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I really liked how the colored xmas lights looked around the front window this winter (you could see them from inside during the night) and left them burning till just recently. Then I got the idea to get some strings of white led lights for inside to brighten things up around here.

Last night I woke up around 4 am, like I do so often, and sat and crocheted while listening to music - enjoying the lights. I thought to take some pictures of the lights as dawn was arriving. You can barely see Yoshi up on her haunches looking forward to the sun rise.

Just now I put up another string under the shelves and around the ceiling in my studio room.

Tomorrow is the operation. Supposed to be at the hospital at 10. Nothing after midnight tonight. I have felt kind of stressed out and dull today. Though I did get some things done that I wanted to do. Washed two loads of clothes and changed the sheets on the bed, cooked a dozen and a half hard boiled eggs and made a big pot of vegetable soup. Jules invited us over for tacos for dinner - that was nice. Afterwards we looked at his car, which had hit a deer yesterday while Hazel was driving into town. The car might be totaled. That could be a good thing. Jules has been wanting to get a new one. Just before dark Dave took Andy in his truck and I drove my car so I could drop it off to be inspected tomorrow. On the way back we were all together and stopped at an intersection when a fire truck went by, siren blaring, and Andy howled along with it. Funny. Earlier I wanted to go biking and Dave and Rossy put a new tire on my bike but then I felt very tired and my chest hurt - I had no energy so we didn't go. I feel like my traveling pain has traveled into the middle of my chest and put its ache there now. Any exertion makes it hurt. I think it is "fight or flight" time and I can't do either. Talking to my sister tonight and that helped me relax. Maybe I just need to BREATHE more.
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Candy and I saw this interesting thing while on our walk today where a tree is trying to envelope an iron wheel.


We navigated another way to to get to the overlook, going part of the way using old woods roads instead of the marked trails. That was a triumph. Here's a couple pictures taken at the overlook - of things you have seen before but now it is a new season... )

It was good to get out today.

In the alternate reality - the one that I had been planning since December of last year (but it got accidentally erased) - I would be arriving in Florida right about this moment, walking up to my sister, brother-in-law and niece and giving them a big hug. The best-laid plans of mice and men.
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"From Darkness into Light" pendant - sterling, enamel on copper and black mother of pearl stone. Listing HERE

It always surprises me that at the end of the day I can't readily remember what I did that day - takes effort to remember. But now that I'm thinking of it: Dave and I braved the freezing rain this morning (it wasn't that bad in Dave's truck) and went shopping at Giant Eagle. Got stuff that would be good for us - carrots, avacodos and brussels sprouts. Got some stuff that we will enjoy in the evening too - sharp cheddar cheese, crackers and blackberry wine. On the way driving home I got a call from my niece Laurie that my sister [personal profile] earthmother45 and she would like to facetime with me so when I got home we did that for a while. It was really great to see them! I always assume that stuff like that won't work cause our internet is so slow and limited but facetime must be better than skype is. I barely used up any internet. I figured I may as well use it since when Johnny gets here later it will be all gone anyway. :-) Made lunch of avacodo, brussels sprouts and left over cheese perogies. Stunk up the house with the brussels sprouts. Dave and I both took a nap. Got up and finished this pendant. Dave and I took Andy for a walk down to the creek. It was nearly dark so I didn't take my camera but it really was beautiful. Very misty with fog hanging over the snow. I saw a branch of a elm tree that had little buds on the dark twigs and then there were bright drops of rain hanging from them. I want to remember how that looked - maybe I can make a piece of jewelry that somehow replicates it. Dave was having a hard time controlling Andy (getting him to come back to us) till finally he figured out that he hadn't turned on the e-collar before we left. He did finally come to us and he got the collar turned back on so we could feel safer bringing Andy back up to the house. We need to worry about the highway if Andy won't come and he isn't on a leash. So now here I am listing this and next I'm going to make dinner. Avocado again, left over brussels sprouts and not sure what else. Maybe nothing else - eat light and then later have cheese and crackers...


Dec. 16th, 2016 06:46 am
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I woke up troubled this morning and was trying to figure out how to let go of some resentments and anger I was feeling. As I was pulling a card from the deck I was more curious than usual what kind of image I would get that would help. Kind of a shock to see this. But then it makes sense. The keywords for Death are traditionally supposed to be: endings, beginnings, change, transformation, transition. But of course to get there (to transformation) one has to let go (die). The ego (in me) has to die so I can finally let go of this resentment and attitude of blame. Treasures form underground from the rubble of past things and new growth comes up from there. I can hope anyway.

Death has another meaning for me today. Kathy told me about how one of her friends was killed yesterday in a freak accident. One minute everything is fine and the next moment her life is gone. Really makes one wonder about life. We have no control! We think we do but we don't.

Very cold this morning. 5F. I suppose I should put that in perspective as later this winter I'm sure it will get even colder - getting down to 10 or 20 below - it always does at some point.

We will be bringing Johnny home for holiday break today. Yay - it will be good to have him here for a while. Though we need to accept that all our monthly internet allowance to be gone as soon as he gets here. His computer seems to suck it all away almost immediately. It's at 68% right now - will see what it is tomorrow at this time. I hope I am wrong.
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"Touch Lightly" pendant - sterling, reverse painted glass cabochon and brass butterfly. Listing HERE

Nice to be home today with nothing important happening - taking it slow. Talked a long time this afternoon to my sister Kathy on the phone.
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They look yummy don't they?

I don't even know yet if this will work - I hope so. Years ago my sister Kathy [ profile] earthmother45 gave me samples of all her Bullseye glass frits. I brought them home and used them a few times to fuse in molds but then went off on another tangent and they sat unused. I recently got the idea to melt then into the centers of ceramic elements that I will later use in jewelry. I don't know yet if it will work though - they might melt okay but then crack off later or they might not melt properly and end up lumpy. I am expecting some pretty crackling - that would be okay - I just don't want the glass to fall off. At least I got a neat picture of them looking good enough to eat now. :-)
Pictures of the work table. )


Sep. 4th, 2016 08:01 am
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After I wrote my entry here at 7 last night I went to bed - just felt exhausted. Slept all night. Made me wonder if I had been exposed to something - some germ - yesterday that I was fighting off. Dave felt very tired for the first couple days that he had the shingles - before we found out that he had shingles. I don't think I have shingles but I do believe there are all kinds of viruses and germs we are fighting off all the time and we don't even know what they are because we have no other symptoms than the tiredness we have from fighting them off or maybe a headache or something we can't figure out.

Dreamed this morning that I was living in my parent's old house next door with my little sister - our parents had passed on. I suddenly got the idea that I wanted to bring my brother John home from the rehab center/nursing home that he was living in. It was really far away and would take many hours to drive and get him. My sister was glad to go along and we were getting dressed and ready to go but then I remembered that we didn't have a wheelchair van anymore so there was no way to get him. Woke up sad.

Not sure who my "little sister" was in the dream. She was similar to Chloe, my daughter. Chloe is entering an art show called Heal: An Exhibition on the Journey of Healing in Oil City this weekend. She and her friend Kiyomi who is the curator were trying to get me to enter something. I thought at first I might be able to make a new artwork for it but I just didn't feel inspired. Yesterday Chloe texted me encouraging me again. So I am going to see if any of my jewelry pendants would be appropriate. Some are on the theme of healing I think. Kiyomi will be coming to a birthday party we will be having here tomorrow for Dave and Jules. I will see if she thinks that would work. Or I could clean off my art table today and see if there is anything inside me on the spur of the moment. Hmm - I just now thought of the collage book I made after John died. That might be very appropriate! Thank you John for (possibly) sending the dream.

0 book-and-milo
The book "Returning to Our Mother's Arms" and Milo. Random pictures from inside the book HERE )


Aug. 7th, 2016 11:09 pm
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After getting up around 7, and having a coffee, I went back to bed and slept in till 11. Woke up and felt ready to start my day for real. I redrew the mosaic design all over again from scratch. Then I spent a long time on the phone with my sister - talking about happenings in her world and discussing my designs for the mosaic. It is good that I can email photos to Kathy so she can give me an extra eye to see with. After getting off the phone I cut and shaped the new clay parts that I had drawn. Lunch time came and I ate cinnamon almonds and chocolate almonds with coffee. Folded clothes in the living room. Andy likes to steal clothes from the basket while you are folding so you have to be on guard all the time. Dave said he would like to go for a bike ride, where ever I wanted to go - so I thought Belmar to Fisherman's Cove would be nice - he had never been there. A beautiful sunny evening - sun slanting along the river valley. By the time we were returning the sun was under the hills and it was getting dark. We saw a doe and 2 bucks in velvet on the trail, and driving home later we saw 3 more deer. Pink streaks in the sky and deep shadows. Home - more clothes folding. At the moment we are watching the film, The World Within. About Jung and his ideas - lots of stuff from The Red Book. I'm not paying it enough attention as I am writing here - will have to rewatch it later.

*Edited... later*
LJ wouldn't let me post this photo of the redrawn design last night but here it is now:


It's become more of a country farm scene now with a house and barn in the distance. I added that stone wall in the lower left too.


Jul. 25th, 2016 04:28 pm
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Kathy asked me just now in an email if I was keeping busy. This was my answer: Not that busy right now. I did go on a bike ride with Candy this morning on the Clarion Highlands trail - very hot and muggy. Miserable really, but WE DID IT! I'm babysitting Andy at the moment and watching old Twilight Zones with the fan blowing on me. Last night and the night before I remade 150 clay leaves, 75 flowers and many more rocks to replace the ones I didn't like. Just waiting for the clay elements to dry now so I can bisque fire them.

Andy trying to find a cool place to be just now. I could hear the jingle of his collar tags as he was trying to dig a hole in the tub and went in to see what he was doing.
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1. Cleaned 4 birdhouse gourds - scrubbed them in the kitchen sink in bleach water.
2. Took a nap.
2. Went with Dave to get gas for his boat - he needs special gas that doesn't have alcohol in it and you can only get it at a station near Cranberry.
3. Ate Chinese at the Jumbo Buffet. It is my favorite buffet in the area.
4. Visited the Mall and went to God's Little Garden for organic foods - got "fake candy" - made with nuts and fruit and no sugar - pretty good.
5. Came home and took another nap.
6. Ate dinner of fried fish and roasted cauliflower.
7. Took a bath with my new bath pillow. It didn't help the stupid tub much - it still feels small and uncomfortable.

1. Lots of rain and mist all day.
2. Saw a big colorful spotted hummingbird in a dream. It was using the new cardboard birdhouse I had just put up for it. I had erected the birdhouse inside a chicken house (cause cardboard can't be out in the weather). I had forgotten to feed the chickens in the chicken house for many years but they surprisingly were doing well anyway. Kathy was with me and we were both so tired we sat down on a bench and I held her head so she could sleep. A group of women who were jewelry customers came in and were looking at the hummingbird hovering around the door of its house.
3. A bird flying forwards in the wind but actually going backwards.
4. Saw Andy tearing a play toy into pieces - white stuffing everywhere.
5. Saw many text messages from Johnny and his fiance as we tried to figure out what we will be doing tomorrow and how we will meet up with them. Gabe and I will be going over to Clarion to do the "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" thing with them.
6. Watched some DVD videos about Monsanto and GMOs and corporate agriculture that the lady at God's Little Garden gave us. Disturbing. Feeling outraged and concerned now.
7. Watched Rossy cycle 10 miles on the stationary bike in the living room.

Two clocks ticking in tandem in a quiet room as I write this.

Dumb little sketch - the butterfly might be a pendant someday.

Another thing I did today - Dave showed me how Andy can catch treats in his mouth. So I spent time throwing treats in the air for him.
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36. How has your birth order/characteristics of siblings affected you?

I am the youngest of three. I am 8 years younger than my sister Kathy [ profile] earthmother45 and 5 years younger than my brother John (now deceased). I kind of slipped in there by accident - not planned. I feel like as a kid I was a silly, strange child - the "baby" - maybe I was comedy relief. Though I think I was my father's favorite - I hung out with him a lot in the garage helping him fix things and build things. He knew I was the child that was left out cause I was so much younger and he made a point of spending time with me - a daily occurrence was our walk down to the creek and back - exploring the woods. I spent a lot of time alone drawing in my room and outside playing with the dog. Our birth order also affected me later when my brother John broke his neck in a wrestling accident at age 15. Kathy had gone off to college by that time and since I was 10 it seemed natural that I became a part of the team to help take care of John at home - being at his beck and call for all the little things he didn't want to bother our mother or father for - putting on the hand brace that held his writing implement, in the beginning getting him books or a tablet to write in and later setting him up with his computer and keyboard, bringing food and drinks, feeding him sandwiches. I also did daily physical therapy exercises to keep his hands and feet limber. Later the local Elk's club bought him a golf cart that he could drive around the yard and I spent many hours with him as he drove it to the creek and back at its highest speed - careening around bends in the trail. Because I was the youngest I became a "helper" - and I still get a lot of pleasure from being useful. As a follow up: even though Kathy and I were not close as children (she seemed to be in another world from me) after we both grew up we have become very close - sharing many of the same interests (art, photography, glass, mosaic, musical tastes) and having similar personalities. She is one of my very best friends now.

Today Dave and I go to have our eyes tested. I am looking forward to new glasses. I never liked the look of this pair very much.
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Holding the phone cause I'm talking to [ profile] earthmother45 while taking the photo. Hi!
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Next set stones and enameled elements and polish everything back up again. Looking forward to getting these all done today and then I can start listing them one at a time daily.

It was nice to wake up this morning at 8:30 (wow, did we sleep in!) and then discover it is really only 7:30.

I want at some time today to drive to Clarion and give Johnny a birthday hug - his birthday is tomorrow but we are celebrating it later in the month per his wishes - and then I want to take a hike on another part of the North Country Trail that passes through Clarion. A beautiful sunny day today.

I figured out probably what was causing my sad spell last week - the depressed day I mentioned. My friend Berdella left for her winter home in Alabama this weekend and by looking over my old journals I see I always have a sad time at the end of October when she leaves.

Happy Birthday to you tomorrow too, Kathy!


Oct. 17th, 2015 05:31 pm
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"Window" pendant - sterling and dichroic fused glass Listing HERE

I made this one with a glass cabochon that my sister Kathy [ profile] earthmother45 made and gave me a long time ago. It has been sitting on my workbench for years waiting to see what would become of it. It has always reminded me of a window with Venetian blinds and I finally this week figured a little triangular decoration at the top would be enough to compliment it.

View out my front door earlier.

Sunny, windy, raining, sleeting little ice balls, dark, bright - today, a day with everything (but warmth). And right now it's snowing!


This afternoon Rossy and I put together a wooden kitchen cart that Johnny asked for for his birthday. Nice to have a willing helper. Now that Johnny and Alison have their own apartment I guess he is thinking of house furnishings.

Well, time to take it easy, eat dinner and veg out. We have the documentary called Marley (about Bob Marley) to finish watching.
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A roof in a barn building.

With a day spent indoors today I am finding myself playing around with the photos I took yesterday. Here are some photos from a trip to Cades Cove. It rained all day yesterday so we didn't get out of the car much. Kathy got some good photos of wildlife from inside the car - we saw a coyote, a doe and her fawn, many elk, a bear and turkeys and the usual squirrels and crows. We visited some old-timey buildings too and I got photos of that. 12 more HERE )
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Another very rainy day here in Maggie Valley. We have decided to hang around the cabin for a while. Maybe later we will figure out an activity that will be under cover. There is still the Cherokee Museum and the Wheels of Time Museum that we can visit. For now though Kathy is in her favorite spot on the porch watching the birds come to the feeders with her telephoto lens at the ready. Lots of tufted titmice, chickadees and nuthatches. And the rare hummingbird. She has discovered the slow motion camera app on her iPad and we have watched some neat videos of birds flying in slow motion.

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My favorite photo of the day - just after we got onto the AT.

On Wednesday we had a wonderful day - the best I can imagine. I actually got to walk a short distance on the Appalachian Trail. If you have been reading my LJ for a few years you will know that during the last years of taking care of my mom I became obsessed with the AT and wanting to walk it - or walk any national park trail - but the AT seemed like the epitome of hiking trails to me at the time. I think that was the main thought keeping me going - the idea that even though I was shut in a lot of the time then, someday I might be able to hike and be outdoors and the AT seemed like the perfect place to lose the malaise and depression that was gathering around me. Anyway, dream come true. On Wednesday we headed to Clingman's Dome - the highest peak in Tennessee and the second highest in North Carolina - and it is also a place where the AT passes through. They have set up a wonderful parking area with restrooms and spectacular views and there is a .5 mile steep paved path that you can walk up to the very top of the dome. At the very top they have constructed a spiral ramp that you can walk up and see even more. The day we visited the fog was getting thicker the higher we got and as we got to the spiral ramp the visibility became only about 300 feet. But I didn't care - the fog seemed as good as a view to me. Many photos of the paved path up, the spiral tower, the .25 mile walk on the AT and another .5 mile hike we took from the AT back to the parking lot. Lots of photos - HERE )


Sep. 29th, 2015 11:37 pm
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Breakfast at Joey's Pancake House.
Shopping in Waynesville for groceries.
Sitting on the porch, watching birds come to the feeders. It's like being in a treehouse, the hill is so steep in front of the cabin. Drizzling rain.
We drink an alcoholic drink called Not Your Father's Root Beer. I think I would like to take a nap but I don't.

Driving around, looking at where their neighbor John grew up - and his family's cemetery. Raining. The mist rising from the tops of the mountains is so beautiful.
Dinner in a nice restaurant. Feels like a Cracker Barrel. I get a blackened white fish wrap with carrot and celery sticks on the side. My attempts to not overeat are working.
We all watch Sordid Lives on the TV upstairs. I'm glad Pete liked it too. Thought it was funny.
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As a curiosity I see my sister [ profile] earthmother45 has just posted a photo that she took in 2012 of me in a certain spot. By coincidence Dave and I took Johnny and the grandkids on a car ride yesterday to the same place. It is a wide panorama so it's behind a cut. )

You can tell it's the same place because of that little cabin in the upper left on top of the hill. This is a few miles from the Elk Country Visitor Center near Benezette, PA. We didn't see any elk (just one very far way) at the Visitor Center but on the way over to this spot we saw about 20 of them cross the road in front of us. I was really glad the kids got to see them and actually the elk were closer crossing the road than they would have been at the visitor center.

~ earlier in the day ~

walking through

We also went to see Bilgers Rocks near Grampian PA - a formation of huge house sized boulders that is like a maze with passages between them. More HERE )


Apr. 15th, 2015 05:48 pm
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spot of green grass and a ribbon edge

The world is just barely beginning to green up around here - the moss on the edges of the bike trail through the woods at Lake Wilhelm is one of the first green things I have seen. I heightened the effect of grayness in the photos by using the pinhole filter on the camera but in reality the bright green at the edge of the path really was very striking and bright compared to the rest of the woods. 4 more HERE )

I had such a good day today. Starting the day with a walk is good. And I always appreciate time with Berdella. After I got home Dave and I loaded up some recyclables from the basement and then we drove to Titusville to pick up our income tax papers. We ate at the Chinese buffet on the way there. After we got the tax papers from our tax lady we sat in the car and signed everything, then walked them over to the post office to mail them - done! On the way home we dropped off the recyclables at Two Mile Run Park. When we got home my sister called and we had a good catch-up talk. I did some etsy communications with customers and then made a reserved listing. Which brings me to the present moment of processing these photos from the morning and writing this. Altogether so far, an excellent day!


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