Jul. 4th, 2016 10:30 am
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I follow [livejournal.com profile] ochendaje and even though I don't understand Russian I usually enjoy the photos and many times learn something if I delve in and try to figure things out. Today there was a story about Miroslav Tichý, an outsider Czech photographer. This is an excerpt from wiki about him:

Miroslav Tichý (Czech pronunciation: [ˈmɪroslaf ˈcɪxiː]; November 20, 1926 – April 12, 2011) was a photographer who from the 1960s until 1985 took thousands of surreptitious pictures of women in his hometown of Kyjov in the Czech Republic, using homemade cameras constructed of cardboard tubes, tin cans and other at-hand materials. Most of his subjects were unaware that they were being photographed. A few struck beauty-pageant poses when they sighted Tichý, perhaps not realizing that the parody of a camera he carried was real.

His soft focus, fleeting glimpses of the women of Kyjov are skewed, spotted and badly printed — flawed by the limitations of his primitive equipment and a series of deliberate processing mistakes meant to add poetic imperfections.

Of his technical methods, Tichy has said, "First of all, you have to have a bad camera", and, "If you want to be famous, you must do something more badly than anybody in the entire world."

The story with many of his photos and showing what some of his cameras looked like.

hi johnny!

Jun. 30th, 2016 12:28 pm
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I was just reminded again that my son Johnny reads my LJ. That is rare in the family - I have many more people that I have never met reading then I do family members. As far as I know the only other family who read it are my sister [livejournal.com profile] earthmother45 and her daughter Tracy. I always imagine that someday, when I am dead and gone that family might look at egg-shell just to see who I was. Was there more to me than I presented in daily life? Then they will be surprised at what I wrote here - my worries, interests, concerns and thoughts. "Hey, here's those photos she took all the time but no one ever saw."

Here's a "spad" (Self Portrait A Day) for you Johnny - a photo project I started last year on Nov 1st but I have neglected to do for 2 whole months:
Andy and your dad too.


Jun. 27th, 2016 06:56 am
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I liked the wet texture and the runny-goo look of it this morning.

It's a moist morning - leftover rain drizzling down.

I didn't sort through the stuff in the living room yesterday - didn't have time before the party. But I did create a space for it and it's now up against the wall out of the way. Dave and I also carried the old exercise bike out and put it on the back porch in readiness to take to salval someday. That made more space too.

After everyone left last night I worked on the clay things in the basement some more. It is so cool and pleasant down there, compared to the miserable heat upstairs in the summertime. Long range goal (this is something we have wanted to do ever since we moved in here) - create a summer living space in the basement with couch, TV, table and chairs. Maybe that goal is getting closer. When Chloe gets moved into their new house (I hope this fall) we will have all that area where her stuff is now.

Dave and I both woke up around 4 am this morning - something we do a lot, even though we go to bed at 11 or midnight most nights. We just don't sleep that long at a time anymore. Need cat naps during the day.

Since I titled this "happy?" maybe I should think about that. Am I happy? Yes, as happy as possible today. My life is good and I do know it. There is suffering in the world but I hope I am not contributing to it. It might be my turn to suffer someday but it isn't now. I fear for the future but if I make an effort I can let go of that and live in the present - where all is good. My body is breaking down (besides the blister on my right foot I got injured on my left ankle last night when something in the garage fell on it) but I am healing and capable of healing. My right arm has range of motion problems, my left index finger has problems but I have faith that either those things will heal or I will learn to live with them and it will just become a minor part of life.

Something that was funny to me last night. I was with Chloe in the garage when the thing fell on my ankle. It was a heavy old cast gas heater with a sharp edge that tipped over and scraped down my ankle when it hit. I was in instant shock with the pain and everyone said are you hurt? I had a look and said, it's bleedy and it's hurty, then I checked to see if I could walk and I said it's limpy but I'm still walky. Don't know where that came from - probably being with Chloe - she brings out the lighter side in me.
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SPAD - getting out of the car and getting ready to bike.

I had a very non-productive day today but a wonderful day! I took off this morning for the bike trail with the big girl nikon camera and the super takumar lens. I really haven't used that lens much after I got it so thought it might be fun to play with for once. 15 more glowy, dreamy and tangled photos here. )


Oct. 27th, 2015 02:54 pm
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"Deep Traveler 2" pendant - sterling, medicine bow agate, hematite Listing HERE

Still enjoying the turtle theme. I ordered 3 more stones that I think will make some really great turtles in the future - a black fossil coral, a fossil palm wood and an ocean jasper - looking forward to seeing them in person.

Last night the grandboys and I biked from Franklin to Oil City - which is the quickest bike trail to get to. Something we have to think about now that it is getting dark earlier and earlier - it will really get bad after the time change coming up on Sunday. I don't know why I bother taking photos - they can't compare with REALITY. It is so fabulous out there - the colors and crispness - the movement and depth - the smells and the sounds of it all - but I keep trying to capture it with a camera anyway. I come home with all these ipod pictures that just don't "get it" at all. Anyway - here are a couple, just trying to show SOMEthing:

Stopping for a break.

Sunset river.
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Another very rainy day here in Maggie Valley. We have decided to hang around the cabin for a while. Maybe later we will figure out an activity that will be under cover. There is still the Cherokee Museum and the Wheels of Time Museum that we can visit. For now though Kathy is in her favorite spot on the porch watching the birds come to the feeders with her telephoto lens at the ready. Lots of tufted titmice, chickadees and nuthatches. And the rare hummingbird. She has discovered the slow motion camera app on her iPad and we have watched some neat videos of birds flying in slow motion.

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"Cloud Synapse" pendant - sterling, botryoidal carnelian, moonstone, honey tigereye, white mother of pearl Listing HERE

This is the last of the pendants I made before I left for vacation last month. Now I need to get busy and make some more pendants - something I am looking forward to. I have some interesting stones I'm excited about using.

It rained last night but was pretty dry for my walk on Oak Hill with Candi. It only started to rain again just as we got back to her house. Excellent timing. 3 Photos HERE )

I caved in to the *want* for the Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 lens last night and ordered one. Now every picture I take isn't good enough cause I am imagining how much better and more exciting the Super Takumar will do it! Check out this person's album of photos on flickr - all taken with her S T lens. I love what this does! Can't wait to try it out myself.
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hairy bittercress

These little (6" high or less) flowers are everywhere in the yard right now. I read something about a wonderful older lens called a "Super Takumar 50mm f1.4" that can be adapted to modern DSLR cameras and spent some time last night researching it and wanting one but then I thought this morning, why not just get out my 35mm f1.8 and use that instead? So I did - on this little flower. Maybe not as awesome as the Super Takumar would do but still okay.

Jules and I just got back from another bike outing - this time from Franklin towards Oil City. Didn't have time to get clear to Oil City though. He saw a pair of Mallards swimming in a ditch beside the bike path and called to me to see them.

Not a very good photo - just the ipod - they were about 15' away. They weren't very scared of us but we didn't push it either. There were also a lot of red winged blackbirds in the trees beside the river. A nice sound of spring.


Jul. 28th, 2014 08:32 am
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I opened a 500px store this morning. I'm thinking if I take any interesting photos then it certainly wouldn't hurt to see if I could sell them. I usually just save my photos in a small version that I put here on LJ or sometimes on flickr but I might start saving them in large file size and put them on 500px too while I'm at it.
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sugarcreek memorial6-9-14a

Going up to the Sugarcreek Memorial Cemetery was a perfect little trip for me to make alone this morning. There is about a quarter mile where you are on the main highway but then you go for about a mile on a smaller road (still a little narrow and could be dangerous but at least if you are hit by a car they aren't going 55 miles an hour) and then for the last longest distance it's a quiet barely used road through farmland. I parked at the cemetery, had a granola bar and walked around a bit before starting back. This is the same cemetery that has a geocache that the grandboys and I walked to one day last summer. On the way back I was thinking about how I certainly don't take as many photos when I am biking as I do when I am walking. It is more trouble to stop and get a photo and I just don't notice things that need their photo taken as much when I'm on the bike. A perfect way to preserve a bike trip (rather than still photos) would be to have a tandem bike and be on the back taking a video. Biking is very fluid and things move into view and then out of view constantly. Things change. That is the nature of the experience. It seems a shame to try and stop everything with still photography.

bike basket 6-9-14b

I did stop at the Wyattville Country Store and buy some flowers on the way back. These 2 impatiens flowers and the wishbone flowers I got earlier are the only flowers I intend to buy this year. Flower gardening is not something I want to do a lot of anymore.
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day 1 - self portrait (with milo)


Running out of time today to post this - now or never.

Didn't get the basement started yet. Though I still am working on getting caught up with paperwork and business stuff. Sebby suggested that we take a walk after they got home from school and that sounded like a really good idea. We picked up some more of the special food that Oo-tapo likes at the Cochranton Vet's office and then parked in Cochranton and walked up to the cemetery and around all it's perimeters. It was nearly 60 F. Really nice. Stopped at the Country Fair store and got ice cream cones - that is the usual treat for every time we walk. Perfect day.
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This is a photo challenge that my niece Tracy's husband Joe found for their daughter Maria to do. She just got a brand new DSLR for Christmas. Anyway, I like it too and might try it. Maybe I will start after I get back home though...

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Don't worry I won't be doing these every hour of the day. But the changes in the morning are dramatic.

Those main dark looking trees in a row are Chinese elm trees that dad planted probably over 70 years ago. They run beside a little road he built to go to a cottage that he also built down beside the creek. The cottage was demolished around 1958. It would get flooded nearly every year by the spring floods and dad was fed up with cleaning it out. He mentioned before he went to work one morning that he felt like just tearing it down rather than cleaning it that year. Brother John heard that (was around 10 years old I think) and started to work "helping" dad to tear it down. When dad got back from work that night John had smashed windows, smashed tiles and done other assorted damage here and there. Dad saw the damage and thought that must be a sign so they really did tear it down. I was very little but I do remember them putting a rope on the chimney and pulling it over. Kathy remembers the cottage much better than I do. It must have been a really nice little rustic place at one time. Dad's youngest brother, Uncle Bill and his new wife Aunt Rene didn't have anywhere to live when they first got married so they lived in the cottage for their first summer - a honeymoon by the creek. No running water but there was a pump out front and an outhouse too I imagine. There was still a sign of the big fireplace even after it was torn down. My dad put his mother's name (Kate) in mosaic tile work in the doorstep and that was there for a long time.

Anyway... enough family memories.

Cindy R is coming over today for a visit and I have already "cleaned house" - yay! So just waiting for her arrival.
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I think I will start a new little photo series. The view I see from my kitchen window - it changes quite a bit through the day.


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the glass - one of Kathy's stained glass windows - in our bathroom window now

the trees beyond


Feb. 21st, 2013 06:24 pm
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tea pot, cup and dessert cup

I really did not get much (concrete work) done today. Listened to Byron Katie this morning on a cd set about "The Work" - which was interesting and mind opening. Then Dave called and said he got out of school early and did I want to have lunch at the Chinese Buffet? I did. Took some more photos with the etching app, came home and took a big nap and that's it so far. Later we will drive over to Clarion and pick up Johnny.



Feb. 9th, 2013 09:13 pm
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Got tired of wearing the splint - it was irritating my skin in two places a lot so I took it off this afternoon - the wrist feels better. A little swollen - tiny bit. If I'm gentle with it it seems OK. So I guess it's not as bad as I thought yesterday. But I'm feeling soreness all over my left leg and hip today instead.

gabe's eye in ring-light light

I got this gadget thinking it would be good for macro photography of my jewelry. Now I don't think it will help with that but it looks neat on eyes for sure.
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My LJ friend Rutabo posted this entry today - I LOVE the work of this photographer and his wife.

More HERE at their website.


Oct. 29th, 2012 06:47 pm
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"Clara" sterling earrings with glass Art Nouveau angel faces. Check them out HERE.

Raining and raining today (and the day before and before that) and Sandy hasn't even arrived yet! I feel bad for the people to the east of us - I hope people are as safe as they can be. We still might get power outages from wind and flooding even here in western PA. We stocked up some water and are getting the dishes done, taking our showers.

focus on house

Yesterday Dave and I went to Meadville in the rain and I had the idea to take photos from the speeding car for fun. I was trying my best to hold focus on one thing and just see what kind of effects I could get. 2 more Photos HERE )


Sep. 29th, 2012 08:16 am
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feet - leaf - reflection

Yesterday morning Kathy and I went on a small photo spree walking the dirt road that runs on the far side of the creek from us. I used a cheap fish eye lens on my camera the whole time - just for something different. I probably could have gotten better (sharper) photos without it but I seem to crave things different all the time. More photos HERE )

Last night we went through 2 bins of photos and cards. Oh my gosh - so much crying to be done while looking at these things - no wonder we don't want to do it. The cards that we looked at were sympathy cards that came after John's death. So many people's lives that he had touched. And we also looked at cards that came to mom after her stroke. We found hand typed letters that John had written to mom nearly every day while she was in the rehab. So touching - and so John. We now have an extra pile that we are sorting things into. There are things that we don't want to put into the "garbage" even though we don't want to save them. We have a "burning pile" so we can send things up to heaven now too. That is where all these cards went but we saved John's letters.


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