break time

Dec. 15th, 2013 04:49 pm
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Right now – taking a dinner break away from the moving of stuff…

I am really disappointed right now that I’m not done (and probably won’t be, for many more months) with all the work that it will take to get my life back in order after moving next door 6 years ago to take care of mom. I know it is “my fault” that I have so much clutter to deal with – I am a person who has a hard time getting rid of things and I haven't kept up with the organization of my things as time goes by – I end up making piles of things that I then don’t deal with. I really want to CHANGE that about myself - I AM changing that about myself but there is such a long road ahead of me to get this mess in order it is very discouraging. When mom passed away over a year ago I thought I would at least have my life back within a year. I SHOULD be done now. I am seeing that it might take another year (six months if I am very diligent) before I have my life back totally and I am not dealing with this backlog of stuff. I never want it to get like this again. Turning 60 last summer meant to me that it is time to get my belongings in order so when I do “go” I don’t leave a big mess like mom and dad did. I want it to be easy for the people who come after me.

Ha - now I reread this and the phrase about having "my life" back again. Dumb - cause THIS is My Life. This is my life right now and I am living it. I can't help but look forward to not having to deal with any more of this old clutter though.

OK – sandwich eaten – time to get back out there…

doll face

Dec. 15th, 2013 10:18 am
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One of the main reasons why I really wanted to start using my Big Girl Camera (Nikon D5000) was so I could get out the Lensbaby lenses and play with those again. I have all kinds of optics - soft focus, plastic (the one I used for this photo), 35mm, double glass, fisheye, pinhole and zoneplate. So many neat effects. This was a doll that Chloe gave me a couple years ago. She got two of them at the time - one she altered for an art show and she gave me this one - this one was in better shape than the other. BTW Chloe says she and Mike are going to start driving up from New Orleans later this week so I hope they get here before Christmas.

We had snow all day yesterday but not a lot of accumulation on the ground - only about 3 inches. Though it did cover the internet satellite dish - this is the first internet we have had since late yesterday afternoon. Dave and Johnny had to climb up on the roof to broom it off this morning.

My day today:
Finish a ring set and box it up for mailing tomorrow.
Bring the last of the stuff over from my old studio next door - I hope I actually DO it. It will take all day if I do.

new vision

Oct. 17th, 2013 04:31 pm
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I picked up my new glasses today. From the front they don't look much different from my old glasses. They have plastic sides while the old ones were all thin metal.

Karen visited today and brought her friend Sue S. I really liked Sue! A very down to earth and natural, real person. She does encaustic painting and took 2 classes with [ profile] contthemoon. That was exciting to find out. Encaustic painting is something I would really like to do more of. Sue commissioned a pendant very much like the one I did recently called, "Honey Heart" and when I get it done I'm going to deliver it to her house so I can see her encaustic studio. Things feel like they are opening up right now for me and I am glad. Dave finished the roller cart today that we will put the big kiln on and I can move it out of my storage area so *finally* I can get on with organizing my art supplies. Maybe I really will get all this moving and organizing done someday!

Oh, and another hopeful thing. Talking to Nancy this morning about ways to get outside more and I feel myself getting more ready to get a dog again. After Tenzing I really didn't want another dog. I missed him but I didn't miss "a dog". But maybe enough time has passed that my heart can open to that too.
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Little Buddha

Bird bath

Deb's gardens are so lush and full of odd little statues and art. We had our women's writing group there yesterday. I wrote some gloomy stuff about not being able to face the job of clearing out my mother's desk next door. But writing about it in the morning helped me to go home and actually do it in the afternoon. Thank goodness that job is (nearly) over. I say nearly cause all I did was load all the stuff into tubs and bring it over here to be dealt with at my leisure. Most of it will go into the garbage but I still need to see what is in it. And there are a few important files. I am setting up a computer and desk area in this house so some of that stuff will be go in that area. I want to make a renewed effort to be disciplined with my time. Somehow I need to get a schedule going where I deal with the backlog of stuff from that house and the basement of this house. It all feels so overwhelming. But once again I'm hoping to get back on track with it. Just getting that stuff out of that desk yesterday was a big move in the right direction.

5 alive

Aug. 4th, 2013 07:33 am
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Today the plan is to go to Home Depot very early with Jules and get paint for his room and then I will help him get at least the first coat on it (I do trim, he does roller) before he needs to go and pick up his boys from their mom's house in Ohio. I painted stain blocker primer on the beat up door frames and lower wall trim and places that had had mildew last night while he did spackling. I really like painting. Very soothing to me. It's a simple job and has a beginning and an end that can be calculated and attained. Not like some of this moving stuff.

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Taking a break from helping Jules with his bedroom next door (cleaning and painting it). I'm embarrassed when people say, well, are you all moved now? Cause we aren't! We have been at it for 3 months and still not done. Anyway, when we get Jules' room done he will move stuff from the living room and smaller bedroom here into it. Then we will get our living room/dining room done here and Johnny's room too. And that will be the end of getting the living quarters in order, though there will still be the long job of the basement and garages and my old studio room. So that's where we are now. Back to work...

5 alive

Jul. 31st, 2013 06:59 am
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quick drawing of a face last night that seemed to turn into either me or my mother

I remembered this website for arts anonymous and was reading it again recently. They talk about, "5 Alive - In A.R.T.S., bottom line sobriety begins with a humble daily action to pick up one’s creativity, “one day at a time.” Members are asked to do no less than five minutes of art every day. If one picks up even for five minutes there will be days when 5 minutes turns into hours." So I thought to get me out of my block, or slump or whatever it is I'm experiencing and just to get me going again, I'd try it. This moving and cleaning stuff seems so "important" I tell myself I don't have time for drawing or painting or collage. But I do. Just need to break through.


Jul. 29th, 2013 10:12 pm
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The LJ app isn't working so no photo tonight. I don't think I took any photos anyway today. Dave and Johnny got back from their Canada fishing trip on Saturday night and we all have got back into the moving, sorting, culling and cleaning mode again. My two biggest accomplishments today: cleaned a really filthy microwave that Dave found and was going to put into our yard sale (someday) but we discovered today that we need a microwave since the door lining is falling off our old one, and I filled a great big box with excess kitchen impliments to go out of our world. I also took firefox off my laptop - it always seems to start having it's problems when firefox is running. Maybe it's not the laptop - maybe it's just firefox. We'll see how it does with Internet Explorer. I don't like IE as much though - I miss the spell check of firefox. I updated IE with passwords for my favorite sites. Maybe I will give the laptop another try. We went shopping at home depot this morning for a new kitchen faucet and stopped at the bank to have our address changed. That's the highlights of my day - plus a long nap this afternoon...


Jul. 27th, 2013 09:02 pm
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oo-tapo black and white

Just an old picture I came across of Oo-tapo. I have no fresh picture today. It's hard to get a good photo of him - most of them are just a black silhouette of a cat shape.

I spent most all the week being "on vacation" with the grandboys (walking bike trails, shopping, swimming, having fires, cooking meals with them, hanging out on the back porch) but today they went off to their cousin's house so it's really time for me to get back to work on this moving project. I have been up and down the stairs many times today, sorting books and objects in the basement and then taking little breaks fiddling around upstairs (like right now). This isn't something I really want to do though. I feel a feeling rising up in me to do some kind of fabulous artwork - or at least an art therapy artwork. It has been such a long, long time since I have painted or drawn anything. I think I have to get through this moving first though (dammit!) It has been long enough that we have had the puzzle apart. I see this whole process as if we had two giant puzzles (the 2 houses) and we are dismantling them piece by piece and then reassembling them again (in new places). Even after all this time though there is really only one part that is back together (my studio) - all the other parts either are only partially assembled or not assembled at all! Dave and Johnny have been busy all week on other things so I have no expectations of them right now but I know if I get moving then it is more likely that other people will get moving too so I need to get myself motivated first. Onward! (Pep talk over.)

my day

Jul. 22nd, 2013 09:46 pm
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Had a really good day with the grandboys today. They slept in pretty late so I did most my moving of stuff between the houses (today mainly books, Dave's clothes, food and kitchen items) while they were sleeping. They got up, had breakfast and then we went on a bunkie board adventure. I needed a bunkie board for a daybed that we are revamping and since Dave and his truck are unavailable right now I thought I would bring it home on top of the car. We tied it on with bungie cords and were driving home when I asked Gabe to reach up out his window and check on it. He said it was lifted about a foot off the roof (going 45 mph). We were near the ice cream shop so stopped for a cone and I retied it on more securely. We took the back way home then the rest of the way and we all reached out to hold it - if we went over 30 mph it would start to lift off and make a terrible sound as the plastic wrap shook in the wind. It started to rain - glad it had the plastic wrap on it. There is a section of about a mile on the way home where the expected speed is 55 so I drove 45 there and we all screamed and laughed as it rose up off the roof. Chloe was here for a visit and I made our first big family meal over here in the kitchen. The tiny cafe table is too little for eating (more just for me to sit at and have tea and write - while our dining room area and table isn't ready yet) so we cleaned up the back porch and ate at the picnic table. I just felt so happy and overcome with gratitude as we sat there that we have a nice place to do such things now. After dinner we got out the electric bug racket and took turns hunting mosquitos - yelling there's one, there's one! But sadly there weren't very many mosquitos - where are they when you really want them?

Oh, btw - miles walked today: 3.1 and steps: 7309. The pedometer had a booklet that came with it that talked about taking a 10,000 step challenge. It might be nice to try that but not just walking between the two houses like I'm doing now. I'd want to walk somewhere where I was seeing something new.


Jul. 21st, 2013 04:13 pm
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over head - prayer flags at the front door

Lazy day. Here I am sitting on the front patio cause it is shady on this side of the house. I just put up a little cedar bird feeder and already I have had a chipmunk and a goldfinch visit. Sweet. A monarch butterfly just fluttered aimlessly over past the prayer flags. What a simple life - no home at all. I am so tied up in my home right now - what would life be like without one?

I haven't really *gone to work* yet. On my to-do list I have: move the last of the stuff (blankets etc) from our bedroom closet next door to this closet and fix up the back porch - bring all the potted plants over. Jules and I went shopping at walmart this morning. I got a bug zapper that looks like a tennis racket that takes 2 AA batteries. After I got it home I discovered how hard it is to actually hit a housefly with a tennis racket. But finally I did get the pesky fly and it was very satisfying - an explosion of light and a loud crack of sound. It was only $7 and even though not very efficient in energy expended I think it will be fun for the grandkids. My one rule for them will be only flies in the house (not spiders - they get removed by hand). I also got a pedometer (suggestion of kabuldar) since I was curious about how much I do walk on these days I am moving things. Most the time, unless something is extremely heavy, I carry it by hand across the yard just so I can get more exercise. So far, since I put it on this afternoon, I have taken 736 steps. Last night I burned the paper, wood and cardboard garbage from both houses and made about 15 trips to the burn pile. It started to rain but I got out my rain hat and kept going. Very glad to have all that trash off the back porch - one of the reasons I am looking forward to bringing the potted plants over - there is room now.

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Most the time when I'm on the internet now you can picture me here. The floor is in and we got some of the excess furniture moved out of the room, enough at least that I can get my little cafe table in. The things in the left back of the room still need to go out to Johnny's room and the living room after we get them fixed up - they will eventually be replaced by another low white shelving unit like the one behind the table. The cats feeding area is on the floor just to the right out of sight and it is nice to have their company. Oo-tapo just walked in. Behind the table to the right are the bags and bins to sort paper garbage for burning, recyclables and regular garbage. Much handier than next door where most of that (and the cats eating area) were out in the laundry room. It is more crowded here but I like having these things closer really.

We had a big storm last night and the weather seems to have changed for the cooler. It's only supposed to barely be 80F today and 80 is a number I like.


Jul. 19th, 2013 12:02 pm
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Our first night in the brick house last night - lovely. So nice to be able to go straight from my studio into our bedroom. Last night Dave fell asleep way before I did so I just went to my studio and laid on my bed and read there till I was sleepy. After the sun went down it cooled off outside and we pulled the cool air into the house during night and it was quite comfortable for sleeping with the fan on. The cats settled down and I think they are enjoying it here. The basement is cool and they seem to like it down there when they aren't on our bed with us. There have been some mice in the basement and they might like reverting to be hunters again. It's good too to be separate from the grandboys - let Jules handle them at bedtime again. Much more quiet and peaceful now for us old folks. Well, back to work. It will still be a long time till we are actually done moving.

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Even though we aren't done moving everything by far, I will still think of today as our official first day back in our house. Our bed is here, the coffee pot for tomorrow's coffee is here and Milo and Oo-tapo are here with their litter boxes and food trays. The cats are nervous and prowling around. Milo acts angry. They both should remember this house cause they did live here 6 years ago. In cat years maybe that seems like 40 years ago to them though.


Jul. 18th, 2013 04:03 pm
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The bedroom today. We still need to move our dressers in. That ceiling light has a fan on it so thank goodness there is some air movement - even though it's hot it's livable. I used an app called "glaze" to make the picture look a little more interesting (painterly) but I do think I got the color of the wall right this time - the last time I showed it hipstamatic made it look too green.

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My LJ app isn't working so no picture. Possible picture might have been of the *before* that the old studio is right now. It is the most impressive mess I have to show right now. Daunting. It has become the catch-all room for now. It will be the next big project.

Still so HOT. I don't usually sweat but I'm sweating now! Miserable really to be working in the brick house but that is what I am doing most the time, with some breaks (like now) to get cooled off in the AC in the white house. I scrubbed every inch of the bathroom yesterday, ceiling and walls. Mildew had built up in many places. Dave and I, with Jules help later are going to be moving the bedroom furniture over today. I figure when we start to sleep there it will be good to have the bathroom "ours" too. So that is my life right now - cleaning. It is good that I got all my etsy commissions finished so I can concentrate on this totally. 


Jul. 14th, 2013 11:56 pm
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Went to the Lago Winery today up in Pymatuning with Berdella and Jan to see Nancy's son Ben play. Nancy was already there when we got there. A very hot day today - I think I saw the temp as being 88. It was really stifling in the barn where the music was. Had a good time anyway though. I keep on wishing I could be one of the people who can have a nice glass of wine and enjoy myself (and I did while I was there) but on the way home I developed a terrible headache. Took a couple aspirin when I got home and slept - headache seemed gone, then it came back again. I just took a couple more aspirin.

This morning I took the last of my clothes over to the brick house and organized my closet. Tomorrow - the shoes, and I will help Dave take his stuff over. Hopefully by tomorrow night we will have our old bedroom totally cleared out and when Jules gets home from work he can decide if he wants to paint the room before he moves into it. I will be glad to help him paint. It makes me feel good to be refreshing the old house - I have a lot of sentimental feelings towards it - the childhood home. Mixed feelings as we are leaving it. Nothing is ever simple it seems.

big day

Jul. 12th, 2013 10:47 am
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finished painting

I finished painting the bedroom yesterday and today I'm hoping to get things moved in. All the stuff I want to do today is swimming in my head. List:
Finish a commissioned piece and get it mailed off.
Put up curtain rods and curtains.
Bring over my clothes and shoes and organize them in the closet. I want to have everything in order this time. Sleeveless blouses, short sleeve, long sleeve, skirts, dresses, shawls. As it is now I have to filter through the whole bunch from end to end to find something and in my future perfect world I will be able to find things easily.
Take the giant (3) stacks of unread books (mainly novels) from the old bedroom to the basement bookshelves. That was also part of my future perfect world plan. Amass books that I would read at night before bed instead of watching tv at night. That is still my plan but I can't read as fast as I find books I want to read.
Tonight take Gabe and his new girlfriend to the skating rink.
Can't forget - first of all today - need to eat breakfast, do yesterday's dishes and fill the hummingbird feeders.


Jul. 9th, 2013 08:01 pm
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My statement yesterday (that we were about 1/2 the way done with the houses) made me wonder today if that is true. The drawing shows the 2 houses with the rooms blacked in that we are through with and an X in the rooms we will still be painting as we move into them. The rooms that are blank probably won't be getting a new paint job as we move in to them.

I had originally thought I would get started painting at the crack of dawn today and get at least one coat of paint on the new bedroom but after I got over there I saw too much to still clean up. The windows are filthy and the whole room needs a good cleaning before I can paint. The boys still have more boxes to get out that somehow last night I didn't notice. ANYway, today was our art group retreat day - all day hanging out, bringing food to share and I decided to go to that instead. I cleaned 2 windows and swept the ceilings and walls and went to retreat for the day. Berdella had machine sewn the binding on my quilt for me and I spent the day doing the finishing touches of hand sewing the edge of the binding to the underside of the quilt. One more instance of learning that quilting is not for me. I do not have the patience to do a project that takes so long. I spent 5 hours hand sewing and only got half way done. Wow! The time and effort that quilters put into their quilts! Amazing. Thank goodness I have a friend (Berdella) who was so generous with her time to help me in so many ways so I could have a quilt that I designed myself. Soon, soon! It will be done (just 5 more hours of hand sewing) and it will be finished. Can't wait to show photos of it on the bed in the new bedroom. Going to go over there right now and get back to work on that room so all that can happen...

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Chloe came today for a visit and is staying overnight. As usual she pitched in and we got a lot done in the bedroom. She supervised the 2 younger boys and the 3 of them got everything packed up and sorted in that room. Dave finished the flooring job in the kitchen this afternoon and we moved some excess furniture in there as a holding area tonight. There are still a few odds and ends in the bedroom but they can be moved tomorrow. Chloe and I will put the first coat of paint on the room in the morning. Before we started moving all the boxes to the white house tonight I wanted us to go out to the Chinese Buffet for dinner as a celebration - I feel like we are on the homestretch now in this moving. Well, maybe not the homestretch but at least over the half way mark and that is something to celebrate. It feels so good - our little family group, our team, pulling together to get the job done. I am proud of us that there has been a minimum of flared tempers in all this stress and displacement.


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