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I started the baby quilt today and I'm really liking the colors together.

We watched the first episodes of Detectorists tonight and loved it. It's disappointing that Netflix doesn't have the later ones on DVD. Darn.

Had a visual migraine just now and I think it's time to turn in.


Mar. 10th, 2017 01:18 pm
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Saw the doctor this morning - and he tells me that I am doing great. Don't know what causes the strange traveling pains. I guess it is something I have inherited from my mother. He is wondering if it might be a shortage of vitamin D so I will get tested for that. At this point though I am just going back to my former thinking about it - it's psychological and manufactured by my mind to distract me from other things. The less I think about it probably the less it will ache; wherever it is settling at the moment. Right now I'm not having any pains at all.

We had a lovely snow fall last night - woke up to a lacy fairy white world. As I was driving home from the doctor's office the sun was shining for a little bit and warming things up. It was just at that moment of warming when the electric and phone wires let go of the snow that had accumulated on them. The snow was falling off in long horizontal lines that broke apart as they fell, disintegrating before they hit the ground. I had fun watching for dropping lines of snow as I drove home.

I just ordered the yarn to make a baby blanket for Mara's new baby boy. He will be born in July (maybe June?) and I wanted to make a granny square baby blanket for him. The main color will be heather gray with fern green, soft red, aqua and antique white multi-colors. I'm having the yarn shipped to my sister's house in Florida so that while I'm there next month I can work on it in my spare time. I'm sure we will be busy going places and doing things too but I'm finding I really like to just crochet to pass the time rather than watch TV or read. I can talk and be present for others as I crochet. It's not as isolating as reading can be. I have fallen in love with the granny square method - so easy to pick up and carry around and hold while working on it.

my day

Jan. 18th, 2017 08:38 pm
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As the day went on things started to seem a lot better. Even though I was ready to give up on my laptop and start grieving its loss Johnny wasn't, and he tried new things with it today. He quit using the recovery discs I had made for it and instead installed Windows 10. Not something I wanted to do - I like Windows 7 and didn't want to learn a new thing but as the day went on I got myself ready for a new adventure. Hopefully that is the answer. So far so good - we are still loading my files back into it.

Crocheted a while. That was calming. Went through the Christmas cards and made sure the return addresses matched the ones in our address book. Some of Dave's nieces and nephews moved to new houses last year. Did some business book work in preparation for figuring out state sales tax. Helped Johnny make templates and cut material for the chairs that he is reupholstering. Walked down to the creek and to the lake with Dave and Andy as dusk was falling. Made part of our dinner - the raviolis and green beans, while Dave grilled salmon. So all in all a productive day in spite of the blaas.

And now David Z is coming so Johnny can look at his old computer - to advise him if it can be saved...
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I wanted to get Skye in the picture too. The left group of squares is for Johnny's blanket and the right group is for Chloe's. I'm alternating crocheting the colors so I will get the blankets for the siblings done simultaneously. Each blanket needs about 230 squares. I am about 1/11 of the way done now. It sounds dumb but I look forward so much to the times when I can just sit and do nothing but mindlessly crochet.


Dec. 19th, 2016 07:01 am
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She reaches too late - the rose is dead now. That is her sorrow - she is always too late. Even though she is the goddess of monthly time it doesn't help her with the minutes or days. But she puts on a good face anyway.

A new week. The week before Christmas. People ask, are you ready for Christmas? No. Yes. No. Do I have to be ready?

That's why I don't like holidays much. Time is supposed to arbitrarily stop and everything turns itself over to the holiday. Foods are supposed to be prepared and eaten. The mail doesn't come. Decorations are supposed to come out and then go back away again. I'm supposed to be "ready". And if I'm not ready?

Yesterday I dismantled the flower centerpiece that we were given for Thanksgiving. I had let it dry out to see which flowers could be salvaged. There were intense blue ones with sharp spurs around the flower's base that pricked if you held them the wrong way. There were roses whose petals had all turned brown except for a beautiful pinkish red rim around the top edge of each. There were big daisy-ish flowers with yellow petals that were easy to pluck out. I put the flower petals in baggies. Someday I might use them to make handmade paper.

I switched over last night to making colorful granny square cotton dishcloths. It is amazing how much faster they work up than the regular knit or crochet ones I was making before. I made 3 in one evening - compared to just one a night before.


These are gifts - part of getting ready for Christmas. Or just something I want to do - I might give them away all year long too. Have a pile I keep near the door that I can reach into and give one or two away whenever I feel like it. Dishcloths are disposable - they are always getting old and worn out. Dave does that with flashlights. He buys bunches of them cheap from ebay and then he'll give them away to people just out of the blue. I like that idea better than having to "get ready for Christmas".


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