Apr. 13th, 2017 07:48 am
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I see a tree that has been damaged, splitting, cracking apart but still alive and bursting with life. Spring is happening.

I had a headache most of yesterday and felt fuzzy. My tinnitus was extra loud. But in it's own way it was a good day with lots of talking to friends, lots of crying, which was just what I needed. Getting used to life as it is. Hazel drove me to the store for some shopping and carried the groceries in for me. I made progress on the crocheted baby blanket. Watched episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - good silliness. Dave swept off the front porch and back porch and made them nice. He mowed the back yard for the first time this year too. I ate my supper out back at the picnic table. We (Dave and I, Hazel and Rossy) walked Andy down to the creek and threw his ball with the ball thrower in the lower yard. Hazel has got a great throwing arm - I think cause she is so tall - and Andy got a really good work out. He loves to chase the ball.

Tomorrow Johnny and Alison and Chloe and Mike are coming for a visit. Chloe wants me to show her some new hiking trails where she can take her ARC clients. I think we will show her the trail to Rainbow Rocks - it will be a relatively easy walk that her clients can handle. Mike and Dave are going fishing.

It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day today. I have a big pot with a passionflower vine in it. I might have killed it with neglect over the winter but I want to get it planted outside soon - there might still be hope for it. I won't be able to lift it myself but I bet I can get a grandkid to help me. I am not very good with most houseplants, except succulents. I think the passionflower will have better luck outside, even with our winters - they can withstand some freezing.

I have had a dreamwidth account since 2010 but I only use it to back up my LJ now and then and never post there. The last time I backed it up was in 2012 but I am backing it up today. I have a different name there: Summersgate. I don't want to leave LJ and don't plan to leave but just in case something happens to LJ I will be covered. I will still be posting my entries on LJ.
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"Night Flowers" pendant - sterling, enamel on fine silver and black onyx. Listing HERE.

Still enjoying finding uses for the flower wafers. I like multicolored bits of things on black.


Dec. 19th, 2016 07:01 am
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She reaches too late - the rose is dead now. That is her sorrow - she is always too late. Even though she is the goddess of monthly time it doesn't help her with the minutes or days. But she puts on a good face anyway.

A new week. The week before Christmas. People ask, are you ready for Christmas? No. Yes. No. Do I have to be ready?

That's why I don't like holidays much. Time is supposed to arbitrarily stop and everything turns itself over to the holiday. Foods are supposed to be prepared and eaten. The mail doesn't come. Decorations are supposed to come out and then go back away again. I'm supposed to be "ready". And if I'm not ready?

Yesterday I dismantled the flower centerpiece that we were given for Thanksgiving. I had let it dry out to see which flowers could be salvaged. There were intense blue ones with sharp spurs around the flower's base that pricked if you held them the wrong way. There were roses whose petals had all turned brown except for a beautiful pinkish red rim around the top edge of each. There were big daisy-ish flowers with yellow petals that were easy to pluck out. I put the flower petals in baggies. Someday I might use them to make handmade paper.

I switched over last night to making colorful granny square cotton dishcloths. It is amazing how much faster they work up than the regular knit or crochet ones I was making before. I made 3 in one evening - compared to just one a night before.


These are gifts - part of getting ready for Christmas. Or just something I want to do - I might give them away all year long too. Have a pile I keep near the door that I can reach into and give one or two away whenever I feel like it. Dishcloths are disposable - they are always getting old and worn out. Dave does that with flashlights. He buys bunches of them cheap from ebay and then he'll give them away to people just out of the blue. I like that idea better than having to "get ready for Christmas".
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Taken yesterday with the super takumar lens down by the end of Astral Road, on the Allegheny River. Saw these while walking back from the river. Gabe and Rossy were swimming there.
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Dave and I and Andy took a hike out to the tip of a high ground near Polk on game land #39 yesterday. We were hoping to find some big rocks on the edge of the drop off since that's where you find them so often around here. We did find some large ones but nothing spectacular. Photos HERE )
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Rhododendron closeup.

I went out with the lensbaby this morning to get shots of the steps that Rossy and I made last night and visited the rhododendron bush. More HERE. )
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Awake at 7 am, which is a little later than usual. Coffee and a banana and pills.
Filled the bird feeders with sunflower seeds and put fresh sugar water in the hummingbird feeder.
Watched the end of the movie Serenity.
Dropped off a book about Remarkable Trees to Bill D in town. Had a talk with him about lapidary stuff.
Met Chloe and took her to breakfast at Amazing Foods. She had never been before and really liked it.
Had my favorite - vegetarian quiche, roasted vegetables and a blueberry scone. They had the most delicious little hot sweet red peppers in with the veggies.
Home to plant the morning glory seeds I started soaking yesterday. Planted the 12 impatiens plants I got yesterday too.
Coffee and sitting with Rossy talking. We set up the hammock on 2 trees in the side yard.
Dinner on the back porch. Morning Star Farms barbecue riblets over buttered toast.
Got out the step ladder and attached the cloth sun screen to the southeast edge of the back porch roof.
A fresh stick of incense and playing fetch with Andy.
Rossy and I work on digging some steps into the hillside beside the house. Not very well done, but at least it is easier to climb the hill now.
Sitting on the back porch till darkness falls. Eating banana flavored popsicles to cool off. I think we will be able to get through another summer without AC if we can just keep in a supply of them.
Watching the movie Cut Bank at the moment.
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Self portrait just now in the front window.
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I am so tempted right now to cut my hair - just to have it cooler. And simpler. I get so tired of it getting in my face (right now) but I'm afraid this is just a passing thought and when it gets cooler I will regret it. The thing is I do not like to put time into my hair and if I do cut it I know it should be cut again (I should keep up with it) and then I won't and I will not like it in the between state as it grows out. A lot of shoulds, doubts and conjectures going on in my head right now. The last time I had short hair was 1998. over 95% of my life I have had long hair. Every time I cut it I quickly give up and let it grow again - why bother to even cut it?

Dave says it's coming on winter - wait till spring.

On an unrelated topic - I liked this photo I took tonight:

the phipps

Sep. 1st, 2015 11:28 pm
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purple blades

Berdella, Sue and I went to Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh today. I had never been there before. It's a botanical garden - all kinds of wonderful plants and interspersed with glass sculptures by Dale Chilhuly in an awesome greenhouse structure. More HERE )
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trying to grow morning glories - not doing so well - maybe it was all the wet weather

Foggy morning. Dave threw another log on the fire this morning to keep it going. I cleaned up the back porch a bit more yesterday so we could have Jules and the boys over for a barbecue. It's not totally cleaned up yet but it's at least a lot more pleasant. I shuffled the junk into out-of-the-way places. It was really nice to sit out there this morning - something I have been looking forward to doing this summer but hadn't got around to. The wood smoke is like incense to me. We have 2 gourd birdhouses hanging on the porch poles. Wrens raised a set of babies in the one and now they are raising a second brood in the other. I enjoyed hearing the birds singing. Last night after Jules and the boys left Dave and I sat and watched the fire into the night - listening to see if we could hear when Franklin's fireworks started. I felt sure we would be able to hear it cause it is only 5 miles away but I couldn't. We walked into the front yard to see if we could hear better there and saw that the neighbors across the road had a fire too. Dave being the friendly person that he is wanted to walk over and say hi. Their daughter has cancer and it was sad to see her in pain now and a lot thinner than she was. She has had 3 operations and they have taken out 3/4 of her intestines. Really brought it home to me how precarious and precious life is.

Looks like it is going to be a super beautiful day today. Plans: hopefully a bike ride at some point (another try for Indian God Rock?) and later get out the tent and set it up down back by the creek - maybe we can sleep out tonight with the grandboys. An easy camping experience.
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sugar creek

This afternoon I went with Rossy and Gabe to the creek to watch them swim and took the IR camera along. This is the perfect time of the year to use it - all the fresh green leaves show up bright white. Then in the evening Dave and I took them up to Oak Hill to walk and I got more photos there. 8 photos HERE )

Besides the swimming and walking today the kids helped me with cleaning up the back porch and I got the last of the morning glories planted. I see some critter has been digging up the first morning glories I planted though. I hope I can get some to vine up the porch.


May. 4th, 2015 06:01 pm
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With carved skull bone beads. Listing HERE

Okay - I think this is it. The last style of bell I'm going to make. I know I have been very obsessed with these bells but I think I have it covered now. Oh - wait - still going to make a string of them on a rainbow ribbon when the ribbon arrives...

Candy and I biked from Franklin to Oil City today instead of our usual hike on Oak Hill. So perfect today - it got up to 80F but the breeze made it really nice. 4 pictures HERE )
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This is a new plant to me - the worker at Wyattville Gardens called it Cobweb Hens and Chicks. Another )
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maple flowers found on the ground in the woods today
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"Cloud Synapse" pendant - sterling, botryoidal carnelian, moonstone, honey tigereye, white mother of pearl Listing HERE

This is the last of the pendants I made before I left for vacation last month. Now I need to get busy and make some more pendants - something I am looking forward to. I have some interesting stones I'm excited about using.

It rained last night but was pretty dry for my walk on Oak Hill with Candi. It only started to rain again just as we got back to her house. Excellent timing. 3 Photos HERE )

I caved in to the *want* for the Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 lens last night and ordered one. Now every picture I take isn't good enough cause I am imagining how much better and more exciting the Super Takumar will do it! Check out this person's album of photos on flickr - all taken with her S T lens. I love what this does! Can't wait to try it out myself.
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hairy bittercress

These little (6" high or less) flowers are everywhere in the yard right now. I read something about a wonderful older lens called a "Super Takumar 50mm f1.4" that can be adapted to modern DSLR cameras and spent some time last night researching it and wanting one but then I thought this morning, why not just get out my 35mm f1.8 and use that instead? So I did - on this little flower. Maybe not as awesome as the Super Takumar would do but still okay.

Jules and I just got back from another bike outing - this time from Franklin towards Oil City. Didn't have time to get clear to Oil City though. He saw a pair of Mallards swimming in a ditch beside the bike path and called to me to see them.

Not a very good photo - just the ipod - they were about 15' away. They weren't very scared of us but we didn't push it either. There were also a lot of red winged blackbirds in the trees beside the river. A nice sound of spring.

black ant

Aug. 17th, 2014 07:33 pm
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Ant on a passion flower on the back patio just now. With my bare eyes I didn't even see the ant in all the dark purple colors of the flower but in the infrared camera viewer it popped right out.

My day...
For breakfast Johnny made French toast with the homemade whole wheat bread that he made the day before. I'm going to miss Johnny's cooking and baking soon - he's going back to college on Wednesday. After breakfast Dave and Johnny left to work on Chloe and Mike's new house - they are ready for the floor and walls. I stayed home - have too much work to do with jewelry orders - plus I don't think I would have been much help with carpentry and I can't bend at the knee very well right now either. I did want to get out and do something today though so Jules (his boys are at their mother's this weekend) and I went on a 10 mile bike ride on the Sandy Creek trail up towards Van and then shopping at Walmart. It was really nice to spend time alone with Jules - something I don't get a chance to do that much. I am so glad that this injury doesn't keep me off the bike. Came home and took a big nap. I dreamed that Jules and I were on an adventure. Neither of us had a car anymore and we wanted to go to Meadville so we were taking the bus. Jules knew the way - I had never been there on the bus. To get there we had to go up high on these metal structures and walk across beams and climb rickety stairs to get to the bus stop. I remembered that he used to be scared of heights when he was a kid and said something to him about it - he said yes - that's why this is an adventure. End of dream.

Here's another one of a passion flower taken last Wednesday with the lensbaby instead:
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I think this is called butterfly weed - such a bright orange. July 4th.

I've been carrying my little Sony camera in the bike basket and taking a few pictures with it but then I forget to bring the camera in the house or download the pics. Here are 5 more random ones from the last month. )

Watching "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" tonight. I keep thinking how this movie was made the year Jules was born - 1974. This was the kind of world we were living in at that time.
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sugarcreek memorial6-9-14a

Going up to the Sugarcreek Memorial Cemetery was a perfect little trip for me to make alone this morning. There is about a quarter mile where you are on the main highway but then you go for about a mile on a smaller road (still a little narrow and could be dangerous but at least if you are hit by a car they aren't going 55 miles an hour) and then for the last longest distance it's a quiet barely used road through farmland. I parked at the cemetery, had a granola bar and walked around a bit before starting back. This is the same cemetery that has a geocache that the grandboys and I walked to one day last summer. On the way back I was thinking about how I certainly don't take as many photos when I am biking as I do when I am walking. It is more trouble to stop and get a photo and I just don't notice things that need their photo taken as much when I'm on the bike. A perfect way to preserve a bike trip (rather than still photos) would be to have a tandem bike and be on the back taking a video. Biking is very fluid and things move into view and then out of view constantly. Things change. That is the nature of the experience. It seems a shame to try and stop everything with still photography.

bike basket 6-9-14b

I did stop at the Wyattville Country Store and buy some flowers on the way back. These 2 impatiens flowers and the wishbone flowers I got earlier are the only flowers I intend to buy this year. Flower gardening is not something I want to do a lot of anymore.


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