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Mar. 7th, 2017 09:10 am
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My body is wonderful, mysterious, stupid and it can't be trusted to tell me anything true.

Last evening I could barely walk because of the pain from the heel spur in my left foot. Then during the night the pain in my body moved. I woke up with a terrible ache in my left shoulder, no matter what position it was in. I did stay in bed and finally got back to sleep. I woke up this morning - no pain in my heel at all. Horrible ache in my left shoulder still there. Looking back - before the heel spur started I was having a very bothersome ache in my right elbow - which went away as soon as the heel started to hurt. This is not the first time I have noticed this. I've known my body is capable of this for many years - that it's not to be trusted. Traveling pains. There has to be one pain somewhere at all times. Just plain weird. I am going to the doctor on Friday for my semiannual checkup and I was going to tell him about my heel - maybe I don't have to now.

Heavy rain last night - still raining - looks like a dark day today.

Watched Moonlight last night - exceptionally well acted and worth watching. I wanted to rent it cause it had won awards - glad we did.
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I had a busy day yesterday. I went to my usual OA meeting in the morning (we had a newcomer! - good news cause our meeting is so small (2 to 4 people) normally) and then came home to change vehicles with Dave. I had taken the car by mistake and I should have left the car for him to pick up Johnny and Alison later. From there I took the truck to Oil City to gallery sit with Chloe from noon to 6. Such a long cold sit. The recent unseasonable warm weather is gone now. I wore just a sweater that morning and should have worn a winter coat. The gallery is down a little flight of stairs from the street door and there seems to be a big leak of air coming in that door. Three people came in to see the show. I crocheted on the granny square blanket I'm making for Chloe - made 6 squares in 6 hours. She read two and a half graphic novels. Chloe left with her friend Kiyomi to have lunch and I made myself a bracelet with the beads there while I was alone. It is an interactive art project and when I was finished I thought it would make it easier to have the beads sorted into separate trays for the people who came after me and started to do that. I put the other bottle caps out and started to separate the 3 colors into them. Then I looked up and saw the title of the art piece. It is interesting to see how we want to compartmentalize things - we do! I did. So I dumped them all back in together and put the caps back on the other 2 bottles.

How I left the piece.

At 6 we headed over to the A and C Buffet for Sebby's birthday dinner. Afterwards we came home for cake and presents. I had difficulty with this cake - the recipe I found did not make enough to fill a 9 by 13 pan (I found that out after I baked it) so I made a second cake and made a double layer cake out of the 2 of them. Sebby's main interest is music and guitar, bass and keyboards now so I put a guitar on the cake.

His favorite color to wear is black so I got black candles.

I love Sebby's looks.

We sat around the rest of the evening talking and watching Andy catch things and bring us things. Some people wanted to see what the shock collar felt like and had a contest to see how high they could stand it. Most people didn't want to go above 6 but Johnny went to 10. Lots of laughter - are we backwoods rednecks - shocking each other for entertainment? Maybe we just had a lot of young people together...

Also I want to mention a movie we watched a couple nights ago - very strange and odd, but something to really make you think. I'm going to put it on the list of my all time favorite movies but it probably isn't for everyone. The Lobster.
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Watched "Catfish" (2010) last evening. I was really touched by it - I found it thought provoking.

Couldn't sleep again last night - was awake from 12:30 to 4:30. Thank goodness I have my room to go to when this happens. I can read or get on the laptop without disturbing Dave. I think it is a mixture of dread about the coming election (should I spend money on Hillary? Can't all this political stuff take care of itself - I will be voting - isn't that enough?), worry about weight gain (and guilty thoughts because I am unwilling to change the way I eat), wondering what is wrong with me (why can't I just be a simple happy person?), what should I do about these glasses (should I pursue further correction?), thoughts of all the things I should be doing, am I a bad person?

This morning though is a beautiful morning (sun breaking through the clouds) and it's supposed to get up to around 70 degrees later. In the light of day I think the answer is to leave the political world to itself for now, get a shower, work on jewelry for a bit to see if the glasses seem better today (after being adjusted by Walmart yesterday), call Sears Optical if they aren't good enough (so I can get a re-exam from them) and then go for a bike ride (for sure).
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Two outings today. This morning Jan and I hiked 2.5 miles around McKeever. Hot and sweaty but we found a shady, breezy place to rest at the half way point - a bench on the upper swamp. It was easier coming back down the hill. And tonight Sebby and I biked around Lake Wilhelm. Beautiful. Biking into the dark. Fireflies. Flashlights lighting our way. I love the feeling of movement while biking. On the way there and back in the car he plays me music from his tablet. He likes Incubus. Some songs I really like, others too angry. That's part of our time together when we go places - I get to hear his music.

At the moment we are watching the 1971 film, Johnny Got His Gun. What an amazingly sad and excellent antiwar movie! Another story by Dalton Trumbo and directed by him too.

Raining. Hard. The rain sounds in waves across the back porch roof.
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Today Hazel and I headed down to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh so she could see a doctor about gender reassignment hormone therapy. Thank goodness we started out with an hour and half to spare cause I ended up driving the wrong way on I79 and didn't realize it for a very long time. We turned around finally - I drove like a fiend and we got to the appointment with 5 minutes to spare. I am not used to driving the new speed of 70 MPH on the interstate and then I was going even faster to try and make up some time. Nerve wracking. It was good to get into the city and get parked finally. A few photos )

Watching Spartacus (1960) at the moment. It is especially interesting to see because recently we watched a documentary about the screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. He was blacklisted after failing to cooperate with the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947. Spartacus may have partially been written as his reaction to that. Spartacus is a slave being forced to do things he does not want to do - he screams out "I am not an animal!" He is brave enough to stand up and make changes.


Jun. 29th, 2016 10:48 pm
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Jan and I biked up to Oil City today - she was on her brand new bike. We stopped for a rest at a picnic table near the River Ridge Farm Gate. Then we noticed a couple fawns playing near the gate. A little farther down the trail we saw a doe eating beside the road - probably their mom.



I made some progress on work today too. There is a bisque fire load of all the ceramic parts in the kiln right now. At midnight I need to turn the dial to high. Watching Selma on netflix at the moment...
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I got a suggestion from [profile] lifeinroseland - I don't need to write a paragraph - I don't even need to write a sentence - I could just write a single word if I want for the writing prompts. I'll give it a try till I get over this creative slump.

3. something you heard your friend say

This is a quote I saw in an email from a very good friend:
I am reading a book from the library that was written by Mary Baker Eddy. She started the Christian Science church (not like the church of today). She herself was healed from a terrible accident that caused internal injuries and healed others also.
She believed our bodies can be healed through focusing on the healer part that Jesus describes in the Bible, it is within each of us just as he describes in the scriptures. She believed if one stops thinking about the disease and gives attention to that healing higher power instead, one can be healed. Another part of Eddy's beliefs is to change core stored attitudes about who we have become because of our reactions to hurts, grievances, guilty feelings and what we perceive as victimization. And adapting ourselves to gain acceptance and love.
It sounds like using the 12 steps and focusing on the solution instead of the problem to me.

I want to believe this too - I do want some control of my body and my life. If I can control my thoughts and attitudes (the one thing I am in charge of) I will be better for it. I know that some of my aches and pains come from my mind - not all but some for sure. I have had past healing of lower back pain and shoulder/arm pain come from focusing on the healing instead of the pain. Talking to the pain. Listening to what it is saying. Ironically letting something else (a higher power) deal with the pain is a way to heal myself.

5. an issue you care about

I am starting to get fired up about getting Bernie elected. We got Obama - a man of color with a Muslim middle name elected and I am hopeful we can go even farther with more reforms with Bernie.

6. country field

Country fields are my home. My world. My feet walk there everyday.

7. take it away

Take it away my friend. Take my worries, my fears, let me talk to you today.

Presently we are watching an old Italian movie - The Bicycle Thief - a 1948 classic. I need to pay more attention to it, to read all the captioned words. It's a good movie...


Oct. 15th, 2015 10:48 pm
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A good thing it is to be hippie rich.

Tonight I biked with Rossy and Sebby from Franklin to Belmar. Didn't know if we would beat the approaching rain or not. The sky was very dark to the west. But we did beat the oncoming rain by a few minutes.

Upstream from the bridge - a boat passes through.

Shine on.

I spent the morning with my cousin Helen. She is the oldest of the cousins on my mother's side and I am the youngest. I know hardly any of the people in the family and she knows all of them. She is 94. She has shrunk into a tiny little person and has forgotten words. Her mind is sharp - it is just the word selection that fails her. I enjoyed listening and trying to figure out words that might fit into her stories. She gave me one of her many knit afghans as a parting gift. I choose the butterscotch yellow one.

We watched the film "Life in a Day" tonight. Really good. Short clips gathered from all over the world on one day - July 24th 2010 - and then artfully arranged. You can watch it on YouTube.


Jul. 11th, 2015 05:19 pm
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"Butterfly 3" earrings - sterling and salmon sorbet stones Listing HERE

Today - a day not too hot and a sunny blue sky.

We watched what I thought was a really good movie last night - Falling Angels. Set in the 1960's a couple lost their first born son and then didn't deal with it. The 3 later born daughters didn't even know they had a brother born before them and that is one of the things they discover in the movie. It's about secrets and how they make you sick. I thought it was interesting cause each of the 3 daughters acted out in a different way - one by being the "good girl" and trying to take care of everyone, another by rebelling and the third by trying to be a "woman" (sexually and with clothes and makeup). I feel like at different times in my own teenage-hood I did all those things. Lots of stuff to relate to since it focusing on the 60's too.

Okay - etsyfication done - going to get outside and enjoy the weather for the rest of the afternoon.

wild tales

Jun. 24th, 2015 01:06 pm
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Movie recommendation: Wild Tales - a Spanish film - about how our emotions can get away from us. Kind of funny - outrageous - serious too but it makes you smile cause it is so true.


Mar. 14th, 2015 10:14 pm
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Just got done watching a very dark film, The Homesman. Dave picked it up cause he thought it was a western. It is staged in the west but it certainly isn't a western. I liked it a lot. Though it wasn't comfortable watching it. Maybe it is a parable. it is more than just "a story". It affected me.
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Know someone with alzheimer's or dementia? Want to watch something that might make you cry in a good way? Watch the documentary Alive Inside. It's about how giving mp3 players and headphones to residents in nursing homes (with their favorite music) can spark them back to life. Amazing. But watching it keeps bringing me to tears over and over - so many "lost" faces, with dull and empty expressions exactly like my mom's was. It's nice to see them get connected and come back to life in the film. That was the main reason I took care of mom at home. I didn't want to miss those moments of connection she would have - even if they only happened every few days. It was depressing to watch her "misery" face every day but worth it for the few moments of "happy knowing" when they did come.


Jan. 19th, 2015 08:32 am
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Pearls of Wisdom tarot deck

I am the one who...
...sheds tears and collects them in a cup till they are overflowing, then they fall to the ground, join a stream, become part of a river. Unbeknownst to me (because I am so lost in looking straight ahead) the river originates in a place of beautiful rainbows and sun. My tears will become lost in the stream of it all. My path leads me in the direction of the rainbow hill, I will cross the rainbow bridge at some point. A little brown bird is already crossing it. That is my destiny even if I am unaware of it. I am one who spills out the sadness in my cup, lets go of it so it can fall and join the stream. There are many butterflies around me, symbols of transformation. The cups that I collect my tears in have symbols of infinity and love on them, forever love - god - I give my tears to you. I wear a dark and shapeless robe - perhaps I am like a nun practicing austerities (truly I am with the money situation right now).

I do feel like I am ready to move on (the pathway to the rainbow's end) at this point. Ready to give up this place of "being stuck". Drop those cups of sorrow. Now that I have finished that big pile of jewelry orders I'm going to the basement and get my mosaic materials ready. I have a commission to create a small mosaic wall. I will find out more about it soon but I want to get my stuff ready now.

I don't care for the look of this deck much - too bright and garish. The people are ugly. But I have decided to work my way though all my decks - a new one each day and this one was at the top of the stack.

I was able to capture a tiny snatch from a dream last night. Something about a group of hippies that I was a part of and we were walking along a stretch of road towards home that is beside French Creek at the base of Oak Hill. There were children in the group too - we were pushing baby carriages and holding the hands of little ones who could walk. When I woke up I remembered that today I will be walking on Oak Hill with Candy. That is one connection I can see. Though Chloe and Mike were here yesterday and they are borderline hippy-ish. I feel like they were the ones I was walking with in the dream. I was a part of a nomad group. We were homeless, and in the dream we were heading in the direction of "home". Chloe and Mile are still homeless - they own a house but it's not a home yet. They need to put a roof on it before they finish the interior and that won't happen till better weather this spring.

Last night we watched "The Naked Civil Servant", a 1975 film about the life of gay icon Quentin Crisp. I thought it was excellent. It was very amusing and sad too. He was very brave (in his own way) and very original. I'd like to read his book that this was made from.



Oct. 16th, 2014 08:19 am
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Dave and I watched "Finding Vivian Maier" last night - I would really recommend it. A lot of the movies I choose from netflix to watch Dave isn't that excited about. He has totally dropped out of watching the "In Treatment" series (which I love!) with me. But he really liked Vivian Maier. Thanks gracegiver for recommending it first. Oh, and another good one we watched recently was "The Railway Man". We just finished the last "Firefly" episode - why didn't they keep that going? It was really fun to watch! As long as I am listing movies I enjoyed lately "The Motorcycle Diaries" was really good. I liked "Tim's Vermeer" too.


Sep. 19th, 2014 12:26 am
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It feels like we could be near the end of summer. Tonight Gabe and I were taking pictures of each other at the Sugarcreek Memorial Cemetery - one of our favorite local bike rides. Got to grab all the outdoors we can, while we can.

Watching another episode of Craft in America at the moment.

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I haven't fired anything for a long time and there has been a buildup of tiny things that needed bisque fired. Some things were made by Johnny and Gabe and some things are mine that have been sitting around for over 2 years. The only things I really want out of this jumble are those molded Frozen Charlotte figures. I think they will look good with a colored transparent glaze. But maybe after I color those other things and get them glazed I will have plans for them too.

I've been having a good day - very much a puttering day. Finished up taking some photos of the latest jewelry I have made so I can easily do an etsy-a-day with them and got some business book work done too. The handmade book is started - glued the covers and started sewing it. I have been watching the film Museum Hours little bits at a time with frequent breaks. It's kind of like my day - rambling and thoughtful - a little disconnected but I can still see some connections.

Dave went to Chloe and Mike's house to help them with building today. He is doing the electric for them. I hope he took some photos of how far along they are with everything. The last I saw it the place where the trailer had been was just a big giant muddy hole with boards in place for the pouring of the footer. Now there are cement block basement walls and frame walls upstairs with doors and windows in place.

Oh, and I just got a message from my friend Mary in Houston that a pendant/charm I made for her to give was a big hit - she was giving it to a coworker who was retiring. Here is what it looked like:
"I aspire to inspire before I expire" - the design was Mary's idea - I can't take much credit except for carrying it out as best I could. I think it's clever.

And Rossy made his "good" ring tonight with my help:
He's very excited - wants to make another one tomorrow.


Aug. 27th, 2014 08:43 pm
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I invited art group over to my house yesterday so I could experiment with giving henna tattoos. It was a lot of fun but the tattoos themselves didn't turn out very well - my recipe for the henna wasn't very good - didn't stick well and was maybe too runny. They looked okay when first applied, then some of them spread out too much and I doubt that they dyed the skin very well.

Milo and flea update: The Frontline just was not working. I was putting it on every 2 weeks and he was still swarming with fleas. Last night Gabe and I shaved the top half of him (he wouldn't let us get to the bottom half) but that was enough to lessen the volume of hair and this morning I put a dose of Advantage on him and Oo-tapo. The fleas are dying and falling off all over the place today. Thank goodness. I hated thinking of those fleas on him. They don't seem to bother Oo-tapo - maybe it's the difference between fine extra thick long hair (Milo) and regular cat hair (Oo-tapo) - the Frontline did work on Oo-tapo (I think it did anyway - maybe I just couldn't see black fleas on a black cat).

Last night Gabe and I biked around Lake Wilhelm - 12.5 miles - very little flat terrain - lots of ups and downs. There were about 5 hills I couldn't make it up and had to walk the bike to the top but it was a lot of fun going down all the hills. I would definitely do it again and I think Gabe would too.

I got 4 more jewelry orders in the last 2 days. Busy. Going to take a break and watch Baraka now - looks really interesting - just music and fascinating images from around the world. We watched a little of it this morning.


Aug. 16th, 2014 11:01 pm
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"Creation" ring - Listing HERE.

I really liked that last shield style ring I made but wanted to make one with extra definition with wire decoration this time. I have some new metal stamps on order and when they get here I have a plan to make a "sun" motif ring with a stone in the middle of the design next.

I can definitely ride my bike now even though I am still limping and very slow when I walk. The injury doesn't affect biking. I rode it around the yard a bunch of times today (didn't try to go up over the patio curb this time though - smartened up). I don't know what it is about the bike riding. I feel a craving almost to do it. I'm going to really miss it this winter.

We watched the 1969 British film Kes tonight - really good but very sad. I think it's going to stick with me for awhile.
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"Breathe" bracelet with blue opal stone Listing HERE

I made this one yesterday along with the larger one I listed last night. I have plans to make another one today but with 7 discs instead.

The grandkids have returned from their mother's and we are back to our regular weekly life again. It looks like rain again so I don't know if we will be able to get out and do anything.

Watched a very strange movie last night - "Julien Donkey-Boy" about a schizophrenic teen - shot from his view point. I would definitely call it an Art Film. The father was played by Werner Herzog. I just love hearing his speech patterns. If you like weird you will like this.
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Eyes in hearts and faces on bugs and birds - 2 of the present themes that I can't seem to get away from yet.

"Seeing the Light" pendant - sterling, lunar lavender cz, enamel on fine silver eye, amethyst tear drop Listing HERE

I liked how the big square faceted stone at the top seemed to hold a lot of light so I changed the name on this one (from "seeing with the heart" to "seeing the light") to reflect that. Also I wanted to experiment with some gallery wire and used that around the eye for something new.

I also finished this rebuild of a ring for a local person:


This is the one where I was trying to pry the stone out of the setting and then discovered it was epoxied in and I had to file the setting off instead. So glad I got this finished without any more problems.

Sun and rain, alternating all day. Sun at the moment. No biking or walking today - I miss it.

We watched "My Dinner with Andre" last night - an old one (1981) - but really good. So simple - just 2 guys talking over dinner but amazingly interesting.


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