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Feb. 24th, 2017 10:47 am
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Oh my gosh - it is already 65 F and it's only 10 am! The sun is shining and the weather is too beautiful! And this is the stupid day that I need to do stupid cleaning. We are having Sebby's 16th birthday party tomorrow and this is the only day that I will have time for cake baking and house cleaning. The house really needs it. Hazel used to clean for me to get extra money but we let that lapse for a while and I haven't picked up doing the job myself for many weeks. It's not just cleaning that needs done - many surfaces need de-cluttering. Blaa.

I'm in avoidance mode of course and lingering on the internet. I just ordered a new back tire for my bike and new inner tube. In the 2 summers I've had that bike I wore the back tire bald. I guess I am kind of proud of that. Though it is nothing compared to a guy I know named Mike - he is a waiter at the local Eat-n-Park and we always talk biking. He bikes at least 20+ miles every day that it isn't raining and biked all winter when the snow was off the bike trail (which this winter was a lot of the time). I'm not that dedicated. Anyway - I'm glad it's time to get ready for a new season of biking.

I also ordered more of the little things called floral wafers for enameling. While looking through my drawers yesterday morning I found some and used them to make this:



Now I'm excited to do more with them and I want even more colors - looking forward to getting them soon. I have a neat idea for a series of seasonal trees - putting flowers at the bases of the trees - pink and purple for spring, red and blue for summer and orange and yellow for fall.

Okay - enough time wasted - time for cleaning.


Nov. 21st, 2016 07:11 am
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Nov 21, 2016 - a fresh new day to write in.

I changed over to burning birthday candles for my morning meditation - they burn for around 15 minutes so I am dedicated to staying at my writing table for periods at least that length. Today I burned 2. Lighting a candle keeps me at the table cause I wouldn't want to leave a lit candle unattended with Skye around. My problem is that I get so easily distracted. I need a block of time where I stay focused and this seems to be working.

We are having 13 people here for Thanksgiving. So I ended up writing about what I need to clean and what I need to cook. Hazel does my usual cleaning (sweeping, vacuuming and the bathroom) but there is some deep dusting, redding up and removal of junk that needs to take place that really only I can do. There are 3 vegans that need to be accommodated when I plan the food so no cream sauces, milk or cheese in a good part of the foods. Dave will make the turkey and stuffing for the meat eaters and I usually make the vegetables anyway so that isn't much different from past years. Three bean salad, sugar carrots, acorn squash, mashed potatoes, steamed fresh broccoli and waldorf salad.

What I really want to do right now is work on jewelry - not clean or cook. I hope I can fit some of that in in the next few days too.

The snow is holding on - still a white world out there but the roads are clear.
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Went out to take a nap in the tent and found this. The cicadas seem to like to hang on the tent to molt.

The only other thing of note today - I deep cleaned the bathroom this morning. Something that hasn't been done in a very long time. Pleased about that.
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29. What’s one thing you’d rather pay someone to do than do yourself? Why?

I guess clean my house. Right now I pay grandson Gabe to sweep, clean the bathroom and vacuum the carpets and it happens about once a week or every 2 weeks. I like how it is looking most the time lately. I don't mind taking care of the kitchen myself. I suppose if I had big money it would be nice to hire a professional to help me with the basement (and the garage next door) - maybe it would actually finally get done. I have watched those hoarder TV shows where a professional comes in and helps them and I can really relate. I hate holding and looking through the stuff - making decisions. A professional could help me with that. And maybe they would cart it away too - that would be great.

Two foggy pictures this morning )


Nov. 26th, 2015 05:59 pm
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Morning feet.

I've been busy cleaning and decluttering the house all day. Pretty proud of myself. I have one more surface that I could improve (the top of the dresser near the front door - a catch all place) and then all the public areas will be good - or good enough. I want to fold 3 baskets of laundry too tonight. Just before sundown Sebby and I biked from Franklin to Oil City and back - it was such a beautiful day - wispy clouds and sun - about 55 F. It seemed warm (to be walking outside) but cold biking - I didn't dress warm enough.
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sun hitting the far hill in the background

Dave and I had a good day yesterday of sorting through stuff next door in the garage. 4 big garbage bags full and boxes and boxes of stuff for the thrift shop. I got 10 times more done because of him being with me. When alone I will pick something up and hold it for many minutes, just pondering it's memories and if I should save it and how I would feel about never seeing it again, sometimes not even coming to a decision and putting it down to think about later - but with him there I just hold it up and say "what do you think?" and he immediately says - trash - and it's over. Most of the stuff that should go to the thrift shop I can recognize right away - it's the trash things that give me problems. And I help him too - it's good to have company for this kind of thing. I feel hopeful we might actually get done!

The rain is over, the sun has come out again - slanting across the yard making nice long shadows.
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"Morning Star" pendant - sterling, carved bone and faceted CZ star Listing HERE

Etsy-A-Day done now - I guess I have to go over to the garage with Dave now - blaa. But at least I have someone to sort through that old stuff with - so yay!
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little black birds are replacing orange leaves in the tops of trees

Dave was very happy last night to see that area cleared and he went down first thing this morning to take those old shelves off the wall so he can bring his bigger, more sturdy ones over from next door. Another thing I like to avoid is making the trip to salvation army (or wherever) with the excess stuff. But that's the next step to clearing the basement. I have it all loaded in the car and ready to go. Time to quit fooling around here and leave...


Oct. 21st, 2015 05:38 pm
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Yay! Clear! Though I'm not going to show where all that stuff went - basically to the other side of the room. But that's okay - at least now Dave can move his stuff into this spot. I did get rid of some stuff in the transfer to the other side of the room though - a couple boxes ready for Goodwill. This was once the area that I had all three of my worktables when the whole room was my studio back in the day.

Was LJ acting funny for anyone else today?
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rossy and gabe at 2 mile run tonight

Had a good day today. Cleaned off my painting table so I would have a place to work on cutting papers for the wedding book and got the covers made and most all the papers cut to size. Then tonight Gabe, Rossy and I took a walk on one of the trails at 2 Mile Run Lake. So three things accomplished - cleaned something, made progress on an art project and took a walk too.

Last night we watched the movie Still Alice. It was good. Sad. Realistic. Tonight it's How to Make an American Quilt. Everybody has a story...


Apr. 24th, 2015 08:55 am
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Good morning. And it is a beautiful morning too with the sun shining. I hope to do some outdoor walking today. Maybe the lens adapter will arrive and I can go on a photography spree. The antique buttons are finished and all boxed up for mailing. I’m feeling very free today. In spite of my usual laziness or procrastination or whatever it is that makes me avoid taking care of old stuff and clutter in the basement I have been consistently doing NetPositive everyday. Yesterday a whole hour! Hopefully now that the last of my commissions are over I can even do more than an hour everyday. It is really helping me to not look at the basement as The Whole Job (which is huge and horrible to contemplate) but just look at it as “allotments of time” spent there. I suppose it is childish but after I spend time down there I mark it on the calendar that I did it – it gives me a boost to see the stars building up day after day. I have one whole bookcase free now that used to have my fimo beads and base metal jewelry supplies in it. It makes me sad (or something) to go thorough that stuff. It reminds me of the old days – that are gone now. I used to spend so many hours every day working on that stuff when Chloe and Johnny were little. It kept me sane cause it kept me busy and creative while being stuck at home a lot. I invested so much of ME in that stuff. And now it worthless to me really. I don’t want to do anything more with it. I have moved on. I have moved on from so many arts and crafts over the last 30 years. From watercolor, to printmaking, to fimo bead jewelry and now I am in silver jewelry. Thankfully silver jewelry has many more facets to it and ways to be creative with it (lapidary, enameling, carving, lampworking, glass fusing, ceramics etc) I hope I can stay with it to the end.

This is only a very tiny part of all the beads I still have. I made thousands and thousands back in the day. I'm just packing it all up in a few tubs and going to save it for a while - can't seem to let go of it yet. Maybe as time goes on it will become more plain what I will do with it.
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Yesterday Dave told me about a word he thought up to describe doing something positive each day to get our house in order. As you say the word you are supposed to raise your fist up in a gesture of triumph too. I asked him why "Net Positive"? He says it is in contrast to "Gross Negative". He has been organizing his stuff in the basement for a couple weeks while I have been avoiding it and feeling very guilty everyday. Yesterday, together, we gathered the recycling stuff up and got it out so that was our NetPositive for that day he said. I was glad to hear that I got a NetPositive point too in his eyes - I didn't feel so guilty then. I guess that was the boost I needed to actually go down *alone* and work on my stuff this morning. I packed a lot of fimo bead stuff into a smaller space so I can use that area for books now. But finally I just got tired of trying to figure out the last little pile of random things and came upstairs for lunch. At least I got my NetPositive! point for today.


Jan. 23rd, 2015 07:57 am
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Tarot of Metamorphosis deck

I am the one...
...who is creepy! I am part robot and slinky human. My arms are long, I have long spiral antennas for ears. My right shoulder is encased in a cover with long spikes protruding. My limbs are bionic. I live in a world of dingy molded metal - I see there are some holes in the walls and there is old blood or rust leaking out of the holes.

I guess what this is showing me more than anything is the state of my body. I have been having the frozen shoulder symptoms in my right shoulder building up again - it even shows that on the card - spiky protrusions are growing out of her right shoulder. I don't take the time to do my stretching exercises like I should, though every time I think about it I do do them. It's probably just not enough or intense enough to really help - maybe it is just enough to slow it down. I need to devote 20 minutes 3 times a day to do them and really push myself. I also need to stretch and bend my broken finger more.

It's funny but this is the exact same card I got yesterday - the Queen of Pentacles - but she sure looks different today! Maybe the cards want to remind me to keep taking care of my riches, my possessions - sorting through stuff in the basement. I did make pretty good progress yesterday - I was getting into it. I'm going to get started this morning on it too. Dave and I went out last night and got more clear plastic containers that will stack. I got 12 but I have a feeling I could use 12 more! I want to store and organize everything that I can in them.

I bought the plane ticket yesterday to go to Florida the end of March to see my sister [livejournal.com profile] earthmother45 and her family. I can't wait to get there and give her a loving kiss on the cheek.


Jan. 22nd, 2015 07:21 am
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Smith-Waite Black and White

I am the one who ...
...sits alone on my throne, thoughts turned inward, contemplating the symbol of the star. I have a rabbit for company and I sit under a flowering vine - symbols of spring and procreation. I have goats' heads carved on the arms of my chair and a lion's head carved on the area behind my head. From what I know about goats from raising them they are a curious and adaptable animal and they can be very friendly. Lions symbolize strength and sharing within their group. At the moment I don't know how those symbols around her effect her - I'd rather just think about her expression for now. Wistful. Thoughtful. And the fact that she is alone.

I will be spending the day alone today myself. I am fine with that. I have no vehicle to go in and no big desire to get out. I have some phone calls to catch up with. Business to do. And there is always the basement. The symbol of pentacles - from what I do understand about the tarot (and it's not much) pentacles have to do with earning a living, our property, the physical side of life, the earth. This would certainly be a good day to contemplate my own property and possessions (in the basement). I have no jewelry orders at the moment (finished them all last night) and nothing else to distract me. I will put on my furry boot slippers and warm sweater, get my ipad mini with all it's music and go down there soon. I hope to get a lot done.

I went to the dentist yesterday and had a side tooth, towards the front worked on. I don't know if it's cause I am getting older but going to the dentist is getting more traumatic all the time. Holding my mouth open for so long was becoming torture. And I was so tense after I left I was shivering and cold for a long time. Went home and got under the covers. I don't think it is the dentist's fault - it's just me getting older. I am liking this new dentist more all the time. Seems like a kind and caring man. We have decided we are going to keep taking a "wait and see" attitude with the problem molar that was bothering me so much before. It is still very sensitive to cold but unless bad toothaches start back up with it we will be hopeful. I have no more dental appointments til June. Good.

This daily tarot card image writing prompt exercise has been good for me. It's getting me to write about my thoughts again and clarify them. This morning my first thought on waking, the thing that got me out of bed was wondering what my tarot card would be today.


Jan. 21st, 2015 08:21 am
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from the Tarot of the Spirit deck

I am the one who...
...has a blind eye but I still see.
This looks like it could be a piece of my jewelry with the eye and the rays. Those might be 6 more eyes down below, coming up out of the turbulence of the water. But my eye is the first eye, more fully formed and can see over them, beyond them. The number 7 reminds me of the days of the week - balance, everything in it's time and place, progressing as it should, everything will happen properly in its own time. After I wrote that stuff yesterday about work I felt a lot better about the time I spend on work. That symbol at the top of the card - the 4 colored diamond - right away made me think of the microsoft symbol - red, yellow, blue and green squares. I was thinking this morning, really, most of my problem is a time management problem. And the computer is the biggest waster of my time - an addiction. I have known this for a long time and periodically battle it, trying to get it under control. It's not that I spend too much time working and then don't have time for art expression - it's that I spend too much time on the internet so I don't have enough time for work AND art expression.

I had a dream that I remember a little of last night. I had cleaned out the garage next door and Kathy and I were staying in it, sleeping on cots but then during the night someone had started a smoldering fire in the wood stove there. There was a stove pipe but it didn't quite reach down to the stove so the room was starting to fill up with smoke. I opened the door near the stove and that brought air into the room, which then let air go out of the room up through the stove pipe in the roof. There was a stove pipe gap of about a foot where the smoke was getting loose in the air. But with the door open the smoke from the room was slowly starting to leave by way of the stove pipe - problem solved. Ha! That reminds me of the way it was yesterday when I was siphoning the dirty water out of the fish tank and the way the dirty water wafted over to the siphon tube and went up it. But more importantly I think the dream is about cleaning the garage. I call it cleaning the basement when I talk about it but the area of the basement I am cleaning now it the garage of the house. Long before Johnny left for college I punked out on him and didn't continue with cleaning it. So now I have to do it alone. I only have about a week more before I need to have my mosaic and ceramic stuff organized and available for use cause I promised a customer I would make her a mosaic wall for her kitchen starting in February. My problem with the basement is getting stuff OUT of it. I can sort through stuff all I like but if I don't get the unwanted stuff out then it is still there (like the smoke) and making the area unusable and unworkable. I need to open the door (like in the dream) so that stuff will move out of there - do a salvation army drop off. Last night was garbage night and I did take a big bag and box of trash out so that was good. I'm going to take notice of the things I accomplish working towards the goal of having the basement done. Every little thing I get out of there will be a help.
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Even though snow closes us in more and makes driving harder I prefer beautiful white snow to dreary rain. Looks like the weather man thinks there will be a few more days of snow coming.

Yesterday I did pretty good with jewelry work - I filed a groove into the wooden support that I use for sawing so I can have the groove help my left hand hold wire when I cut it - that was a big help. I'm learning that there is not that much that I use those particular fingers for but there are definitely some important things.

And last night, again, Johnny cajoled me down to the basement. Thank goodness I have someone who is encouraging me and willing to help me. I am very grateful to him. Even though I make it hard for him by avoiding it as much as possible, I let him win me over in the end. We went through a couple more tubs of papers and assorted junk last night. He also took it upon himself to clean out and scrub the fridge yesterday afternoon - yay Johnny!

Life seems very dull - not much to talk about. Slowly working on things. I gained weight over the last month. I'm going to continue with my 3 meals a day plan with only drinks at night but I guess I need to start to make the meals smaller now that there is less tempting food in the house.

I do plan to do woods walking with Candi later this morning - maybe I will have pictures to show from that.


Jan. 2nd, 2015 02:24 pm
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laptop camera self portrait

I look a little sad but I don't feel sad really. I saw the bone doctor this morning and he said all I had to do was tape the finger to a neighboring finger and that's it. I can take the bandage off to bathe. I go back in 2 weeks.

Johnny and I have been working on the basement - yay us! Yesterday we finished clearing an area in the middle of one room that previously had been neck high in tubs and boxes. Everything is still there but at least it has been sorted through and put into different bags and boxes that are earmarked for garbage or Goodwill or Chloe. Now that Chloe is activities director for the Clarion ARC she can use lots of random art supplies. I don't mind letting things go since they are going to a good cause with her. (MnH - I have finally sorted through those boxes! So many things will be perfect for Chloe to take - it took a lot of years but they are finding a good home!) Johnny and I also cleared a 5' wall area in another room. After I saw the doctor this morning Dave and I bought a 4' long shelving unit to put there and Johnny will put it together for me later today. The new shelving unit will hold all my mosaic and ceramic stuff. I feel like we are really gettin' somewhere! I got some new jewelry orders last night and I'm hoping I will be able to make them without too much pain now that the finger is taped. I want to stay balanced with hand work and basement work - a little of both each day so I don't overdo it.


Aug. 25th, 2014 06:01 pm
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Things for friends - bracelet with a unicorn disc for Jan, pendant with a frozen Charlotte doll for Nancy and Karen's owl earrings.

I'm cleaning house today and folding clothes and getting caught up with some of the mess here...
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I actually have a lot I could write about that I have been doing and a lot that I am thinking but I just haven't had the time to sit down and formulate it into words here. Suffice it to say I am doing lots of stuff with the grandboys like biking and swimming and walking plus Dave and I and Jules and his boys have been doing a lot of work fixing up the house next door. It went from looking like a house that was unloved and abandoned to a house that has had it's siding scrubbed with bleach, been partially re-roofed, rebuilt, weed-whacked, painted, pruned and neat. Too bad I didn't do before and after photos. Maybe sometime later I can find some old photos to match views I could take of it now. But I didn't take any photos of the disrepair it had fallen into. Any old photos I might find would be highlighting area of flowers I planted or something nice - not the dirty siding, caved in roof of the shed behind the garage or trash that had built up over there. I have a really strong feeling of being close to my dad when I am working over there, painting especially. He built that house and took good care of it till he was probably about 90. He used to say he wanted me to have the house some day but I told him back then I really didn't want it - I wanted to live farther out in the country, in the woods - didn't like the highway out front (but ironically here I am living in a house with that same highway) and I know he was disappointed that I didn't love and want the house as much as he loved it. So now when I find myself working on the house, painting it, sprucing it up I feel like he is behind me and pleased that I am helping keep the house alive.

Reading another book about a person with multiple personalities, "When Rabbit Howls". This is the most fascinating thing to me for some reason. I don't (think I) have multiple personalities but I can certainly relate to having multiple subpersonalities. I many times have people say I said certain things that I can't imagine myself saying and now I wonder - who said that? I don't remember saying it and it seems very foreign to something I think I would say. All I can think was I must have been kidding, making a joke when I said it and have now forgotten the incident. Weird. But it makes me wonder.

And - a photo - doesn't seem right to post without a photo. Took this on Monday while on a walk with the grandboys and their cousin Adrian. We were coming back from swimming in Sandy Creek:

new goals

Jun. 8th, 2014 07:24 pm
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Goal 1. Spend 2 hours in the basement every day. One hour at a time. Just BE there. I can do anything I want but I have to stay there. I know if I just put in the time things will happen. I did it today and it wasn't too bad. The mess doesn't look very different yet but I'm hopeful that eventually the changes will be more dramatic. I went through a big box of books today and filled 2 bags to go to the Thrift Shop. Also got 2 boxes of odds and ends gathered up to go out of the house.

Goal 2. Quit picking up the ipad and getting on the internet when I have spare time. Pick up a book instead. I have a number of books I am in the midst of: The Wheel of Time Sand Mandala, Traveling on Grace Street by Jeff Blake [livejournal.com profile] bardcat, The Wisdom of Forgiveness by The Dalai Lama and Victor Chan, Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore, Recovery - the Sacred Art by Rami Shapiro (started that last year), Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and The Book Thief (I have been months on that one) - the last 2 are on the ipad so it is ok to pick up it up for that. I did some reading in Traveling on Grace Street today - my latest arrival and I feel good about that. But many days go by and all I read is internet stuff - that is not good.

Jules had his broken elbow looked at by a orthopedic doctor early last week and all he has to do is not use it (he can use the hand though) and keep it in a sling. Way better than if he had needed a cast. We went grocery shopping together this morning so I could help out.

A rainy day. I still have the windows open from the days it was hot. We may have to eventually close them. It's getting chilly in here. The weather is changing and I don't think it's going to get hot again for a while.


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