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Candy and I saw this interesting thing while on our walk today where a tree is trying to envelope an iron wheel.


We navigated another way to to get to the overlook, going part of the way using old woods roads instead of the marked trails. That was a triumph. Here's a couple pictures taken at the overlook - of things you have seen before but now it is a new season... )

It was good to get out today.

In the alternate reality - the one that I had been planning since December of last year (but it got accidentally erased) - I would be arriving in Florida right about this moment, walking up to my sister, brother-in-law and niece and giving them a big hug. The best-laid plans of mice and men.


Mar. 20th, 2017 09:05 pm
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Didn't sleep well last night. Went to bed early (for me) around 10, and then woke up at 2. I ended up going out to the dining table with my ipad and listened to music on it and crocheting. I'm making a colorful granny square bag that I can take with me when I'm hiking to hold things like water, keys, camera, emergency granola bar, phone, compass. I will just leave my gps watch on it all the time. Went back to bed around 4. But then I did not want to get up at 7 when my alarm went off. Reset my alarm for 8 and tried to sleep. Didn't get my early morning meditation stuff done like I like to each day. Today was hiking with Candy day and we went back to the Kennerdell Tract. Hiked the Strip Mine trail, the Bear Wallow trail and came back by way of the Pipeline trail. We didn't see any bears on Bear Wallow but there was a lot of mud to wallow through. When we got back the hike was four miles nearly exactly. I wasn't sure I wanted to go farther than that today. The sleepless night, the worry I've been having just makes me distracted and my left heel is hurting a lot again.

Still carrying the IR camera. Here is photo of a bright green mossy rock with Candy's hand. I color-corrected the photo for skin color otherwise the whole thing would have been bluish gray:

And another of the trail near a little pond. Also color-corrected but this time in a different way - for a bluer sky:

I mention worry - sometimes I think right now I worry more about the future of the US and the world than I do about what is going on in my own body. If this biopsy shows something bad than that is just me and our family that is affected - if the US government doesn't take care of our own people then the whole country is affected and if they make stupid decisions then the whole world can be affected. I have never before felt our world so drastically in jeopardy. To have a selfish, mean spirited, rude, twittering and childish billionaire in charge of our future is just plain scary.

Thank goodness though, there is something else to think about. Grateful for:
getting ready for biking season,
reading (Life after Life, the new granny square book and the Red Book),
Andy (who is getting better everyday and becoming a good dog),
Milo and Skye (relaxing animals to have around)
Yoshi (odd creature)
the kids (Jules, Chloe and Johnny),
the grandkids (Hazel, Sebby and Rossy)
my friends who care about me,
and sister Kathy who I will be hopefully seeing soon,
and a future with chickens!
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The steep path we climbed.

As usual Candy and I did our Monday hike today. We wanted to make the loop by climbing the Kennerdell hill first rather than going down it at the end of the hike. By the end of a 5 mile hike my legs are rubbery and it's hard to control them when going down. So we planned this so that the final stretch would be on flat ground by the river to make it easier on ourselves. More HERE )

I was hoping my heel spur would be getting better by now but it isn't. Though I haven't been doing my stretching exercises at all - got bored with them. It was getting better (I thought) when I was doing them. Today it was pretty painful on the return of the hike. I guess I need to get with the program again.

This afternoon Dave and I took the taxes to our tax lady in Titusville - one more thing that needed done completed. Ate at Perkins - one of my favorite places to eat now. I had shrimp, mushrooms and tomatoes over noodles in a white sauce.
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Hiking. Two different places. Sunday it was Dave, Rossy, Andy and me going out on the game lands to a hill overlooking Polk. We went out the wide open trail till it came to the woods. From there the trail winds its way through the trees and is harder to find, but all you have to do is stay on the top of the ridge till you get to the end. That's where you can see Polk far off in the distance. An interesting thing about yesterday was it was a day when the snow fleas were out. On the way I noticed that the snow looked kind of dirty but it wasn't till I looked beside a fallen log at the "dirt" that I saw it was snow fleas. They come out in droves on certain days and hop all over the snow. By the time we were starting back at 4 pm they were all gone back into the snow again.

Today Candy and I went out to "Window Trail" over the Allegheny River at the Kennerdell Tract. Which is another place I love to go. Sunday's hike was only 4.5 miles but it felt much longer - I got to feeling so exhausted and sick. Maybe I was coming down with something - or maybe it was the chocolate chip mint milkshake that I had on the way home that made me sick. Came home and went to bed and slept 12 hours. I got up this morning feeling much better and the 6.5 mile hike today felt good.

Pictures HERE )

Sometimes it seems like all I write about are these outings. I do love them. I love seeing things in nature. I love taking photos too. When staying home there seems to be nothing much to say or write about.

Tonight: watching Rectify (end of season 3) - now we will have to wait who knows how long to see what happens next.

I made a big pot of red lentil soup tonight and invited the vegans next door to come over for supper. After we ate I showed them the laser light machine I got. It shines red and green lights that move in patterns - you could shine the lights on the outside of your house or inside your house on the ceiling. Before Christmas they had them for $50 at Joanne's but the last time I went in there they were down to $15 so I got one. I shine it on the ceiling in the living room. Andy doesn't know what to do and tries to leap up and get the lights off the ceiling. Funny.
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Snow patterns.

It was a big hike (almost 6 miles) and we were very tired and sore footed afterwards - down a huge (to me) mountainside and then back up again - but it was very worth it - beautiful snow falling with some sun breaking through now and then. I used the pin hole setting on the camera again. Many, many photos HERE )

Afterwards on the way home we had a late lunch at Taylor's Pub. Hot coffee, fish sandwich without the bun and french fries. The waiter was someone that Candy's sons had grown up with - it was nice to hear how much he liked their family.
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Candy and I did walk today. It was only sprinkling on the way out and on the way back the drizzle felt good as I was getting overheated climbing back up the hill from seeing the Bullion Furnace. This is in the Clear Creek State Forest Kennerdell Tract a couple miles from the Kennerdell Lookout that we have been to many times before.

I liked this tree that seemed to have multiple legs. More HERE )
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Little hilltop in the middle of the woods.

Candy and I walked at Clear Creek Forest Kennerdell Tract this morning and went to the lookout. That has become a favorite destination to hike to. More photos. )

My heel didn't hurt terribly when I was walking (though it was noticeable) but after not standing on it and then when I went to get out of Candy's car and stood on it, boy, did it hurt then! I came home and had a really hard time getting warmed up. Took a few motrins, warmed the rice bag in the microwave and took it to bed with me.


Jan. 15th, 2017 08:45 am
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Drawing of a made-up map - not of anything for sure but kind of patterned after the trail to the the Kennerdell lookout in the Clear Creek Forest Kennerdell Tract. I love maps. If I was to choose a nickname for myself it would be "Maps". Dave and I are taking Andy for a walk somewhere today - not sure where yet. I got out my map folder to show him some possible places with trails and we looked through it early this morning.

Yesterday afternoon we (me, Johnny, Jules and his kids) went to the remodeled Iris theater in Cochranton to see Doctor Strange. The Iris is a theater that used to be run by a old couple - they only showed PG13 or lower movies and it was cheap. It was a fixture of the community for 70 years but as they got too old to run it it finally closed. A church in the area took it under their wing and remodeled it and now it is reopened. It has a coffee shop in the front that is open all day long and the theater in the back. It looks like it is succeeding to give young people a place to go. I liked the movie - though usually I'm not into super hero movies at all. There were lots of Tibetan scenes and psychedelic magic, and Benedict Cumberbatch as the hero and Mads Mikkelsen as the villain made it fun to watch. Plus I think Tilda Swinton is fascinating. Afterwards we drove to Meadville and ate at the 100 Item Buffet. The 2 TV's on the wall played a loop of film showing a mini documentary of pandas. It was fun to watch. Two things in one day that were fun to watch.
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Dave, Andy and Johnny.

I've heard it said that whatever you do on the first day of the new year you will be doing a lot of that year. I'm glad that we took a walk in the woods today then. We went to the Kennerdell overlook but when we got there I discovered the battery was dead in my camera. On the way back I remembered my ipod (it's battery was nearly dead with the cold too) but I put it inside my shirt to warm it up and it woke up a bit so I could get a few photos. Too bad I didn't remember it when we were at the lookout. Four HERE )
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Road shadows.

Candy and I walked to the Kennerdell overlook through the Clear Creek State Forest today and I took my infrared camera. I thought the little new spring leaves that are coming out would look nice all bright white. More... )
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Path to the lookout.

Today Jan and I took a 4 mile round trip hike to the Kennerdell Tract scenic overlook. It was a super beautiful day - starting out chilly with fog but then the sun came out and big puffy clouds floated over. More HERE )
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I woke up this morning to a sad dream and when I first got up really just didn't want to do anything. Felt like I could barely make it to the kitchen to make coffee. In the dream my brother John had just died and I knew I would need to live the rest of my life without him. It felt so heavy and impossible. Then when I woke up I realized in reality he had died long ago and I have already gone 12 years without him. My day has been tinged with thoughts of him though. The anniversary of his death is in 4 days.

But today is hiking with Candy day and that was a good thing to get me out of my mood. We went back to the Clear Creek State Forest to try out some new trails. We started out on Bear Wallow Trail (lots of boggy places in that trail but easy to walk around), went close by the Strip Mine Trail, then Rock Oak Trail, Window Trail, Pipeline Trail, Ridge Trail, Blunder Trail (the upper part of it) and the Parking Area #1 Trail. I hiked farther today than I ever have - 7 miles in all. It didn't seem that hard - maybe cause we didn't go up or down any big hills - and maybe I am getting stronger.

Rim of raised earth near the Strip Mine Trail. More HERE )

Ace of Cups - Golden Tarot deck.

Just now for interest I decided to pull a tarot card and see what I got today. I would say that the ace of cups is a very good sign - a start in emotional healing. The white dove is coming. The offering is made.
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Green Rocks at Clear Creek State Forest.

A dark day today. It's been raining a lot lately and the ground was sopping wet on most of the trails. Candy and I hiked from parking lot #1 up on Dennison Run Road down to the Allegheny River by way of the Ridge Trail. More HERE )
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Big hike today. Candy and I started out on the Allegheny River at Kennerdell. Walked up stream to Dennison Run and then from there climbed a steep hill up to the Clear Creek State Forest Kennerdell Overlook. More here )


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