Feb. 11th, 2013 10:44 pm
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Feeling quiet lately - seems hard to even get myself to want to list something on etsy but I made this pendant today so since the ball was rolling I thought I may-as-well just get on with it and get it listed.

"Wise One" pendant - sterling, nu-gold brass, ceramic face, cloisonne enamel and simulated alexandrite stone. Listing HERE

Don't know if this is just the "winter depression" or what. Feeling so dull. I have been getting out though. On Sunday Dave and I took the grand-boys sled riding at 2 Mile Run Park - that was fun (I even went down once) and then we came back to Franklin and looked at the ice sculptures that were made at the ice carving festival on Saturday. Today I did errands and got exercise walking around town. After I got back though I just felt in a bad mood - the grand kids bickering drove me to hide in my (sanctuary) room after dinner and I watched a movie and slept while Dave dealt with them. Then after they went home I crept out and worked in my studio the rest of the evening.

I got a new app for the iDevices - something called Jobulator. It will make a sound when a new substitute teacher job comes up so that instead of Dave having to check the computer over and over we will just know from the iPod Touch that there is a job available. It should make things better for Dave and it is something I can do for him since I have the iPod with me most the time.


Jan. 28th, 2013 10:28 am
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"Skry" ring - sterling and rutilated green quartz Listing HERE

I finished this last night - I really like that rutilated green quartz stone.

The kids are off from school all day today - freezing rain. Though the road out front of the house looks good - people are driving by pretty fast - but I suppose the back country roads might be bad. It's nice that I have the ipad now so all the kids can have a device to play on (and I don't need to give up my laptop to make that happen). I do think it is wrong that they are so addicted to the devices and want them so much but I am addicted too - the only way I can say no devices (and feel honest) is if I were to give up devices too! They ARE playing games with each other (blue tooth connection) sitting side by side at the kitchen table so at least there is some form of human contact going on.
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woods road

Dave shot at a deer late yesterday afternoon, didn't really think he hit it but wanted to have another try at tracking it so we went to the place today. Anyway, it was a good enough excuse for a walk in the woods for me. 12 more - HERE )
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studio pix for today

I tamped down my lust for a new better ipod touch or an ipad (with a better camera in it) again last night. Surrender! It takes surrender to let go of wanting things I don't need but want so much. Anyway - back to working with the things I do have - which is many. It is an overcast day, damp, but so warm! A few dirty drifts of snow left here and there, the rest is mashed grayish grass and last year's brown plants. My feelings on winter snow are that after it gets here I wish it would just stay and cover all the grayness - stay until April when nature starts to come back alive again. Though I suppose the deer and little creatures are glad we are having a thaw right now so it's OK. I plan to drive to home depot or walmart today and get more mapp gas. I have no spare bottles. While out I want to get a walk in somewhere. Oh well - onto other things...


Aug. 25th, 2012 07:48 pm
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mom's bed

I went to OA this morning which was very good. We talked about fear. A good topic for me. I fear what mom's death will be like (will she suffer in any way?) and I fear what it will be like after mom's death (most of our income is from her care - that income will be gone), I fear the hassle of having to move out of mom's house, the gigantic job of cleaning this house out. But as always I got the message to trust, live life one day at a time, do what is front of me, be kind and treat others with love and it will all work out.

Listening right now to a cd of harp and piano songs here in mom's room. The hospice team gave us that cd to play for dad when he was dying and it seems perfect to listen to it now. It seems best to listen to music with no words. I'm also playing the Narada Decade cd's that Kathy gave dad years ago and 2 Joanie Madden Irish whistle cd's - beautiful and haunting. Mom is laying in bed awake right now beside me, listening to the music and looking around the room, back and forth to areas near the head of the bed, above her. I found some interesting information about death, and what the experience of death might be like. Reading about it sounds like it might be depressing but it is actually very heartening. Here is an article titled, 10 Signs Death Is Near - What to Expect and How to Respond to the Natural Dying Process and another one titled, The Passing: What to Expect When Witnessing a Loved One's Death. Maybe because mom is 100 years old and so ravaged by senile dementia this will be easier and it will seem "right". It will be sad - no escaping that, but not as sad as if she was dying as a younger woman.

chloe standing in front of the hydrangea today

Chloe stopped by this afternoon - surprised me while I was down at the creek - sitting on a blanket and playing with my ipod, making an animation. I got a new pair of shoes last night with Dave - we went to Sharon to Reyer's Shoe Store. I found these shoes in the men's department and I love them. Made by Cushe - so soft and roomy - I like the fact that they look old and worn already. And now that I know that I like the way Cushe brand shoes fit I am looking into some other styles that they make, like hiking boots.

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Downloaded some photos from my iPod and on this quiet Sunday there seems nothing better to do than play with them.

yoshi sunning pixl
Yoshi and I were sunning ourselves out back just now.

Kali and Shiva.

random arrangement 2
Random arrangement of objects.
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four young hummers visiting at the same time

peaches and tomatoes at the farmers market
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new ipod photo app - i like it!

Today is a better day (than yesterday) - Jill came, Dave is back from 4 days in Indiana with Sebby (he took him to Young Paleontologist Camp at The Falls of the Ohio State Park), I have had time to work in my studio this morning and soon Dave and I will be leaving for an evening out.
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i was sitting her with mom just now and remembered i needed to do an opadi...
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sebby and rossy getting on the bus this morning - the kids only have today, next monday and part of tuesday and school is over for them

I finally got the hipstamatic camera to work again in the ipod touch. It was very frustrating lately cause every time I tried to use it it would crash - don't know what is different today but I tried it again and now it works. I did let Nancy hold it in her hands yesterday and maybe her magic touch helped fix it - that was what I was hoping when I handed it to her, though I don't think she actually *did* anything.

The VNA hospice nurse Shelly and the hospice doctor are supposed to come today and sign mom up. I thought she was signed on before but there are more papers to sign I guess, plus a doctor needs to actually see her. Mom is doing good - back to how she was before she got sick with the cold and cough a few weeks ago. Maybe they won't take her?

I have a 2 jewelry projects that I'm working on right now: a commissioned ring set - really simple, and a pendant that I'm making with an enameled rainbow I made to use for the recent rainbow/sun pendant but the customer decided that she didn't want enameled parts - she wanted an all metal pendant. So I have designed a new pendant, to use the enameled rainbow cause I liked the look of it.

my day

May. 22nd, 2012 06:46 pm
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sleeping bag

Today was writers group but I just didn't have the energy to go (was up half the night with mom) so I stayed home, puttered around the garden, and did shed things (slept, wrote, read, recharged) while Jill took care of mom. We were waiting for the visiting nurses to call and then hopefully come to see mom today (which they never did). Mom is doing better thank goodness - I think the antibiotics are working on her lungs, and she is eating and drinking again but she is still moaning frequently with some kind of discomfort. I wish she could talk and tell us what's wrong!

4 poppies

May. 20th, 2012 02:08 pm
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out mom's window just now

I'm having such ups and downs lately.

#1 - worrying about mom and stressing out. I heard no coughing from mom during the night so I was hopeful this morning. Then when I went to get her up I found that at sometime early in the night she had thrown up the last thing she had eaten (her meds and some juice) and it had laid on her chest all night, drying out, and burned her skin in some small areas. Guilt. I took her blood glucose level (BGL) and it was up to 172 (it's supposed to be under 125 in the mornings. That is a sign of something wrong - infection, sickness of some sort. I took her temp and that was normal. After I gave her her bath and put her to bed for her nap (she was lethargic) I called the doctor on call and she said that if I couldn't actually hear anything in her chest than it would be OK to wait till Monday to call the regular doctor and he could call in visiting nurses for her. If I did hear something then I should take her to the ER. Thank goodness I didn't hear anything. So now - a couple hours later I got her up from her nap and she seems more normal, not so lethargic. A down turned into an up - for now...

#2 worry - I have made the pendant for the woman who lost her son a few years ago but when I set the photo of them into the bezel that I built into the back of the pendant and covered the photo with protective resin the resin didn't set right. 4 days later and it is still tacky. Gaagh! It is supposed to set up overnight. This morning it all seemed so hopeless. I don't want to do the whole thing all over again! I thought maybe if I mixed up a new batch of clear resin and painted a very thin coat over the tacky resin it might help. Now I'm waiting to see if this new resin will get hard. I put it under a light bulb for extra heat this time. I hope, hope, hope that this works. Stupid resin. I never did like working with it much. Why didn't I say I was going to put the photo under glass? Next time if I get a commission like this I will. Can't say if this is an up or continuing down yet - will know in 6 hours.
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under grandmother sycamore

So tired tonight, even though I took a couple naps today. Just going to post this opadi and get to bed. This afternoon I went down to the creek and sat - took my paintbox and hoped to plein air paint but nothing inspired me to start. A few animals took an interest in me. A wolf spider that was hiding in a hole in a tree about 6 feet away from me wanted to come out but was too scared to come very far. If I moved closer to see him he ran back in his hole. And a gray squirrel in a tree over head yelled at me a lot - letting me know that he was displeased with me being in his territory. The sound of the creek was so loud. The birds. The highway and summer motorcycle traffic. Being out in nature is not a quiet thing at all. A few photos of spider, squirrel and a butterfly - HERE. )


Apr. 29th, 2012 02:20 pm
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last week with [personal profile] kyana - we loves our ipods

favorite things around and on one of my favorite persons


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