrasting details but I liked the way they were sitting there side by side.
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Just now listened for the first time to Leonard Cohen's farewell album. It is a good as anything he has ever done - but different - quieter, slower, letting go. Inspiring, beautiful and sad too, cause you know he was saying goodbye for real. Cohen has always been one of my guiding lights - still is.

On a different subject.
I really like it when I look out the window and see we are being visited by a flock of busy sparrows - 28+:

sky washed

Dec. 1st, 2016 10:34 am
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"Sky Washed" pendant - sterling, Czech glass button, charcoal casting and turquoise. Listing HERE

Just a little break to post this - now onward again...


Nov. 30th, 2016 10:23 am
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"Ruby" pendant - sterling, enamel on fine silver and lab grown ruby (corundum) stone. Listing HERE


Nov. 15th, 2016 08:42 am
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Art-A-Day drawing of the 8 of Cups this morning. Leaving sorrow behind. In my version it looks like the person is trekking over icebergs in a frozen sea, though in the original it looked much more like rocks sticking up out of water. Time to leave coldness and isolation behind.

I really like how putting drawings through the Prisma app adds to and changes them. The one I used above is called "wave" - it's one of my favorites. 2 more versions done with Prisma HERE )

After being up for a few hours last evening I got back to sleep by midnight and slept good all night - which was surprising. I must have been very tired. I had some interesting dreams about addictions and peopled with persons I know with addictive personalities. I see them as a warning to myself - as I also have an addictive personality. In one I had to go to the restroom and she did also. I see going to the bathroom in dreams as getting rid of excess emotions. She went into one room and shut the door and I went into the other. I took the key from the door, left the door open and laid the key on the floor when I went back to the toilet. Since the door was open the cleaning crew thought they could come in and did. They were chiding me about losing the key but I said I didn't lose it - I knew right were it was and picked it up to show them. So I see this as a positive dream. I haven't lost the key to a sober/abstinent life. I only laid it down for a time.

Dave and I were talking about the birds we see at the bird feeder and I said I just don't see chickadees or blue jays anymore. He said that Niles virus has killed a lot of birds and I was sad. So then this morning I made a point of seeing exactly who was visiting the feeders and the first thing this morning there was a little flock of chickadees and then we were visited by 3 blue jays! So maybe it was just over the summer we didn't see those birds much and now that winter is coming on they are back to the feeder. I haven't been paying much attention to the feeder - it's just there and I keep it filled with sunflower seeds but I will watch it better now.

end of day

Sep. 16th, 2016 08:41 pm
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Didn't get all I wanted done today. Took a nap in the tent but didn't take it down. I figure there will still be some time to enjoy it before winter and there will be another dry spell for dismantling it before winter too.

Hazel saw a little goldfinch hopping, flopping around the front yard this afternoon. My first thought - leave it alone. We did. But it was still there a half hour later so she moved it farther back in the yard, away from where the cars park. Another half hour goes by and I start to think it might be an injured adult and maybe if we kept it safe for a while it could heal. I cleaned up an aquarium tank and set it up with a branch, water, grit and sunflower seeds. The little birdie was very active hopping around but never eating or drinking. Dave came home and we looked it up. Very possibly it was just a young bird that couldn't fly yet and it needed it's parents to take care of it. The article said to put the bird in a bush or low tree so we did around 7 o'clock. It hopped through the branches and seemed to know what it was doing. I heard lots of pipping from some birds in a nearby tree. I hope it was the parents. So that took up some of my day.

Other than that my day did go as I expected. The mosaic back board got painted white, I re-fired some of the ceramic frit elements (still don't like them), and I waxed Heather's necklace so it won't oxidize so fast. I watched the movie/cartoon The Triplets of Belleville (I liked it a lot - clever and strange) and a movie I am watching now - Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - both recommendations from fellow LJers. Glad I got them.


Sep. 8th, 2016 07:55 am
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My driving job worked out very well yesterday. Though I was tired when I got back - it was time for my afternoon nap and I was glad to get home for it. The drive took us through some places to the north east of here that I had never been before - pretty farmlands, rolling hills. We also went past a place that was once our Uncle Jack and Aunt Romaine's cottage. They used to call it "The Farm" and we went out there many weekends to hang out with their family when we were kids. There were 2 ponds up on the hill behind it and we could swim or float on a raft on the one pond. The other pond was full of weeds. One thing I loved about the place was the artesian well behind the cottage. It was a big round iron pipe, about 8" in diameter that stuck straight up out of a little pool of water. It stood at the perfect height for a little kid to drink from. It was my preferred beverage while there. The pipe was covered with green algae inside and out and the water flowed to the top of the pipe and then over the edge. You put your lips to the middle of the flat surface of water and drank that way. It was so cold and sweet - it tasted dark, mossy and organic. You had to approach the pipe by walking on top of rocks in the pool. The new owners have changed the cottage drastically - cut down all the pine trees in the side yard and made a big lawn, expanded the cottage, built a large garage. I didn't see any sign of the artesian well but I can't remember if you could see it from the road anyway.

Last night Hazel and I walked the creek trail at Two Mile Run as darkness was falling. We saw an owl. I could barely see it but Hazel has good eyes and was remarking about how creepy it looked with it's big round glittering eyes, the way it snapped it's head in our direction when we made sounds and the way it's head was swiveling slowly around. Here is a picture I took - not very good - this is about the way I was seeing it too - very fuzzy in the dark:


Plans for the day:
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Driftwood beach.

Jan, Berdella and I visited Presque Isle State Park today. First we went to the Tom Ridge Environmental Center and checked out the educational displays there, had lunch in the back courtyard, then we headed out to the tip of Presque Isle and started a hike out to Gull Point. Gull Point is a protected place where many waterbirds nest. It seemed like it was going to be an easy walk of just 1.5 miles to the viewing platform. But we didn't realize how hard it was going to be because it was all soft dry sand and there was barely any shade in 90 degree heat. I felt like my shoe soles were bending up and my toes were banging into the front of my shoes the whole time and getting bruised. But we PERSEVERED! A challenge. We were so proud of ourselves when we got back! More photos... )
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Dave and I did another evening bike ride last night. This time we went from the Rockland tunnel to Emlenton where we found that the Little It Deli was closed on Sunday night - that was going to be our place for dinner. So we went on up the street to the Unimart and had pizza there. Photos... )

Today my plan is to get the car washed. It is the most filthy car I think I have ever seen - covered with bird shit. I park it under a maple tree near the bird feeders and it is a mess. I like having it in the shade but it is just getting to be too much. Later we are going to a friend's house with the trailer to pick up a couch and love seat that she is donating to Jules. Looks like another beautiful day. There are fireworks tonight in Franklin - we will probably go.
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Yesterday Dave and I were at a wedding for his nephew Jim and his bride Vanessa up in North East, PA which is on the southern shore of Lake Erie. It was a really beautiful wedding in a beautiful spot, on a beautiful day.

Mike and Chloe were there too. A few more photos )

My feet today - I got a blister from those new sandals yesterday and Andy has made his first casualty of one of my favorite shoes. I do know better than to leave shoes laying around for him to chew and feel lucky this is the first one ruined. I kicked my shoes off to put my feet up on a chair and in about 1 minute this had happened - I assumed the chewing sound I was hearing was him working on one of his rawhide rolls. He has super powerful teeth. I'm still going to wear them around the house as slippers - then if I forget again I won't lose another pair.

Okay - time to get off this computer. I have lots to do today. Remember those boxes I mentioned a couple weeks ago that were brought over from the house next door - old stuff of my parents? They are still clogging up the living room. We will be hosting Rossy's birthday party here today and I must get them out of there. And clean off the dining room table - something that only happens when we have company over. And I need to make a vegan birthday cake. I hope it tastes okay - I have never made one without eggs before.
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We weren't doing anything else tonight so it seemed like it might be a good idea for Dave and I to do our anniversary boating. There was a really neat effect where the shadow of our boat was cast up into the trees on the far bank from the sun hitting the water. The shadow looked like 2 people in a boat floating through the trees. I did take a video of it but it wasn't very obvious - I guess it was something you would have to see in person to detect well. We also saw something that looked like a rock fall out of a tree top straight down into the water - then it took off out of the water and flew away - it was a kingfisher. A few more photos HERE. )
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Things feel unsettled right now. We had planned to head out later today after Hazel's dental appointment for the camping trip but since rain is forecast 100% for Thursday we decided we should go another week. Now what? Dave says tomorrow we will make a special all day trip with the kids somewhere though. And I had a problem with an online order that I did through Walmart. I ordered and paid for 2 camping cots online on June 4th and a few days ago it started to show on my home computer screen that they were in and that I had picked them up. I hadn't. When I called them to ask about it they said that they weren't there at the store and that they were on route from the warehouse and they weren't sure when they would arrive. Last night we went to the store and there were the two identical camping cots on the shelves. I took them to the pick up area of the store and asked them if they could just give me those cots since I had already paid for them. They couldn't cause on their computer screen it showed that mine were still on route. What they could do though would be sell me the ones in the store for a discount (the online price) and when the other ones would arrive I could cancel the order then and get my money back for them. So I did that. But it just bugs me. Not knowing for sure that they will cancel my order and give me my money back - especially since it still says on my computer screen at home that I have already picked them up. I felt in a hurry to get them last night cause I thought today we would be heading out for camping but now it feels like I made a big mistake that didn't need to be made since the camping trip is postponed.

Anyway - what I need to do now is FORGET it and not think about it. I don't know for sure that it won't turn out okay in the end. I guess I just don't like the feeling of being out of control and helpless. Worst case scenario it's a loss of $50+ in the end but still - it seems unfair for us to lose $50. I think I would be pissed even if it was only $5 - it is unfair and stupid on their part that they can't keep track of things and can't update things properly to match reality. But it is thinking and obsessing this way about it that is driving me crazy right now. Stop worrying about it and obsessing!!!!

Here's a photo from a bike ride that Candy and I did yesterday - something simple and true and alive - not having to do with a mix up on a computer screen and dealing with mega-companies and unhelpful employees:
The Sandy Creek valley - there are many bridges that cross Sandy Creek on that trail and many nice views but I think this is my favorite. Just out of sight in the lower left were a mother duck and 2 babies.

Dave tells me they are mergansers. A duck that likes to dive and eat little fish and snails and such. I thought it was interesting that the babies had the big light dots on their backs. I didn't notice that when we were watching them from the bridge - it only showed up to me in the photo just now.
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Yay! I love seeing them flitting around out there.
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Mama and Papa Goose and their 7 goslings on the Allegheny River today. They were just floating downstream as we watched. The adult geese always stayed on the outside of the group with the babies between them.

The world around here is waking up more and more all the time. There was a heavy rain and thunderstorms last night. Candy and I biked down to Indian God Rock this morning. An overcast day and cool but it wasn't too cold on the bike cause I wore gloves and covered my ears. Saw white trillium flowers on the river bank. A charm of gold finches fluttered up in front of us. Earthworms on the road. Tiny baby green leaves dotting the woods. The electric blue of an indigo bunting hiding in the bushes. Millions of mayflies coming up off the river. The smell of flowering trees on the wind. Three More. )

We have been doing things to get ready for spring around the yard. Dave helped me make 4 gourd birdhouses - I scrubbed them, he drilled and cleaned them out, I painted them with 3 coats of polyurethane and we hung them in trees yesterday. Now we have 6 gourd houses in all and 4 wooden blue bird houses - something will nest for sure I hope! This morning I got out the hummingbird feeder and the oriole feeder and filled them. Haven't seen any yet but I want to be ready. The hummingbirds have arrived on May 1st on other years.
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Sebby. I told him he is wearing Buddy Holly glasses now.

Sebby and I went on a bike ride around Lake Wilhelm this evening. I accidentally picked up the infrared camera when I left - but now I'm glad I did - I think it makes the long shadows of sunset light look even better. More HERE. )
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1. Ate a power bar and banana for breakfast.
2. Played with computer manipulated photos.
3. Ate spaghetti and veggie meatballs for lunch - dessert was an ice cream sandwich.
4. Took a nap with Dave and Andy.
5. Put up 4 bluebird houses in the yard with Dave. I held the pipes while he stood on the ladder and pounded the pipes in and then attached the boxes. 2 of them we will be able to see from the house. One of them will be pretty easy to see from my studio window - the other with binoculars from the kitchen window. The other 2 are out of sight of the windows.
6. Ordered 4 dried gourds. I want to make them into birdhouses and hang them in trees around the yard. Excited about birds and bird houses right now.
7. Ate a dinner of sauteed onions, green peppers and veggie sausage, buttered toast and green beans.

1. The "snow light" this morning. There is a certain light that comes in the windows on sunny mornings when the world is covered with snow. I can remember as a kid laying in bed in the morning on a weekend, looking at the ceiling and just knowing that it had snowed during the night because of the quality of the light that came into the window.
2. That Dave is getting older - and so am I. But it is like I read somewhere recently, "I can't do the things I once could do - but I don't have to". I find that very comforting.
3. Watched a few episodes of Rumpole of the Bailey. We really like him.
4. Looked at the hummingbird migration map for this year. I see from previous years we can expect them close to the end of this month. It always makes me almost tear up when I think of the brave hummingbirds flying all this way, working their way northward to us. This is one thing I really look forward to - the hummingbirds arriving. And now that I have got a group of orioles feeding at our jelly feeders I look forward to that too. I think they will get here about the same time.
5. Saw lots of stuff in the basement while working there. Saw a kit to make a Boy Scout "talking feather".
6. Saw a ring I nearly finished making that had a tiny mosaic of stained glass in it. I never grouted it.
7. Found Kenyon's original Rabbit Rabbit - the one that got me started:
I think it is interesting how inadvertently the rabbits get expressions on their faces that you might not be intending them to have when you draw them.

Heard Andy barking at something when I got up from my nap. Came out to find him in a stand off with Milo. Milo was in the spot by the living room window that is a favorite for all the animals. I held onto Andy's collar and brought him closer to Milo. Their noses were about 4 inches away when Milo hissed and ran away.



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