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Aug. 6th, 2016 08:00 pm
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Wasn't sure what to do with myself this afternoon - thought about working in the basement, taking a bike ride, a nap (did that), reading in the tent (did that too) and then thought I would get out the big girl camera and play with that. Something I haven't done for a while. I put the lensbaby soft focus lens on it.

Rainbow bracelet. 11 more... )
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I just got back from taking Andy on a quick walk down to the creek and back.


Powerline pole.


The first thing that comes to mind for ribbon is that Dave always calls the elastic bands that he uses to hold his ponytail his "hair ribbons". He also calls a bracelet a "wristlet". I like that.


Aug. 2nd, 2015 11:10 pm
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After swimming down at the creek this evening the kids built a fire for hot dogs and marshmallows. In reality the fire was so much better than this. Rossy hit it with a poker and made sparks fly. They curled and wiggled as they flew up and they all had super long tails. But this is the best the camera could do. 4 more. )

double me

Jan. 30th, 2015 12:04 pm
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40 second exposure this morning - still in my pajamas and furry slipper boots

The kids had a 2 hour school delay this morning and Gabe still forgot his gym bag so Dave and I drove to town with it and did errands afterwards. There's not much new snow but it is very windy. I got another suet feeder and more suet cakes while in the feed store - a 6 for $5 sale. A lot of the time there are woodpeckers (both downy and hairy) on the suet feeder outside my studio window and I don't like to disappoint them. We stopped at the car wash on the way back so Dave could spray off the ice that had built up on the truck.

Lunch time already...
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15 second exposure using the zone plate optic on the lensbaby

I was reading something this morning about wetplate collodion photography and wishing I could do it - then remembered that I really don't have the time or money - or intense interest that it would take. But I do have all kinds of neat lensbaby lens and optics that I haven't played around with near enough.
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I really like how silver things look right after they get oxidized with the liver of sulfur - blue and sometimes golden colors. If you leave them in the solution longer they go black. But the brightness of the colors will fade after a while to gray.

black ant

Aug. 17th, 2014 07:33 pm
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Ant on a passion flower on the back patio just now. With my bare eyes I didn't even see the ant in all the dark purple colors of the flower but in the infrared camera viewer it popped right out.

My day...
For breakfast Johnny made French toast with the homemade whole wheat bread that he made the day before. I'm going to miss Johnny's cooking and baking soon - he's going back to college on Wednesday. After breakfast Dave and Johnny left to work on Chloe and Mike's new house - they are ready for the floor and walls. I stayed home - have too much work to do with jewelry orders - plus I don't think I would have been much help with carpentry and I can't bend at the knee very well right now either. I did want to get out and do something today though so Jules (his boys are at their mother's this weekend) and I went on a 10 mile bike ride on the Sandy Creek trail up towards Van and then shopping at Walmart. It was really nice to spend time alone with Jules - something I don't get a chance to do that much. I am so glad that this injury doesn't keep me off the bike. Came home and took a big nap. I dreamed that Jules and I were on an adventure. Neither of us had a car anymore and we wanted to go to Meadville so we were taking the bus. Jules knew the way - I had never been there on the bus. To get there we had to go up high on these metal structures and walk across beams and climb rickety stairs to get to the bus stop. I remembered that he used to be scared of heights when he was a kid and said something to him about it - he said yes - that's why this is an adventure. End of dream.

Here's another one of a passion flower taken last Wednesday with the lensbaby instead:
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take a walk to the creek.


I thought it would be nice to try out the soft focus optic outside and took a walk down to the creek just now. I only got as far as the goatshed and thought maybe I should turn around - the mosquitoes are horrible right now! But then I thought for *ART* I should continue on. More HERE )

Now it's time to get some work done as I scratch my bites.


Jul. 26th, 2014 05:00 pm
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taken this morning - stuff on my shelf - dancing shiva, troll and marybird

rutabo's seashell bracelet, shiva meditating and mary bracelet

Watching The English Patient this afternoon.
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Work bench. I do love that lovely soft focus look. I think I will leave it on the camera for now.
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Another foggy morning where the light filters into my window so nicely. I used the "soft focus" lensbaby lens. It makes cool star bursts around any points of light because of the aperture configuration:


The grandboys went to their mother's house early this weekend so I have a extra free day! But mainly what I am going to do is finish 8 rings and take them into the post office - then what? I still have to do business paperwork and pay my state sales taxes. And I still want to paint the ceiling of the car port next door. And then there is still always the basement...
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A little pressed aluminum dish with the brass twist shapes that I am filing for the wedding rings positioned on top of it.

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Wednesday is usually a good work day for me - nowhere special to go so I can focus on jewelry. I had finished a ring last night and had it ready to mail but then thought it would just be better if I stayed home and kept going at the workbench. Then I got another ring order this afternoon so I cut that ring out and made the bezels for it too. All this is good. Above is the progress I have made so far on the wedding ring set - cut out all the little brass shapes today. As soon as Dave gets home from work we (Dave and I and the grandkids) are going to Clarion to see a demonstration of the Tibetan monks making a sand mandala - they will be working on it all week so they might be about 1/2 done. Today I need to get a black and white photo for the photo challenge so hopefully I will get one while we are out.

I watched this video of an elk that got left behind a little while ago and had such a strong emotional reaction to it - bawled for about 5 minutes. I can watch it ok now though. That just seemed amazing to me that I was so emotional - must have something built up in me.
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tiny crocus


a kind of succulent that I can't remember it's name right now

Spring is late this year.
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Day 27 - Celebration


I know, kinda lame. I take pictures of these flags all the time but as I look around the house on this rainy dull day looking for something that says "celebrate" the only thing I can see is this spot of bright color fluttering out front.

Ha - the kids came home from school a little while ago and the first thing they did was get some granola bars and head to the shed. Thank goodness for dry outdoor destinations on rainy days.


Feb. 17th, 2014 08:24 am
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This is a little ceramic star thing that you put scented oil in that I have hanging in the bathroom, along with some braided bracelets that I bought last spring when we went to Charleston. It reminds me that last year (end of April last year) Dave and I went to Charleston for a weekend to see his niece get married and I bought the bracelets at a seaside shop. When we got back from the trip it was really becoming spring here and I was finally able to face the big move out of the house next door into this house. I am really hoping that this trip that I take to Alabama and Florida will do the same thing for me this year - I will be able to launch into our basement for real and finish getting stuff out of the house next door. I still haven't cleared out the kitchen or laundry room there, though I have removed our essentials I have left Jules with lots of "junk" that I don't know what to do with.

Another 0 F morning this morning. What I hate the most maybe about this deep cold is the way it freezes the metal and plastic of my glasses and it hurts my nose - like the cold is drilling into the middle of my face where the glasses touch. It was 20 minutes ago that I walked Rossy to his bus stop but the bridge of my nose is still hurting (a tiny bit). Baaa. No wonder I don't want to go into the basement right now - it's darn cold down there. It's enough to do the laundry and clean up the cat litter each day - I don't want to be down there more than I have to. That's my excuse anyway (I really just don't want to do it - ever - but this sounds better). I can still hope that the warmth of spring will bring a change in my attitude about culling and cleaning and organizing.

The sun has come out and is flashing sparks of light off the snow. I love snow sparkles. There is bad and good about winter.
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eye of horus bell chimes

bracelet close-up - nearly done - still need to set a copper cabochon in the center of that round bezel

I decided to avoid the eutectic reaction problem this time around and I'm going to set the copper disc in with a bezel instead. Planning to have it finished and all polished up by tonight!

On Tuesday my art group friends came over and I taught a little class in Coptic book sewing. Which got me warmed up to bookmaking again. I've decided to make a set of Everything Books for sale - maybe I will have a bunch done for the spring season at Cook's Forest and Transit Gallery. Not as thick as my own Everything Book which was 9 signatures thick (216 pages). I would make them be 5 signatures thick (120 pages). That thought kind of spurred my excitement a bit - I have been very dull lately and slogging along and need something that feels good in my life. I think I will set up a card table in the living room and watch mindless TV as I collage and paint them. I figure if I do them assembly line style and am doing 6 at a time by the time I get done painting the last one the paint on the first one might be dry and I can paint the next page spread in it. Tearing pictures out of magazines and gluing them down, then sloshing matching paint colors on a page is so mindless and fun - creative but not really hard.


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