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We did take the tent down this afternoon. Gabe helped me. I had a bad coughing spell while we were doing it though. I think the hemlock trees overhead let go of their pollen lately and it was all over the tent - when we were wresting with the tent the dust was stirred up. It took longer to take down than it did to put up - that's for sure. Which is what other reviewers said about the tent too. Afterwards the 3 grandboys and I took a bike ride from Belmar to Fisherman's Cover. The wind was really strong today but I had a feeling that on the west side of the river, at the bottom of the hill it might be more still, and it was. I was glad.

Rossy no hands. More... )
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Taken yesterday with the super takumar lens down by the end of Astral Road, on the Allegheny River. Saw these while walking back from the river. Gabe and Rossy were swimming there.
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A chair sitting in the lower yard.

I walked down to the creek to see Gabe and Rossy while they were swimming there. More HERE )
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I can see one major design flaw with this tent - the front awning and the front door are the same part. When you want to close up the tent for the night or in case of rain then you have to use the awning to do that. Front porch gone. There was another tent that I was looking at that had a large screened in front "porch" but only 2 rooms - wish I had got that one now. Another problem that we need to take care of before we camp for real - the old queen air mattress that we have does not hold air for the length of a night. Maybe we should get 2 more cots for Dave and me? And get another one for Rossy - forget about air mattresses. I do not want to sleep on the ground if I can help it. Just getting too old for that.

Lots of graduation stuff to go to today - this morning Rossy is graduating from 6th grade and tonight Gabe from High School.
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River's edge.

Yesterday I had two chances to explore the river's edge on the Allegheny. In the morning Gabe (since he is a senior now he doesn't go to school every day) wanted to go on a walk and go shopping so we stopped at that place (the mouth of Deep Hollow creek) that Jan and I discovered on Wednesday and went down there. More... )

Later, after school Rossy and Sebby wanted to go on a bike ride and this time we went upstream on the Allegheny to another place I've always wanted to explore. Along the river there are grassy areas below the bike trail where you can see groves of trees beside the river. Sometimes there is a path leading down to them but we are just speeding along on our bikes and don't go down. I always want to go down though. Last evening seemed like a good time to do it and everyone was agreeable.

Rossy watching the river go by. The River Ridge gate is behind us. More HERE. )
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Last evening Gabe and Rossy and I walked to the Sandy Creek Tunnel. One of my favorite tunnels - since it is straight it is never totally dark inside - well, it is pitch black in the middle but you can always see both entrances and get silhouettes of things so that is reassuring. Rossy was playing around and hiding from us - can you find him? HERE )

Jan and I also went biking yesterday. I think I have a biking convert. This was the first she had been on a bike since teenage-hood but she did really well riding my old bike even though it was a little too tall for her. We went 10 miles down to Belmar Bridge and back. We also discovered a really nice camping/walking place by the river near the mouth of Deep Hollow where it goes into the Allegheny. There is some exploring that will need to be done there in the future.

Today looks like it's going to be a really nice day. I need to work on ceramics in the basement - I hope I can get disciplined with that - the outside is calling loudly. I want to get and plant some flowers too.


Mar. 18th, 2016 06:09 pm
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Last month I found a freshly dead dove on the ground down by the creek. Wasn't sure what to do with it but I didn't want Andy to get into it so I hung its body in the crook of a little tree. I see that something has finally found it, taken it to the ground and torn it apart. There is absolutely nothing there now except feathers.

Dave had a scary thing happen a few days ago while walking Andy down by the creek. Andy took off after a pretty big animal - Dave couldn't see at first what it was through the brush. The animal climbed a tree a ways then it came back down and went after Andy. Andy came running back to Dave at full speed with the animal chasing him. It was a big boar raccoon and it got to about 10 feet away from Dave before it decided it didn't want to mess with both a dog and a man and it went away. I don't like raccoons. I'm looking out for it when I walk alone with Andy. But I always keep Andy on the leash when I walk him. I just don't want to risk anything. Dave feels more capable with Andy than I do and lets him run when he is down in the woods.

The sky when we took Andy for a walk to the lake last night. Pretty colors in the clouds.

My day today. Got the blood work done and Dave and I had breakfast (mine was a tomato and spinach omelet) at Eat-n-Park, then shopping at Walmart. We got Andy a harness (rather than using just his collar during walks and it might work for taking him in the boat too). So far it is working well - keeps the leash up and from going under his legs all the time. I took him for 2 walks today with it and it seemed he pulled even less than usual. Pulling hasn't been that much of a problem with him anyway. It looks very similar to this one.

Yesterday talking to Nancy we both mentioned a renewed interest in Tarot. I have fallen away from the 2016 365 writing prompts and spad and might take up tarot as a writing subject again for a while. I have so many decks. Will see if I have time - lately I just haven't felt like I do.

Now it's time to get some work done. A ring that I made for Gabe last year broke - he wore it 24/7 and I want to make him a new one to replace it. He designed the new one and it will be much more elaborate. And I have a ring to make for a customer too.
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Gabe's very last swim meet tonight.
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do not tell me what to eat
do not tell me what to do
do not give me advice - I won't take it
do not tell me how to live
do not tell me what to wear
I will only turn my back and
do exactly what I want,
the opposite of what you say.

Ha - this reminds me of when Gabe and I were eating out yesterday and he got Eggs Benedict. He had never had them before so I thought I knew better how he should eat them. Break the egg yokes first so he could sop them up with his potatoes and the English muffin. But he didn't want to do what I said and it became our joke that he didn't need lessons from Grammy in how to eat. Yes, he did - I have had 45 more years experience in how to eat! Then he gave me lessons on how to eat my scone - eat the points first - which I accepted. Next he was having trouble cutting his muffin with his fork and I told him to use his knife but he used his left hand on the knife and was still having problems. I told him to use his right hand (which worked better) and then it was like I told you so! Grammy knows best - take advantage of her vast knowledge and let her give you lessons in eating!

But I am probably the most rebellious person I know, and always have been. My mother always wanted to give me her advice and I absolutely would have none of it. Poor mom.
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Gabe returning to the car after presenting his senior project at the school.

After leaving the school Gabe had a day off so to celebrate passing his senior project we went out to eat at Amazing Foods. Gabe had Eggs Benedict for the first time and I had a blueberry scone. I wanted Gabe to take a photo of my hands - they are finally cracking from the dryness of winter. I had to put antibiotic salve on them and band-aids last night in an attempt to get them healed so I can do work with them again. It was getting too painful.

At the table behind us was sitting the doctor who delivered Jules way back when (42 years ago). He once was a hearty and handsome man. He's a thin white haired old man now and barely recognizable as the man he once was. We're all getting old. The changes that are drastic to see when you watch a baby grow up into a young adult are rivaled by the dramatic changes we see in people after the age of 60. I have to keep remembering that - it is a normal thing to have big changes. I am starting to notice big changes in myself.
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Had to think of a quick pic tonight - almost forgot. Web cam. Me, Gabe and Dave watching the tele-visions.
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The Oil City H S pool. Jules and I are waiting for Gabe's swim meet to start. I wish all the pools were as nice as Oil City's. Lots of bleacher seats, ceiling fans to keep the audience cool, and great acoustics so you can understand the announcer.

spad walk

Nov. 29th, 2015 07:38 pm
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Photo by Gabe. Dave and I took a walk with Gabe and his friend Amber on the bike trail at dusk. A couple more. )
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Photo by Gabe. This time me at the wheel.
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Gabe and me out driving this afternoon. He wanted to practice parallel parking and travel the route the driving test goes on. He did excellent - I will be very surprised if he doesn't pass the test. I told him I was going to take my self portrait photo - smile! )
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Making things in batches - fabrication done now - next will be oxidation of the metal and setting the stones.

Indigo the beta fish is dying I think. I found him laying on his side on the bottom of the tank this afternoon. I tapped the glass and he stirred a bit but not much. I changed the water just to see if that might help freshen him up (more oxygen) but I don't think it did much for him. He hasn't been "young" or interested in making bubble nests for a while so I guess he is "old". Looking back on tags I see I got him a little over 2 years ago but I don't know how old he was before I got him. Oh well, a good and bad to everything. When he's gone I will have more room for plants in that window. Just makes me a little sad anyway.

My big beautiful grandson tonight:

And another thing that has a good and bad side to it - winter's coming (baa) but alcoholic eggnog has arrived in the state store (yay).


Sep. 15th, 2015 06:37 pm
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"An Inner Life" pendant - sterling, amber, paua shell and citrine Listing HERE

I'm still overly tired today (in my opinion) - went back to bed after the boys went to school and it was really hard to finally get up later. I started to take a supplement for depression and anxiety called 5-HTP about a month ago and I really do think it helps but now I'm wondering if that is what is making me so extra tired. Tomorrow, I won't take it and see if that helps.

Tonight Gabe and I went out back and I took some pictures for his senior photo. This is our favorite:


Aug. 13th, 2015 06:15 pm
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Early this morning we drove out to Home Depot so I could get more of the resin. I think I'm on the home stretch with the table. I put another coat on this morning and then tonight I'm going to put the very last coat on it. This project would be so much easier if this was an extra table sitting in a workshop garage - but it is our dining room table in the main area of the living room and we have to avoid touching it. I'm figuring by Sunday night it will be totally cured and we can start to use it then.

path light

This afternoon Gabe and his friend Salina and Rossy wanted to go swimming in the creek so I went along with the IR camera. Many pictures HERE )


Aug. 5th, 2015 07:21 pm
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7 things I did:
Got my music all loaded on the iPaddypods in spite of mysterious problems - took hours to figure out.
Made a phone call I dreaded.
Watched Rossy and Gabe swim in the creek.
Wrote morning meditation affirmations to remind me that everyone is equal and that god is the one in charge.
Paid the majority of the taxes - what a relief.
Washed 2 loads of clothes.
Washed dishes.

7 things I saw:
Feet that looked like they were walking in brown moondust.
50 minnows tasting my legs.
Ripples that moved across the water like a sparkling checkerboard.
Liquid sunshine.
Gabriel made up to be Heather Hawk:
The shadows of wind chimes on an undulating cloth.
A little girl sized woman pushing a shopping cart.

1 thing I heard:
Ceramic wind chimes clacking and crickets chirping.

1 drawing:
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It was nice. Dave and I were heading in town to shop for some groceries and about a mile from home we both thought at the same time - we should turn back and get the bikes - so we did. It was getting late so I made sure we both had flashlights in our packs. The sun was already low when we got going in Franklin.


When we reached Oil City the last of the sun was illuminating the bottoms of the clouds. End of the line - I took this picture while we sat on a bench beside the lake at the campus. I am so grateful that Dave and I both like to bike ride. It was dark on the way back and after almost hitting a toad jumping across the road I turned my flashlight on for the rest of the trip. The very last streak of orange light from the sunset on the far side of the river was beautiful.

Today was Gabe's "real" birthday and we had a cookout for him. The back porch is coming in very handy right now. We hung a long stretch of dark cloth from the outer edge of the porch roof (kind of like an awning) to keep the afternoon sun from shining on us while we ate. I'm going to leave it there for now. Another hot day - maybe not as bad as yesterday though.


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