Mar. 24th, 2017 06:42 pm
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Lake - me on a big rock - Andy and Rossy - photo by Dave.

After I got the appointment set up for the surgeon we were finally able to get out of the house and take a walk. It felt good to get outside and the weather is super nice right now. For once someone (Rossy - I was impressed) remembered to bring plastic bags with us so we could pick up the garbage that people had left strewn all over down there. We got 3 grocery bags full. Andy found a flip flop and had a good time throwing it around and fetching it from the lake before we added it to one of the bags.

Now I think it is time to take a late afternoon nap - it feels like it's been a long day.


Feb. 23rd, 2017 08:19 pm
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Dave and I walked down to the lake tonight with Rossy and the guys got the idea to build the three of us "rock seats". Dave and Rossy carried big flat rocks and piled them up. Here's Rossy trying one out. Now we can look forward to having chairs waiting for us tomorrow when we take Andy for his evening run. Andy loves to swim in the lake and fetch sticks.

I've thought about putting seats in different areas of the woods this summer. Having places to go - to be. Nancy was talking today about how such good ideas can come when sitting outside - just letting your mind wander in nature. I look forward to doing lots of that this summer.
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Andy is happy to run.

I slept and read the afternoon away today and was starting to feel better. Towards dusk Dave and Rossy wanted to take Andy for a walk down back so I got my boots on. Since it was so misty out there anyway I thought the infrared camera might make things look neat. Many photos HERE )
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Rossy pulling the minnow trap up.

About a month ago we had a flood and water came up from the creek. Some minnows got left behind in a tiny pool in the gully. Rossy and I were concerned about what would happen later when the pool dried out - the minnows would die. So Rossy and Dave put a minnow trap in the pool a few days ago and today Rossy remembered it when we were walking Andy down there. If we would have thought ahead we would have brought a bucket. There were 7 minnows in the trap. Since we had no bucket for transport it was decided that the fastest of us (Rossy) would run them to the lake. He did an excellent job with his young legs and got them there alive. On the way he thought to give the minnows a quick dousing in some other pools of water to keep them moist. Definitely a hero. A couple pictures of eagles obscured by snow flakes and one of a sunset. )


Jan. 27th, 2017 06:43 pm
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Movies. "Me Before You". Just my kind of movie - sad - sweet and it makes you smile. Heartrending too. Sam Claflin plays a young quadriplegic man and Emilia Clarke is wonderful as an adorable caregiver. Gets my recommendation. Jan lent us a lot of the "Vikings" DVDs and we are starting them now.

End of the road - where the gully starts. Rossy and I walked with Andy to the creek and lake this afternoon - I wanted to show him where you can climb down into the gully and go to the lake from there. More HERE )

Andy was very good for me on the walk - stayed close - most the time. Though he must have eaten something rotten when I couldn't see him cause as soon as we got in the house he threw up a big pile. Yuck.

Other than the walk to the lake and watching "Me Before You" I have had a big day of painting and working on my art project. Just 8 more faces left to paint of the 16.
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Closer )

Not sure how much meditation I experienced but it was definitely more than usual. I kept on thinking of things I needed to get up and do - fill the bird feeder, take a picture of the candle (!)...

But it's a start - I want to make it a habit. Good habits are good!

Oh - and I tagged as spam all the political emails I had been getting so I don't get them anymore. I was enjoying hating on Trump but it was just yucky. Plus it made me feel guilty that I wasn't doing enough for my own party. So glad it is all gone now. Though I will vote on Tuesday. Oh, if we could only just go back in time to the primaries and get some different candidates!

It was nice to wake up to light and it was only 7 am.

Today the big plan is to take Sebastian and Rossy biking on the Clarion Highlands. There is a 6 to 8 mile section I haven't been on yet. It goes through the woods on a little cinder path that used to be a railroad and at the far end goes through the game lands. On the way back we will stop and eat at Taco Bell - one of their favorite places to eat.
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If I'm just laying awake with my eyes open then I should get up - that's my rule.

Feeling like we are passing another kind of empty nest milestone. This will be the first time since 2007 that I won't be getting a grandchild off to school in the morning. Rossy is starting his first day of high school today (7th graders go to the HS here) and he will be leaving his house to go directly out to get on the early bus with Sebby. I will miss seeing him in the mornings.

Dave has shingles. A largish patch on his back and smaller spots on his arm and chest. Another thing to make us feel older I guess.

Yesterday I biked with Candy on the Oil Creek bike trail up to Titusville where we ate lunch at Perkins, then came back down again. All in all it takes about 4 to 5 hours (the way we travel) but it is one of my favorite outings. 22.3 miles in all. The first half of the trip is all slightly uphill as you go up Oil Creek - you can feel the effort but it's not that hard - we stop every couple miles for little rests. When you go back down it's smooth sailing - barely peddling and no need to rest. Though we did stop once - at the half way point picnic area to give our butts a little break.

Then in the afternoon Dave and I went up to Erie so he could pick up a mini icefishing shanty - not really a shanty - more of a padded seat with an attachable windbreak. We also stopped at Gander Mountain and I found some Keen hiking sandals for 1/2 off. I may be switching over to these for my favorite shoes - at least in the summer:

Andy sitting with Dave on the couch last night when we got back. Andy's not allowed to have toys on the couch by himself but he can have them if someone (human) is holding them for him. Hopefully that will avoid messes and chewing on pillows and such in the future.

I smell the local skunk right now - he or she makes his rounds to check for fallen bird seeds under the feeder outside my studio window every night. Because we turn on the fan in the kitchen window in hot weather to draw in cool night air we get a good whiff of him most every night at some point.

I see the end of August as the end of summer and especially the kids going back to school means the end of summer to me. Did I do enough summer things? Did I swim enough, bike and hike with the grandkids enough, spend enough time outside? It always feels like I didn't. I don't like summer to end.
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Rossy and Sebby on a boardwalk.

Last evening Rossy, Sebby and I drove up to the headquarters of the ENWR near Guys Mills and walked the 1.6 mile Tsunga trail. It was pretty neat - mostly all deep coniferous woods with some stretches of open areas with boardwalks going over swampy areas. I took the infrared camera but I don't feel like I got any good photos. In real life it was so beautiful with the sun was peeking thorough the woods and illuminating just a few trees here and there. But the IR camera seems to pick up much more light in areas that to us look like they are in shadow. The infrared light bounces around within the woods lighting everything so it doesn't make dramatic shots of scenes like that. Here is an example:

Looked much more beautiful and dramatic in reality.

I need to go up to Meadville to pick up my bike this afternoon and I hope we can walk another trail at the ENWR near there called the Beaver Run trail.
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Sebby and view of the Allegheny.

I also set the LX3 to double exposure mode for a while tonight. Photos here... )
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Allegheny River.

Seemed like a very hot day today - I took it easy most of the day - reading, napping in the tent, puttering. In the afternoon Rossy and I swam in the creek - that was nice and cool. Then tonight Rossy and Sebby and I biked to Fisherman's Cove. That's the place that has a rope swing over where Big Sandy Creek goes into the Allegheny. I took the LX3 Lumix camera and had it set to dramatic black and white. Some more photos... )
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Crazy Train - a new artwork under one of the bridges. Here's what it looked like before.

Rossy and Sebby and I went biking tonight from Belmar up the Sandy Creek valley trail. A few more HERE )
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Bright lake on the right. Photo taken while riding.

I've been to Lake Wilhelm twice today - this morning walking with Berdella and Jan and I enjoyed it so much I wanted to go back with Rossy and Sebby tonight. Some pics from tonight )
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Yesterday Dave and I were at a wedding for his nephew Jim and his bride Vanessa up in North East, PA which is on the southern shore of Lake Erie. It was a really beautiful wedding in a beautiful spot, on a beautiful day.

Mike and Chloe were there too. A few more photos )

My feet today - I got a blister from those new sandals yesterday and Andy has made his first casualty of one of my favorite shoes. I do know better than to leave shoes laying around for him to chew and feel lucky this is the first one ruined. I kicked my shoes off to put my feet up on a chair and in about 1 minute this had happened - I assumed the chewing sound I was hearing was him working on one of his rawhide rolls. He has super powerful teeth. I'm still going to wear them around the house as slippers - then if I forget again I won't lose another pair.

Okay - time to get off this computer. I have lots to do today. Remember those boxes I mentioned a couple weeks ago that were brought over from the house next door - old stuff of my parents? They are still clogging up the living room. We will be hosting Rossy's birthday party here today and I must get them out of there. And clean off the dining room table - something that only happens when we have company over. And I need to make a vegan birthday cake. I hope it tastes okay - I have never made one without eggs before.


Jun. 16th, 2016 10:30 am
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Red water at Toby Creek. This was caused by the strip mining years ago upstream. It is uninhabitable to fish - though I did see a frog jump in so it's not like it is instantly poisonous - just not a place to live and breed if you are a fish. Maybe in another 100 years it will be okay?

Yesterday we went hiking again - on a NCT trail that would bring us back to the point where we left off the day before near the old strip mine. The start was good - we were in a beautiful deep woods area that seemed safe to let Andy off his leash - no houses around and no others on the trail. When we nearly got to the place where we were planning to end the hike Andy went off by himself and came back limping on his right front foot. Could barely walk and seemed extra tired - just flopped down on his side and didn't want to move. We decided Rossy, Sebby and I would hike back to the car and Dave and Andy would walk ahead a short distance to the main road and we would come and pick them up. The boys and I walked as fast as we could - we were about 2.5 miles from the car and Dave had only 3/4 of a mile to go to the road he and Andy were going to wait at. So we were surprised when as soon as we got in the car and headed in Dave's direction here comes Dave and Andy walking down the road towards us. After the boys and I had left them Andy started to recover so Dave figured rather than sit at the main road waiting he would come in our direction. Andy was still limping a little. Maybe it was a bee sting? That was all we could imagine at that point - there was some slight swelling. After that we went to the place that we would be camping on the Clarion River if we had gone ahead with our earlier camping plans and fixed dinner over a camp fire. It was too cold to do any swimming though Andy did go in and seemed to like it. It was good to have a look at the camp site for later - we will go camping eventually - hopefully it will be warmer and drier at the end of the month. A few photos of the Clarion River HERE )
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North Country Trail Wildflower Walk

It was a beautiful day today and it seemed like a good idea to get out there and hike over in the Clarion area even if we weren't going to camp and spend the night. I have always wanted to check out the section of the North Country trail called the "Wildflower Walk" so we did that. More photos HERE )
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Yesterday morning Rossy and Sebby and I started early and did the bike trip from the Rockland tunnel to Emlenton and back. We saw a black bear ahead of us on the trail soon after we came out of the tunnel. At first glance you think you are seeing a big black dog with its head hunched forward in a threatening way. Then you realize BEAR. It's not threatening you - it's just looking at you, wondering if it should run and which way to run. We also saw one the same size in nearly exactly the same way on a bike trail the night before near Franklin. I don't think I am that good at guessing a bear's weight but I would say 200 lbs. Just young ones. We also saw about 5 deer in the last 2 days. One fawn even ran straight at me till it got about 10 feet away. I think it thought I was its mother and was glad to see me till it realized I wasn't. We had seen a doe about 1/4 mile earlier on the trail and I bet that was the mother it was looking for.

This is an area right before Emlenton. They have put up a long white fence to discourage people from getting off the trail and wandering around in what once was an old oil refinery. All that seems to be left are big slabs of concrete and foundations of buildings. Rossy mentioned that this was his favorite part of the whole ride cause it was so open and you could see all around. Most of the way you are enclosed by shady trees.

Yesterday's trip was especially good cause we didn't have time constraints and we could stop and look around at things here and there. The boys liked the little pizza shop in Emlenton too. But I can see it's going to be hard to eat as a vegan with them. They finally found a veggie calazone that they could eat without the cheese and I had one with cheese. No ice cream on the way home as we usually do. They waited till we got home and made fruit smoothies with almond milk. It probably would help my health (weight) a lot if I went vegan with them. Well, it will still help a little if I do eat that way while we go out together.
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Rossy peddling ahead of me.

We didn't have as much time as I would have wished before Sebby had band practice but we did have enough time to go from Franklin to Belmar and back. More... )
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Taken yesterday with the super takumar lens down by the end of Astral Road, on the Allegheny River. Saw these while walking back from the river. Gabe and Rossy were swimming there.
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A chair sitting in the lower yard.

I walked down to the creek to see Gabe and Rossy while they were swimming there. More HERE )


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