summersgate: (this is death) pours. We got bad news last evening that Dave's brother Bruce died in a car wreck. He was on his way to our house (from State College where he lived, planning to go fishing with Dave this weekend) and went off the road on a sharp curve and hit a tree. Only about 3 miles from here. Things are under a pall here. You never know - life is precarious.


Nov. 25th, 2016 09:25 am
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Rest - inspired by a Soul Cards card this morning. Today will be a good day for rest. I woke up with a very stiff back this morning. My feet and back were hurting last night too. Not used to all the stooping and cleaning and standing on my feet I did yesterday. But I feel our birthday party/thanksgiving dinner was a success and I'm glad I got the house spruced up as much as I did. It had fallen into a pretty dusty grimy state of disrepair. Hazel helped a lot. Dusted things and helped me cut up celery and apples and pare potatoes. Reminded me of when I was young and helping my mother in the kitchen. I definitely helped her a lot on the holidays but also helped her most afternoons just with little things like preparing vegetables, cleaning carrots, shucking peas or corn and paring potatoes for dinner. At the time I felt like it was interrupting my *busy* life of sitting in my room reading but I'm glad now I learned how to cook from her this way.

Andy was VERY good with all the company we had here last night. He was a little too excited when Chloe and Mike arrived first but we held him in one spot away from them till he got calmer and then let him go to greet them. He wanted to jump up a bit but soon got over it. I'm glad they were the first arrivals cause they are used to dogs and Chloe has special charming abilities with most animals. From then on as other people arrived he became calmer and calmer with each new arrival. David Z brought his little sister Lori who has Down's Syndrome. She walks with a walker and Andy was very respectful of her - though after about an hour and she didn't eat the cheese on the plate she had set on a low table beside her (the usual table that Andy is allowed to sit on and look out the window) he gently reached over and ate the cheese. Lori and I looked at each other and laughed. Hazel brought out the laser light after dinner and Andy chased it for us. Very funny.

So - back to my usual life today.
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"Seeking Truth" pendant - sterling, ceramic and iolite Listing HERE

It was good to get back to the jewelry workbench. I made a number of ceramic elements when I was doing the mosaic things lately and now I am looking forward to making pendants with them. I want to balance my time now with upstairs jewelry making and downstairs finishing the mosaic commission.

Yesterday Candy and I biked the short ride to Belmar and we saw 7 dead moles laying on the trail and 2 dead shrews. It looked liked they had just mowed the edges maybe the day before. I was sad for the little things - I would have thought they would hide in their holes when danger approached but maybe they were trying to run away and they got caught in the blades.

We had a nice party last night. It seems like things are shaping up that we will be having our family parties over in Jules' house now. At first I felt a little disappointed that they aren't happening here at our house (I am the matriarch) but it seems good that Jules takes over as the oldest son. And that house is so familiar to us all as being the "original homestead". It's nice to see Jules making it his own now and a welcoming place to get together. Plus it makes it easier for me - don't have to clean so much for family parties. That's his problem now. :-)

Today - life back to normal after the long weekend. It will take a while to remember that it is Tuesday and not Monday. The good weather is still holding. I have many choices of things to do - working in the basement, working up here on jewelry, get out and bike or do something outdoorsy...
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Yesterday Dave and I were at a wedding for his nephew Jim and his bride Vanessa up in North East, PA which is on the southern shore of Lake Erie. It was a really beautiful wedding in a beautiful spot, on a beautiful day.

Mike and Chloe were there too. A few more photos )

My feet today - I got a blister from those new sandals yesterday and Andy has made his first casualty of one of my favorite shoes. I do know better than to leave shoes laying around for him to chew and feel lucky this is the first one ruined. I kicked my shoes off to put my feet up on a chair and in about 1 minute this had happened - I assumed the chewing sound I was hearing was him working on one of his rawhide rolls. He has super powerful teeth. I'm still going to wear them around the house as slippers - then if I forget again I won't lose another pair.

Okay - time to get off this computer. I have lots to do today. Remember those boxes I mentioned a couple weeks ago that were brought over from the house next door - old stuff of my parents? They are still clogging up the living room. We will be hosting Rossy's birthday party here today and I must get them out of there. And clean off the dining room table - something that only happens when we have company over. And I need to make a vegan birthday cake. I hope it tastes okay - I have never made one without eggs before.
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Skye, Rossy, Dave, Johnny and me. Rossy (trying out all kinds of poses) and I had fun setting the 10 second timer on the camera and then running over to get in the photo.
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44. Do you hold any convictions that you would be willing to die for?

Die for? Sounds very serious. I would not die for any organized religion or political system, or country. I might be willing to die to try to save someone else from death.

A very busy day today - cleaning house - making food - visiting with family. Everyone just left. Here's my self portrait for today - taken by Chloe:


We've been watching the Fargo series - first season - the ones with Billy Bob Thornton. Looking forward to tonight's episode...


Oct. 15th, 2015 10:48 pm
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A good thing it is to be hippie rich.

Tonight I biked with Rossy and Sebby from Franklin to Belmar. Didn't know if we would beat the approaching rain or not. The sky was very dark to the west. But we did beat the oncoming rain by a few minutes.

Upstream from the bridge - a boat passes through.

Shine on.

I spent the morning with my cousin Helen. She is the oldest of the cousins on my mother's side and I am the youngest. I know hardly any of the people in the family and she knows all of them. She is 94. She has shrunk into a tiny little person and has forgotten words. Her mind is sharp - it is just the word selection that fails her. I enjoyed listening and trying to figure out words that might fit into her stories. She gave me one of her many knit afghans as a parting gift. I choose the butterscotch yellow one.

We watched the film "Life in a Day" tonight. Really good. Short clips gathered from all over the world on one day - July 24th 2010 - and then artfully arranged. You can watch it on YouTube.
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pet cemetery

I took this photo after everybody left the burial area yesterday. It shows the cement blocks that we have used to cover all the pets that died since we came to live here in 1999. JJ the cat, AnnieCat, Butterscotch the hamster and Chloe's gerbil (can't remember it's name) - Tenzing was buried up closer to the house on the lawn. It was nice that we had so many people here to bury Oo-tapo. Jules dug the hole - Oo-tapo was originally his dad's cat. And during the time Oo-tapo lived with us Johnny and Chloe both fell in love with him. It was nice to see Chloe's fiance Mike and Johnny's girlfriend Alison hugging them as we stood around and reminisced.

my self portrait from last night

Today - sad - maybe sadder than yesterday. Yesterday I was feeling relief from what a burden Oo-tapo had become at the end but today I am just remembering and missing who he was before the very end got so messy. He truly was a very good cat - a very good "person" - kind and caring and good - nothing mean in him. Thank you all for your nice comments yesterday - they mean a lot to me and it helped to read them.

Today I walked with Candi on Oak Hill and we saw some beautiful trees. The bark was very shiny - metallic - like lightly tarnished silver. Dave says they are yellow birches.


Today was the first day to walk in the woods without big rubber boots - felt so good to get back into regular hiking boots.
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4 of wands (my version of it) - art a day this morning

I drew the 4 of wands this morning. Some of the readings about it say it is about memory, sharing, being with loved ones. And that seems perfect for today - my last full day here. Kathy and I spent the morning in her garden writing, talking, painting. Then we went to the Hobby Lobby to get some art supplies and lunch at the Thai restaurant - back home for a nap and now here I am.

double exposure - Kathy at the Thai restaurant
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the sign out front of the museum

Today Kathy, my niece Laurie and Kathy's granddaughter Maria traveled to Sarasoto to eat lunch at the Don Pablo restaurant and then see the Marietta Museum of Art and Whimsy. I used the iPod and took many, many photos today. Everything at the Whimsy Museum just makes you happy - which is the point of the whole collection. We went last year too. Every 6 months they change most everything inside the building so there were lots of new things to see. Many more photos HERE )

and one final picture - Jack (Tracy, Joe and Maria's dog) - a real sweetie. He "sings" happy birthday along with you if you can stand it.


Mar. 17th, 2015 09:46 am
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Dave and his brother Bruce went ice fishing yesterday and caught these walleyes. Look at the size of Dave's footprints in the snow to compare their size. We will be eating well tonight - though he's going to give some of the fillets away too.

I'm having a busy day today. Had my blood-work done this morning, breakfast with Dave and Bruce, then later lunch with friend Cindy R, then errand running and picking up the grandboys after school. I might get a chance to work on jewelry tonight. I feel like a nap at the present moment though.
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26. Things you have in common with your parents?

I wrote about some of that yesterday, not realizing I would be getting this question today. I wrote about how I have the Traveling Pains in common with my mom and the little nervous laugh in common with my dad.

In common with mom:
Love of pets.
Like making things with my hands.
Tendency to want to nurse others.
Like dramas.
Want to control my environment.

In common with dad:
Outdoors walking.
Like comedies.
Building things.
Can hold grudges.
Had acne when young.

In common with both of them:
A desire for peace and a peaceful life without strife.
Taking care of family is important.
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This was not tonight - it was a while ago when we had some nice rays of late afternoon light coming in the bathroom window.

Had lunch again today with cousin Pat. I really like her a lot. She is 11 years older than me and I really did not know her at all till a few years ago. So glad that that is changing. After lunch we went up to the hospital and visited another cousin, Helen, who is 31 years older than I am. Helen is 92 and having health problems (not sure exactly what is wrong) but she is needing blood transfusions. Helen has shrunk into a very tiny version of her former self (from hardly eating anymore) but her BIG personality is still shining out.

Berdella sent me video link to a TED talk by Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts. I am always talking about being an introvert but one thing I noticed in the TED talk was when Susan Cain said that being introverted is not the same as being shy - 2 different things. So I looked up shyness. I am SHY. And introverted too. Not all introverts are shy. You can be an introvert and choose to spend most of your time alone but when you are around people you don't necessarily have fear and awkwardness. What you might feel as an introvert is annoyance and tiredness from having to be with lots of people for extended periods of time. You don't feel "fear and anxiety". I start out with fear and anxiety before and during social situations and then after a while I feel very tired and am so looking forward to it All Being Over. In some of what I am reading it says that a person can't change from being an introvert but there are things you can do to be less shy. It won't take the fear of social situations away but you might be able to have it be more manageable. Which I already do try to do - I have my pep talks that I give myself. I need to figure out how worthwhile a social situation is to me in the first place as to whether I want to bother to go through the anxiety and discomfort of it though. Going to a family wedding or celebration is important. Going to a party where I will be exposed to lots of new people isn't. And if I *really* do think I want to go to something then I can prepare.
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"Water Wings" pendant - sterling, brass dragonflies, paua shell Listing HERE

This is one of the pendants I had been working on over the weekend. The other one needs a beaded necklace to go with it I think - it's bigger and more elaborate.

I didn't get much done (with jewelry) today except list this pendant. Went out to lunch with my cousin Pat which was very enjoyable - I like her a lot. Just a very real person and funny too. One thing Dave and I did get done today was get one of the windows open in the living room (it was painted shut) so we could get some air flow through that room - maybe we won't need a screen door now. And I put a screen in the kitchen window and hung a box fan in it so we could pull air in from the other side of the house. Also bought a small tower fan to sit in the living room. It was 80F in here today and pretty muggy but still pleasant with the fan on - if it gets hotter we still have a larger fan to put in service - so we might make it okay without an air-conditioner this summer - I hope so. The car air-conditioner is broken so we are already getting by without that. I keep thinking of "the good old days" when no one had an air-conditioner in their car and we survived. Our hair got blown around a lot with the windows open though.
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A day (for me) to clean house so family can come over later. A clean house is long overdue anyway. I'm looking forward to everyone being here. We will get Chinese takeout. It should be nice enough weather that we can sit on the back porch and it needs a good cleaning too. Maybe Johnny will be doing that. He has already begun the college student's summer style of sleeping in till noon when he can and I need to wake him up.

Had a dream about mom this morning. It was nice to see her in the dream but she was all mixed up with being like a baby in the dream - like I was her mom, along with being a mom to Chloe, Johnny and Jules too - they were over to the side in the dream. She was trying to eat but forgot to pick up her spoon and was using her hands to dip into her pudding. I picked up the spoon and put it in her hand and was guiding her hand. That's all I remember about the dream but it was a loving dream. I felt good to be helping her and she felt appreciation towards me in the dream. I guess it is still hard for me to forget her last years and go back to remembering her as she was when she really *was* my "mom", above me in the family lineup. Or maybe this is just how it is - a different way of thinking about loving your mom on Mother's Day, if you are fortunate enough to have had her live that long.
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The Three of Us - Kathy, John and me. In the background a painting of Kathy's - Time Is Running Out.

Our mosaic figure in progress.


Mar. 1st, 2014 10:02 pm
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me, laurie, kathy, and tracy

This morning we picked up my 2 nieces and the 4 of us drove to Sarasota to see a photography show at The Meadows that Kathy had entered. She won a merit award for her photo of a great blue heron. On the way home we stopped at The Marietta Museum of Art and Whimsy. A friendly person took this photo of us in front of a sculpture of a mother, 2 kids and a father. In the photo we are standing in for the kids with the outstretched arms of Great Mother and Great Father embracing us.

The museum is the collection of one woman who loved to collect happy things. While there I couldn't not smile. The museum is free - they only ask for donations and offer free coffee and lemonade. There are many tables and chairs outside and huge shade trees with sculptures of all kinds of whimsical animals, dancers, giant pink flamingoes, fairy lights strung everywhere, Santa Claus in many guises, little tables and little chairs for little people and multitudes of happy silly art.

They turned down the lights in this room for a while so we could see the light show better. The colored points of light on the ceiling were activated by sound and would disperse and move whenever you talked or clapped.

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14 pages for 14 days

One of the problems I thought I had was figuring out what kind of journal book to take. I wanted to take my Everything Book cause that is what I do my daily writings in and keep track of everything with but it is so huge. If I used a smaller journal then all the information in it would get "lost" and not be kept in order with the everything book. So I thought why not make individual pages that I can take along and then when I get back I will tuck them into the big book. Last night I collaged and colored 14 pages (for 14 days) and every day I can draw and write on one. Or keeping using one till it is filled and then move on to the next one. That is another "problem" I need to solve - I need to make a decision how to use them (my problems seem so silly really).

An individual page (or 2) can be folded so I can fit it into my purse and be available to take along in the day. I tried it out with all 14 pages tucked in and it really doesn't make the big book that much more overstuffed. It already bulges.

I cut them a little bit smaller than the pages of the big book so they will tuck in better later.

So another "packing problem" solved.

Today we meet with the lawyer to start the ball rolling for Jules to purchase mom and dad's house. It is raining. Yesterday we heard thunder! All the snow that was packed down from walking on it and driving over it in the yard and driveway has turned to slick ice. Dangerous out there. And wet. The ground is frozen so it's not taking the rain in - it just lays on top.


Feb. 14th, 2014 09:35 am
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the family sign next door

When I walked Rossy next door to the bus stop this morning I noticed how pretty (interesting?) the poke plant was that is draped over the family sign by the driveway. It's not really dead - the roots are alive and it comes back bigger and stronger every year.

taken with soft focus optic on the lensbaby

Snow again today. Though yesterday was clear and sunny. Dave is sick with a cold and laryngitis. 6 weeks ago I mailed a ring to Australia and it never got there. I am going to start to make another one today. Continuing with tax stuff - didn't really get very far with that yet.

coat rack

Dec. 4th, 2013 02:18 pm
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Oh, and here is how the front door hat and coat rack turned out. Dave and I finished it yesterday:


The boards are made from sycamore lumber that has been sitting around in the basement for 10 years. Johnny cut and sanded them and put polyurethane on them and then attached them on to the wall over the weekend and Dave and I put the hooks on yesterday.

The Harter sign (established 1932 in small letters at the bottom - the year they were married) was given to mom and dad a long time ago but they never put it up - it just sat on the mantle for a long time and then ended up on a laundry room shelf eventually. I like it though and thought it might look good in our house somewhere. I think it was made by Aunt Betty but I might be wrong.


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