Mar. 24th, 2017 06:42 pm
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Lake - me on a big rock - Andy and Rossy - photo by Dave.

After I got the appointment set up for the surgeon we were finally able to get out of the house and take a walk. It felt good to get outside and the weather is super nice right now. For once someone (Rossy - I was impressed) remembered to bring plastic bags with us so we could pick up the garbage that people had left strewn all over down there. We got 3 grocery bags full. Andy found a flip flop and had a good time throwing it around and fetching it from the lake before we added it to one of the bags.

Now I think it is time to take a late afternoon nap - it feels like it's been a long day.
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Every time we go to the lake it seems there is a different bird or animal to see there.

Andy watching the swans. More HERE )

Also finished 3 enameled elements today:

More flower wafers used in the heart shape - Autumn, Spring and Eye.

Full moon tonight - I can see it out the window.

Going to be cold again tomorrow. Candy and I are planning to hike anyway. It is supposed to be 17 and with the wind chill factor it will seem to be only 8 F. Back in February when it was 70 it was hard to imagine it would get this cold again.
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We took Andy down back to try out the ball thrower this afternoon and it was a big success. Really tired him out and made him more likely to stay with us for the rest of the walk to the creek and to the lake. Blustery weather and a few little spats of rain - then as we were heading back the sun came out. Some pictures HERE )
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Dave and I walked Andy down to the lake today and saw 2 Canada geese paired up and scoping out a nesting spot, then on the way home in amongst the sumac there was a flock of robins. Orange breasts and red seed pods against a blue sky.


Feb. 23rd, 2017 08:19 pm
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Dave and I walked down to the lake tonight with Rossy and the guys got the idea to build the three of us "rock seats". Dave and Rossy carried big flat rocks and piled them up. Here's Rossy trying one out. Now we can look forward to having chairs waiting for us tomorrow when we take Andy for his evening run. Andy loves to swim in the lake and fetch sticks.

I've thought about putting seats in different areas of the woods this summer. Having places to go - to be. Nancy was talking today about how such good ideas can come when sitting outside - just letting your mind wander in nature. I look forward to doing lots of that this summer.


Feb. 11th, 2017 08:58 am
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My day - walked with Dave and Andy in the morning. I took the LX3 camera that can do double exposures but I accidentally had it on black and white settings so they turned out a little disappointing to me. I wish they could have had the red in the sumac, the blue in the sky and the brown in the weeds. Here they are anyway... )

Tonight Jan and her husband Leon, Nancy, Dave and I ate out at the Villa Italian and then went to the Diversity art show. Really enjoyed the art - a couple of my favorites:

"Resistance" by Carol McDonald.

"Diversity" and "Water is Life" by my daughter Chloe.
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Andy is happy to run.

I slept and read the afternoon away today and was starting to feel better. Towards dusk Dave and Rossy wanted to take Andy for a walk down back so I got my boots on. Since it was so misty out there anyway I thought the infrared camera might make things look neat. Many photos HERE )
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Rossy pulling the minnow trap up.

About a month ago we had a flood and water came up from the creek. Some minnows got left behind in a tiny pool in the gully. Rossy and I were concerned about what would happen later when the pool dried out - the minnows would die. So Rossy and Dave put a minnow trap in the pool a few days ago and today Rossy remembered it when we were walking Andy down there. If we would have thought ahead we would have brought a bucket. There were 7 minnows in the trap. Since we had no bucket for transport it was decided that the fastest of us (Rossy) would run them to the lake. He did an excellent job with his young legs and got them there alive. On the way he thought to give the minnows a quick dousing in some other pools of water to keep them moist. Definitely a hero. A couple pictures of eagles obscured by snow flakes and one of a sunset. )
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a P1040163-lake-geese
Dave and I walked Andy down to the lake just before dusk. There were lots of geese there. They seemed very tame and actually came closer to us after we got there. Probably knew we weren't dangerous people and that Andy couldn't swim fast enough to do them any harm. Three more... )


Jan. 27th, 2017 06:43 pm
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Movies. "Me Before You". Just my kind of movie - sad - sweet and it makes you smile. Heartrending too. Sam Claflin plays a young quadriplegic man and Emilia Clarke is wonderful as an adorable caregiver. Gets my recommendation. Jan lent us a lot of the "Vikings" DVDs and we are starting them now.

End of the road - where the gully starts. Rossy and I walked with Andy to the creek and lake this afternoon - I wanted to show him where you can climb down into the gully and go to the lake from there. More HERE )

Andy was very good for me on the walk - stayed close - most the time. Though he must have eaten something rotten when I couldn't see him cause as soon as we got in the house he threw up a big pile. Yuck.

Other than the walk to the lake and watching "Me Before You" I have had a big day of painting and working on my art project. Just 8 more faces left to paint of the 16.


Jan. 21st, 2017 07:13 pm
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It was a (relatively) warm day today - overcast. Dave and I took Andy down to the creek for a walk this afternoon. This time I wanted to actually go down into the gully that runs through the woods over to the lake. I've never been in it, even after all these years. We found a place that we could climb down. Many pictures HERE )

my day

Jan. 18th, 2017 08:38 pm
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As the day went on things started to seem a lot better. Even though I was ready to give up on my laptop and start grieving its loss Johnny wasn't, and he tried new things with it today. He quit using the recovery discs I had made for it and instead installed Windows 10. Not something I wanted to do - I like Windows 7 and didn't want to learn a new thing but as the day went on I got myself ready for a new adventure. Hopefully that is the answer. So far so good - we are still loading my files back into it.

Crocheted a while. That was calming. Went through the Christmas cards and made sure the return addresses matched the ones in our address book. Some of Dave's nieces and nephews moved to new houses last year. Did some business book work in preparation for figuring out state sales tax. Helped Johnny make templates and cut material for the chairs that he is reupholstering. Walked down to the creek and to the lake with Dave and Andy as dusk was falling. Made part of our dinner - the raviolis and green beans, while Dave grilled salmon. So all in all a productive day in spite of the blaas.

And now David Z is coming so Johnny can look at his old computer - to advise him if it can be saved...
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Dave and I took Andy for a walk down back. They came last fall and cleared the brush from the natural gas pipeline. I like how the view down the path fades into the woods now. Three more HERE )

snow walk

Dec. 11th, 2016 05:38 pm
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Asters (I think) near the back door.

Dave and I took Andy for a walk down to the creek and to the lake. I should say Dave took Andy and I went along as the official photographer. I took a bunch of photos of mostly the same things I always do. Maybe they are a little different with snow on them now. 11 more HERE. )
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This is my self portrait photo for today. I took it early this morning in the bathroom. When I wake up I'm always surprised by the bags under my eyes - how old my eyes can look. Wearing glasses hides a lot during the day.

Good medicine. I suppose getting out and moving around is good medicine. I still enjoy wearing my GPS watch and seeing how many steps I take in a day. Sometimes I put it into "running activity" mode and it will make a map of where I went and tell me things like how many calories I burned, average speed, distance. I took David Z shopping this afternoon and turned it on after I got into Walmart and tracked my travels around the store. I went 1.44 miles and was there for 1 hour and 8 minutes, burned 198 calories. I share a cart with him and let him push it while I walk here and there to get my groceries. Add in trying to find him again to put my stuff in the cart and I can rack up a lot of steps.


Dave and I took Andy for a walk down to the creek tonight and I put the watch in running activity mode again. I went .8 of a mile for that walk. Here is a photo of the rocks that were under those snow covered bumps I took the photo of yesterday:

Things are melting fast right now - temps over 60 F today.

The moon tonight.
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Chinese elm seeds and the power line.

I took a walk around the back yard and to the creek and lake by myself this afternoon with the Diana lens on the SLR camera while Dave took Andy on an outing somewhere else. Not saying they are great photos at all but I just like seeing things in different ways. MORE )
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Gabe used his phone to take this photo. Down by the lake. I didn't carry my camera cause it has been acting so funny lately so I missed lots of nice snowy photos. Very cold. No glasses - when I wear a scarf over my mouth then it fogs my glasses. And I thought my down coat might be warmer. Deb made me that hat long ago - I like that it has tassel "ears".

it is red

Feb. 2nd, 2016 10:59 am
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Red coat. Photo by Dave this morning.

I wasn't even going to use this photo for my spad cause I don't like how I look here very much - too "wide". But then I saw the prompt for today is "it is red" and thought this photo would fit nicely. I got this red coat last year specifically so I could walk in the woods and be seen by hunters. It's getting dirty fast. I did try washing it but stains remain around the cuffs and collar. Falling down the hill in it the other day didn't help much either. I've added a bag of treats to the pocket and it hangs by the back door so it's ready at any time to take Andy out. It's now my woods coat and dog coat. It's pretty much waterproof and I like the hood. It doesn't breathe though and if I use it for a long hike I like to wear something wool between me and it so it doesn't get too sweaty in there. It also has an inner liner that is red too - I wear that alone as a coat on warmer days.

Another photo from this morning - Dave and Andy.

Darn but my camera batteries ran out and I missed some really good photos of frost and sun this morning. A super beautiful morning. Rainbows sparkling in the grass. White carpet on the grass and white frost on all the weeds.



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