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Every time we go to the lake it seems there is a different bird or animal to see there.

Andy watching the swans. More HERE )

Also finished 3 enameled elements today:

More flower wafers used in the heart shape - Autumn, Spring and Eye.

Full moon tonight - I can see it out the window.

Going to be cold again tomorrow. Candy and I are planning to hike anyway. It is supposed to be 17 and with the wind chill factor it will seem to be only 8 F. Back in February when it was 70 it was hard to imagine it would get this cold again.


Mar. 8th, 2017 07:37 am
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I have some free time this morning - woke up too early. This is the morning I'm going for blood work so there is no coffee to help me pass time. I love the routine of making coffee and slowly waking up with meditation and journaling. I got the reading and writing out of the way so I thought I would start some new enameled trees - other seasons - fall and spring.

This makes it a little more difficult to work. Though she is very careful not to disturb anything I still can't get into some of the enamels with her there.


Mar. 2nd, 2017 08:31 pm
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So far I have 4 hearts enameled. I had cut out 8 to start. A productive day today.


Watched the documentary, Divan.

Went shopping with Hazel to K-Mart tonight and saw the crescent moon as we walked back to the car. I always like it when the moon returns.

oh my gosh

Feb. 24th, 2017 10:47 am
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Oh my gosh - it is already 65 F and it's only 10 am! The sun is shining and the weather is too beautiful! And this is the stupid day that I need to do stupid cleaning. We are having Sebby's 16th birthday party tomorrow and this is the only day that I will have time for cake baking and house cleaning. The house really needs it. Hazel used to clean for me to get extra money but we let that lapse for a while and I haven't picked up doing the job myself for many weeks. It's not just cleaning that needs done - many surfaces need de-cluttering. Blaa.

I'm in avoidance mode of course and lingering on the internet. I just ordered a new back tire for my bike and new inner tube. In the 2 summers I've had that bike I wore the back tire bald. I guess I am kind of proud of that. Though it is nothing compared to a guy I know named Mike - he is a waiter at the local Eat-n-Park and we always talk biking. He bikes at least 20+ miles every day that it isn't raining and biked all winter when the snow was off the bike trail (which this winter was a lot of the time). I'm not that dedicated. Anyway - I'm glad it's time to get ready for a new season of biking.

I also ordered more of the little things called floral wafers for enameling. While looking through my drawers yesterday morning I found some and used them to make this:



Now I'm excited to do more with them and I want even more colors - looking forward to getting them soon. I have a neat idea for a series of seasonal trees - putting flowers at the bases of the trees - pink and purple for spring, red and blue for summer and orange and yellow for fall.

Okay - enough time wasted - time for cleaning.


Feb. 22nd, 2017 09:11 pm
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Finished a new batch of wings for making human-birds and some other enamel elements to go with faces and stones. I spent nearly the whole day in my room today and I'm ready to get out of here! Though I did take Andy for a walk to the creek and lake with Rossy earlier.

Good night!
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...from enameling to post this. It might be time for my nap soon.

I always end up making a clutter when I work.

Bluebird in process at the bottom. The one above is one I did last year. I really like the way things look with the glass powders in place, before they are melted. Then, I like how they look after they are melted too.
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I was looking at my 5 year diary and 2 years ago yesterday it was 20 below zero (F) and the kids did not have school. Last year it was a day of heavy snow fall and they did not have school again. Today though the temps are going up and I imagine all our snow will be gone soon - not that we had that much - only a couple inches. Over the weekend it will be in the mid 50's. The sun is breaking through the clouds at the moment. It is nice to see it again.

I finally finished putting the epoxy in the ring of my old classmate and will be giving it back to him today. It doesn't look that different but I think it will hold up better now with a filler between the cracks in the crumbling turquoise. My next job is to make a repeat of a pendant I made a few years ago. A customer liked it and wondered if I could make another. I told her I will make one and send her pictures of it - if she likes it then I will reserve it for her so she can buy it. I would rather do it that way - then I feel like I have more freedom. I don't like the feeling I have hanging over me when it's a commission with expectations that need fulfilled. I will need to make an enameled element for it and it is hard to make something with enamel exactly like I made it before just from memory. And while I am at the enameling table I want to make some more hearts to use in other things too. So I imagine that will be my day today...


Dec. 31st, 2016 06:00 pm
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Enameling is one of my favorite things to do - but it is very time consuming. Spent most of the day (after I got up from a long nap to get rid of the dizziness) on these heart-eyes.

With a new layer of powdered glass.

Done. Now I look forward to making some pendants with them. Next year.
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Glad I could get myself to get back to work (on something jewelry related) this afternoon. It takes a while to form the wires and place them (some, like the bird's wings need to be bent to the doming of the curved shape underneath) but then later it will make placing the colors of enamel much easier. No crocheting yet today - but I will be doing that tonight for sure.

This morning Dave had an appointment to get the shot in his eye to help with the macular degeneration. We spent 1 1/2 hours in the waiting room at the eye doctor's. So many old people! This will be everyone's future if they live long enough. The nurses put numerous ointments, dyes and drops in the patients' eyes and then the patients come back out to the waiting room to wait till the drops have time to affect the eye and then they go back in and get photos taken to determine progress or they get their shots injected. People are constantly shuffling in or being wheeled in and out of the 2 back rooms. What I was impressed with is how accepting everyone is - how brave really. Putting on a good front.

After the eye doctor Dave and I used the Red lobster gift certificate that I got as a Christmas present. That was a bonus. Then we went to The Boot Box to check out new boots for Dave (didn't find any) and finally came home for a nap. A tiring day - but I feel refreshed now.
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"Golden Morning" pendant - sterling, Czech glass button and champagne colored CZ. Listing HERE

Rainbows galore. I'm happy with at least a few of these.

It rained all day. Just good to stay home.
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"Amethyst Rising" pendant - sterling, Czech glass button, brass filigree and amethyst cabochon. Listing HERE.

Spent most all day in my room working today. I took a few photos as I was enameling. )
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Inspired by the Six of Wands from the Transformational Tarot deck. The original card had a sexy female figure (Lady Godiva) riding a horse - mine looks more like a child on a pony (or maybe even a dog - the neck is too short for a horse - me riding Andy right now?). They say everything we write about and all our art is really about us so that would make sense - I am more of a child inside than a sexy woman. The six of wands is usually a card of victory, recognition and reward. I am a child in that way too - it's hard to accept compliments. Maybe today will be a day to be more humble - which actually would mean I would be more ready to accept recognition. Being excessively shy is not really being humble. The figure in the drawing is naked. Can't be shy if you are naked.

I have over 40 tarot decks - I must be a collector. This drawing exercise I have been doing lately is an attempt to actually get some use from all those decks. I open a different deck each day (I keep most of them in bags so I can't tell which is which - it's a surprise each day) and choose a card randomly for drawing inspiration. I am hoping to work my way though the whole pile of them before I run out of steam. I like some decks better than others. This deck, The Transformational Tarot I like. I remember I used to look at it a lot back in the days of taking care of my mom. It is water stained and a little battered - I kept it in the master bathroom.

Today I am excited to be enameling again. Since my soldering torch is broken it gives me an opportunity to do something else. I was with Nancy yesterday and we talked about rainbows and what a wonderful symbol they are. I have 6 little rainbows started - I can imagine them paired with ceramic faces in pendants.


Nov. 30th, 2016 10:23 am
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"Ruby" pendant - sterling, enamel on fine silver and lab grown ruby (corundum) stone. Listing HERE
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Early - ordered the Cat Stevens CD Footsteps in the Dark.
Walked with Candy - an adventure in the changed woods.
Lunch of leftover Pizza Hut pizza - premium veggie on thin crust and spinach Alfredo on pretzel crust. Dave and I ate dinner there last night and got the special - 2 specialty mediums for $15 - plus we got a senior discount - I think it was only about $14 in all.
Called the mosaic customer and left a message. No matter that I do think the mosaic turned out well I still have this fear that it won't be liked. FEAR. But I made my voice sound confident anyway.
Cleaned off my enameling table - wiped Skye's hair and thick dust off everything and scrubbed out old enamel from the spoons. Before and After. )
Took a nap in the slippy sleeping bag on the bed in my studio. Wonderful dreams that I can't remember now.
Woke up to a phone call from Berdella. Her oldest sister died over the weekend. Sad.
Dave came home with Andy. They got a pheasant but he left it in town for one of his friends to clean and eat.
Dinner - boiled chestnuts, smoked trout (from Dave's friend that he gave the pheasant to), coffee with sweet vanilla creamer.
Opened the mail - I had ordered 5 CDs of Joni Mitchell and the first arrived today. Listening to Song to a Seagull.
Just now - ordered a 5 CD boxed set by Judy Collins - 5 albums for $10! I want to get all the music back again that I once loved.
Plans for the evening: clean some copper and silver shapes to enamel on and then watch some Longmire with Dave.


Sep. 16th, 2016 08:37 am
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Life is good - at least I woke up this morning feeling that way.
Last night when Dave and I were grocery shopping I got English muffins and elderberry jelly to have for breakfast this morning. Mmm.
We also went for a bike ride last night at sunset. Went down river to the Belmar bridge and beyond it to sit on a bench by the river for a while.
Today is another sunny but relatively cool day. It should get up to only about 75 F.
It's not even 8 am and I've already done a firing in my Quikfire kiln. More redoing of flowers. Will hopefully get around to painting the back of the frame that the mosaic will go into today.
Dreamed last night that Dave had a little tiny open-topped car - it had a seat in the front where he was and and a compartment in the back for me. We were exploring the country side, going down little paths, under bridges and navigating canals. Some were very small passages and I had to contort myself to get thorough them. It was a happy dream and I felt accomplished that we were making progress in spite of problems. I felt confident that we could get through anything.
Thinking about scheduling again. Scheduling my life and my time. I want to have at least 2 hours a day for "work" (jewelry and mosaic - etsy shop), 4 hours for hiking, biking and walking, 1 hour for art therapy. The art therapy is something I have not been doing at all but I know I feel better when I do it. Need to clear off my painting table to make that happen. I need to clear off a lot of surfaces in my studio - what a cluttered mess it has gotten to be while I concentrated on the basement.
I think I will take the tent down today. It will be a good day for that since it is dry. Goodbye summer retreat place.

Last week the grandkids brought me this necklace that I had made for Heather (the grandkids mom) before 2004 when Rossy was born. It has a big sapphire for Heather's birth month, a ruby for Hazel, and an amethyst for Sebby but no stone for Rossy. So I added 2 faux alexandrite beads on the chain for him and polished it up. They will be taking it back and giving it to her tomorrow as a birthday surprise. I was actually a little shocked when I saw it. I hadn't seen it for over 13 years and had forgotten all about it. I thought - that looks really good! A better photo of it. )


Mar. 8th, 2016 05:41 pm
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"Coming Home" pendant - sterling, enamel on fine silver, copper and carnelian Listing HERE

Trying to catch up with some orders today and got this pendant done too.
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Bluebird of Happiness in hand. At first I thought I would get my self portrait wearing the pendant using the webcam, but I didn't like how that turned out so it is in the background.

I don't know if this is an old people thing or not but it seems Dave and I are going to bed earlier and earlier and getting up earlier and earlier. He got up at 4:30 and I got up at 5:30 today. This is pretty common anymore - getting up between 4 and 6, when really we wish we could sleep till 7. I think I will join him for our mid-morning nap now.

I just remembered a thing I used to say to my brother. I would tell him it was time for my nappy-poo and I could always get a smile. John, wherever you are - it's time for my nappy-poo.
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Worktable jumble.

I got the 5 bluebirds finished this afternoon. Now I will wait and see which one the customer likes the best. The others will be made into pendants eventually.

I have fallen by the wayside in doing the 365 writing prompts project. Yesterday I was supposed to write about "an issue I care about" and I also skipped the one on the 3rd that was supposed to be about "something I heard a friend say". Today it is supposed to be "country field". I think this is probably due to winter doldrums. Every single year, no matter how I try to get out and be active and get light or sun or whatever it is I need more of during the winter I start to get dull and want to not do anything. I wish I could just read or watch TV and do nothing more than that. I dragged my feet terribly with enameling these bluebirds. And the weather isn't even bad - it was a beautiful day today - Dave and I walked the dog on the bike trail but I still feel very blaa creatively. I'm going to work on the taxes now - that about fits my mood.
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A little color sample that I made just now with the different carefree luster colors I have on hand. I got the enameled bluebirds finished and ground smooth - next I will put some luster decoration lines and dots on them and fire them one last time to a glossy finish.
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Still enameling - a new sheet of copper arrived today.

This morning Candy and I hiked at Two Mile Run. Still learning trails. There is a rats nest of them on the map in a certain area (the place called SKI TRAILS on the map) and I have no idea how to navigate through there - it's a surprise later which path you have taken. It's something the map won't help you with - you just have to go there and learn the paths in the real world. I like maps though so it's always a pleasant thing to see where I have been or try to puzzle where I am going.


Besides the trails marked on the map there are other trails all over the place that have no markings on them in the real world of Two Mile Run. Which makes it an adventure.


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