Dec. 20th, 2015 11:49 pm
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Party went okay. Though it was very loud and I didn't understand a lot of things people said. I overate, but not that bad. It's over now and I'm glad to be home.

my day (s)

Apr. 13th, 2015 10:24 pm
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Yesterday was a strange day - spent most all of it alone. Many days like that when I am alone I get a lot done in my studio but I was very lazy yesterday. Wanted to DO something but nothing seemed right to do. I went outside for while and sat on a chair in the shade (it was a beautiful spring day). I saw some birds circling very high up but couldn't tell what they were. I went back in the house and got a pair of binoculars and found out that they were ordinary vultures, not the bald eagles I thought they might be. We have a pair of bald eagles nesting about 1/4 mile from here. I painted a little self portrait picture while outside in my self-portrait book. After coming inside I filled the dishwasher - the only productive thing I did all day. In the afternoon I watched The Theory of Everything, twice. Around 9 pm I became sure I was nauseated and started waiting to throw up. It took so long to build up to the throwing up part. Waiting and waiting, hoping and hoping. Around 10 I did throw up - thought that might be it but then I threw up 2 more times before midnight. Such a relief to be able to go to sleep finally. Dave come home late - he was fishing with his brother Bruce.

Woke up this morning with very sore ribs from the retching. I have no idea if it was something I ate or what caused the sickness last night. Hiked on Oak Hill this morning with Candi - took it slow and it was good. Came home, had a quick lunch then Candi came over to buy a piece of jewelry for her daughter-in-law Mara.

Hipstamatic picture of the Allegheny River from a bench Gabe and I were sitting on.

After Jules got home from work he and his kids and I all went biking - this time from Franklin to the Belmar Bridge. Coming back you could see a very dark storm (which we had no idea was coming before) approaching from the west - blowing cold air in our face. It was like a big race to get back before it struck. Exciting. And we did get the bikes all loaded just in time before big fat drops of rain started to fall. Hovis Ice Cream has opened up for the season and we went there for our usual after-biking ice cream cone, standing under the awning in the rain to order. They have the best in Franklin, really.

When I was taking my shower tonight I found a tick on my leg - probably picked it up on Oak Hill this morning.
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the sign out front of the museum

Today Kathy, my niece Laurie and Kathy's granddaughter Maria traveled to Sarasoto to eat lunch at the Don Pablo restaurant and then see the Marietta Museum of Art and Whimsy. I used the iPod and took many, many photos today. Everything at the Whimsy Museum just makes you happy - which is the point of the whole collection. We went last year too. Every 6 months they change most everything inside the building so there were lots of new things to see. Many more photos HERE )

and one final picture - Jack (Tracy, Joe and Maria's dog) - a real sweetie. He "sings" happy birthday along with you if you can stand it.


Feb. 19th, 2015 07:07 pm
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kitchen sink december 2014

This was a photo from last December. I came across it while cleaning out my ipad. But I liked it so thought I would share. I might need to totally wipe the ipad and restore it (something I've never done before and I'm nervous about that) but there is something wrong with the storage area in it. The area called "other" has grown huge - nearly 25 GBs - it should normally be only the size of 1 or 2 GBs and it's taking the thing over, leaving no room for anything else. Annoying. But there could be worse problems to deal with so I'm not going to get too upset. Just hope for the best.
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Rossy eating a turkey sandwich for breakfast.

Last night Gabe helped me put all those little blown glass bird ornaments on hooks so we could hang them on a dowel rod in the doorway. I got the birds last Christmas but they didn't work out for the tiny tree we had so they just sat around here all year waiting for me to get another idea for them. I like them here - will probably just leave them there all year.


Nov. 10th, 2014 02:46 pm
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Baskets hanging from a ceiling at Candi's house.

Curly leaves like a flock of birds flying.

Monday is the morning I walk with Candi on Oak Hill and I was so happy that it wasn't too cold and it was actually sunny today. Five more pictures from the woods - HERE. )

Other news - my car is broken down and needs a new engine. So now between the 2 families of Jules and us we only have one vehicle - Dave's truck - which seats 2, or 3 very crowded. Dave's working on it and looking for a engine that our mechanic can put in for us. But I will be very curtailed in my running around for a while...

Edit - later - the car was towed to the garage - our mechanic is going to look at it to see if there is a chance he can fix it without having to put in a new engine. That would be really great if he could...

rovers joy

Oct. 31st, 2014 04:06 pm
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Yay! I really think this will be it! I even like the name - Merrell Moab Rover.

beach day

Aug. 1st, 2014 10:04 pm
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beach shoes
beach feet

Jules and the boys and I went to Presque Isle this afternoon. There was no wind so the water was very tame but they still had fun just swimming. 10 more pix HERE )
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nancy hand
nancy's hand

Went to breakfast with [ profile] kyana this morning - Amazing Foods has outside seating now. The gnats were bothersome for a while but after the food arrived they went away for some reason - I was glad. I got my usual - a vegetarian quiche, sauteed vegs and a berry scone. I love breakfast there!

pretty bubbles
pretty bubbles

After breakfast I stopped over at Nancy's house and we hung out with Lilly for a while before I needed to go home. This is a photo of some bubbles that were clinging inside a lava lamp on the table. As an aside I just now could NOT remember the name lava lamp. Spent 5 minutes googling lamps with bubbles (no help) and finally I went out and asked Johnny what a cylindrical glass lamp with oil and water is called - LAVA LAMP!)

freaky gabe

Gabe got these weird contacts for his birthday on Sunday and a new bottle of super purple hair dye.

I decided to not take Milo to the groomer anymore if I could help it - save $55 - that's at least $110 a year. I then avoided actually doing anything with his mats except try to pull them out by hand. That doesn't work when they build up this bad. So today I finally got out the scissors and started cutting. He will only allow me to cut for about a minute at a time but I have his back quarters nearly done. He is hiding at the moment.

I really am getting tired of always using my ipod for photos anymore. I want to do BETTER. I might set myself to post Big Girl Camera Daily photos again. Hope I do.
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Breakfast. Cinnamon raisin toast and a mustard egg (like a regular pickled egg but bitier with mustard flavor). Watching "Gods and Monsters" - end of it - just couldn't stay awake anymore last night to finish it. I love the looks of both Brendan Fraser and Ian McKellen and the story is very good too. The kids are sleeping in next door and I slept in this morning too. Dave got up early and drove Johnny to work so I had the luxury of waking up alone with lots of dream shreds clinging to my mind. When the kids come over we can all go to town so I can mail the jewelry I finished over the weekend. Maybe we can fit in a walk somewhere too.

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I wanted to get a photo of all 5 bikes on the back of the car - a jumble of wheels and gears, spokes, seats and handle bars. Johnny went along today with us and showed us a good swimming hole - that will be nice for this summer. 12 more HERE )
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gabe and rossy

Dave did get the hitch attached to the car yesterday and we put the old 3 bike rack on it so 3 of us could go biking last night. Gabe's bike isn't road worthy yet so Sebby let him use his and he stayed home this time. By the end of the week we should have the 5 bike rack here, Gabe's bike fixed and we can all go, so yay!


Looks like another nice day today - sun shining again.


Apr. 26th, 2014 08:44 am
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Last night Nancy and her husband Wayne and Dave and I went to the Indian Buffet in Oil City. Nancy especially had for many years wanted to have a henna tattoo (mehndi) done and I did too - so after we ate at the buffet we went over to Swarupa's table where she was doing henna mehndi. She also did string eye brow threading. I went over to watch that earlier but she was on the last few plucks of the woman's brows and I didn't get close enough to really see what was happening. She was using an ordinary sewing thread and somehow wrapped it around a few hairs and pulled them out that way. There are youtubes about it. Here's one. Hmm - now that I have watched the youtube I understand much better. Clever! Anyway - we had a good time getting our henna tattoos - of course now I want to get the supplies and do it myself. More photos of the process and Swarupa's family HERE )


Apr. 23rd, 2014 05:06 pm
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Just puttered around today. Finished 2 rings this morning and took them in town to mail them.

I am starting to un-list everything I put on Zibbet and move it all over to Etsy. Sadly it just never got any attention there. I think it's time for the Zibbet experiment to be over. The few things I sold there sold because I showed them either here on LJ or on facebook the day I listed them and then people looked at them.

It was cold this morning - nearly freezing. Raining. Now the sun is out and I hope it starts to warm up again.

Here is a photo I took yesterday of Deb's new puppy, Blossom. She was sleeping and it was cute that she was covering up her face as she slept:


Woke up from a dream this morning where mom was telling me "the last of the most important things" that she needed to tell me. Wish I could remember what they were.
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It takes a certain type of patience, or craziness, to want to mosaic. To take perfectly fine pieces of flat glass, turn them into tiny jagged pieces and then reassemble them again. The ball with the eye is my baby (the future head) and the body is Kathy's. Drinking chocolate peppermint expresso.

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My little spot of light with my things that I keep busy with in the morning while still in bed.

Good morning. This is the first day that there has been much rain here. A dark morning. I couldn't sleep last night - had a terrible headache all night. I think I am not getting as much caffeine as my body is used to. Back home I start with 2 to 3 cups of coffee and then switch to full powered tea for the rest of the day. Yesterday I had one cup of coffee and then water the rest of the day and I think it just caught up with me.

Today is the anniversary of mom's birthday. Happy Birthday mom.

Kathy wanted me to help figure out her new kindle for her so we loaded a book into it - Stephen King's "Doctor Sleep". I started to read it and now I hope I can finish it before I go - otherwise I will have to get it for myself when I get home. It's certainly a page turner (a kindle screen page tapper?) - a continuation of "The Shining" story.

3 things I want to do while here. Finish that book. Finish the mosaic woman. And walk on the beach. Now that there are only 4 days left to my time here not sure all that will happen. And there are other things to do too. More places that I wanted to see that are Kathy's haunts. I want to see all her places that she loves to go too. We shouldn't just sit around the house so I can read a book! Hmm - I bet the library up home has Dr Sleep - I could get it there...

One cup of coffee in me - the headache is finally abating. Time to start the day.


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