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I really like how the mini bag turned out that I made to carry the little book I want to keep track of my food in. It only took a couple hours to make it (book and bag) last night. I think this little bag would make a neat gift. If I find a friend admiring it I will make them one too. It is a good size for a cell phone or wallet. I'm not going on a diet - can't stand doing things like that - but I figure it wouldn't hurt to be more aware of what I am eating. It might change what I am eating if I am taking note of it.

This is a bag that was constructed in a similar way, but larger, that I made a couple weeks ago. I ended up not liking it with the thin strap that I put on it. I originally made the bag to carry when hiking in the summer when I wouldn't need to take along extra clothing but after I put in a bottle of water it was too heavy and the strap dug my shoulder too much. Chloe loved the bag when she saw it and I gave it to her. It would be fine with lightweight things in it.

Dave and I went early this morning and picked up our taxes from our tax lady. We owe about $700. I actually made money again last year with my business. Though I doubt this year I will be making a profit. Since I quit offering the made-to-size rings and bracelets I am not getting near as much business as before. I still wouldn't go back to making to-size things. I like making what I want, when I want and making things for fun and to my own liking - even if they don't sell right away.


Dec. 18th, 2015 09:23 am
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37. If you could eliminate one weakness or limitation in your life, what would it be?

I mentioned this also in question #18. It would be nice to not be a compulsive eater. I wish I had more stamina and energy - but I think that has to do with being overweight too. What would it be like to be "normal" and to want to eat the right amount of food for my body? If I made myself eat the right amount it would be like "being on a diet" all the time. I try to manage it by eating 3 meals a day and then a snack or glass of wine at night - with nothing between meals. If I allowed food between meal times I would be eating all day long. But I just can't bring myself (at this point) to start counting calories and not eat foods that I do like during the mealtimes I do have. I generally eat a "moderate" amount - but what I see as moderate must still be too much for my age and height. Oh well...


Jun. 15th, 2015 07:43 am
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good morning art table just now

Very pleased that I have a dedicated painting/art table again. Yesterday I did two pages in my 3 ring binder book. Mainly the theme was celebrating new beginnings. I am starting a new plan of eating - six small meals a day. But then I needed to figure out what will constitute a "small meal" so made a list of those and printed it off. The list added to an artwork. )

It was nice yesterday to stay home and putter in my room. It rained nearly all day, off and on. I had been feeling lately that I just have too much going on. Thank goodness for rain to keep me home and in the house sometimes. I added a bunch more music to my shuffle list yesterday. Moody Blues that I borrowed from Jules and Jimi Hendrix from Chloe. Paul Simon and more Iris Dement.

We gave Rossy his bike last night and he was happy with it - rode it home in the dark with us shining the flashlight for him.


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