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Andy spends a lot of time in this position.

This is me sitting in my favorite spot at the meeting this morning. Someone put a blanket on it and now there are 2 Marys there.

I've been fussing around with the printing project ever since I got home. Trying to make some years into as few pages as possible to save on professional printing costs. Though if I print it myself it won't matter how many pages (the paper itself is cheap) - just how big the pictures (try to save on ink) - so I am formatting some years that way. Trying to figure out which would be best.

And multitasking with jewelry work.
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I have been having a hard time seeing things close up - checking for flaws at the end of the jewelry making process. I would end up seeing things I didn't know were there after I took photos and then saw the jewelry blown up on the computer screen. Then I remembered these head mounted magnifying glasses that I got years ago for when I was doing stone cutting. So now this is how I look at the end of the job as I check things over.
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...passing time at Hazel's school, waiting while she does a facial for Candy.
I'm in charge of watching over Candy's rings and purse. I'm using the LJ app to post this, which I never usually use. I hope the picture isn't too large (it was - changed it). The smell here is obnoxious. I guess it is the stuff they use on fingernails. I should have brought a book to pass time but thankfully there is wifi. And I have the "Flow" game on my ipod...
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A picture that Nancy took of me with the mosaic last Thursday.

I put the last coat of sealer on just now. I will be calling the customer soon and then goodbye to this thing I have had on my mind for over 11 months. Closeup pictures HERE )

I will probably only take one more photo of it in the future. When I deliver it I hope to show it in it's final resting place behind her stove.
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Hazel and I got Halloween earrings tonight - we each have one spider and one skeleton to make our pair.


soft focus

Aug. 6th, 2016 08:00 pm
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Wasn't sure what to do with myself this afternoon - thought about working in the basement, taking a bike ride, a nap (did that), reading in the tent (did that too) and then thought I would get out the big girl camera and play with that. Something I haven't done for a while. I put the lensbaby soft focus lens on it.

Rainbow bracelet. 11 more... )
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This afternoon I had to pick up some pants for Gabe in Titusville and thought that since I was there anyway I would hike up and replace the trail sign-in book at that first box on the Gerard hiking trail. I found a spiral notebook here at home and wrote in big letters HAPPY HIKING as the first heading. It is rare for me to be hiking alone. I want to get out there alone hiking or biking more often but sometimes I am "afraid" - not sure of what, but I feel very wary and unsure of myself. A feeling I would like to conquer. So this was a good chance to do that. It is only 1 mile to the sign-in box. As I said before it is pretty steep though. You climb 256' in that first mile. I was glad to see the box finally. I added the words, "boy what a climb - 4-27-16 - egg shell" and put the book into the box. Then I set the camera up on the box with a 10 second timer and took this photo of me walking back towards the box:


Earlier today Jan and I and some others from our women's group (Char, Deb, Cindy and Sue) went to the class at Lake Wilhelm on nature journaling. I have written and sketched in the outdoors before - but not lately, so it was good to get a reintroduction to how great it is. I was thinking about how maybe instead of having a camera hanging around my neck (or in addition to a camera) it would be nice to start carrying a small sketchbook to make notes in. Today if I had had one on the lone walk up to the sign-in box I would have written about seeing so many bumble bees (the most prevalent wildlife I saw). There was also a blue-jay that swooped in front of me to light on a tree nearby so he could watch me pass by. It was a chilly day really but the sun was hot so it was perfect. A couple times woodpeckers called from far away and there was a nuthatch busy circling a tree as I passed by it. I might not have noticed these things if I was with someone else. They would be on the periphery of my consciousness but not coming totally to my attention - or else if seen quickly forgotten. I started to feel like I was taking in more than usual and being in the moment. And that is good.


Apr. 3rd, 2016 10:48 am
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I saw an entry by ochendaje this morning that reminded me of Dreamscope again. So I did a few for fun. I see they have a lot more effects than they used to have.

The Great Wave. Four more. )
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46. In what area of your life are you immature?

I have a very hard time watching suspenseful or scary things on TV or in movies. I want to up and leave the room, put the movie on pause. Dave has to tell me all the time - these are just actors - it's just a movie.

I was laying in bed early this morning - just starting to open my eyes when there was a pulse of 3 light flashes in the room. I thought it was something in my brain! I have been reading the book Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks - which is a pretty amazing subject. There are so many forms of hallucinations that people can have - things that people are capable of seeing that aren't there. I do sometimes have bright lights flash in my eyes in the dark - I thought this thing I saw this morning might be more of the same but even brighter and more elaborate. Eventually I got up and made coffee and while I was sitting at the dining table saw that we were having a thunder storm. Light flashes explained. But then I started to think about my mind and how just cause I am reading this book I interpreted the light flashes first as my own hallucination rather than the more likely explanation of lightning that I might have thought of normally. I am very impressionable.

drawing self portrait this morning


Nov. 1st, 2015 08:21 pm
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We were driving back from Clarion tonight (Dave was driving) and I was thinking. I finished my self portrait-a-day book recently - did a drawing/painting in it every day for the last year. I must admit I was very relieved when I completed the last one but now a couple weeks have gone by and I feel the urge to start another creative project. Perhaps do a self portrait photo a day for a year. It'll need some rules - something to tie it together. I might use just one camera - the little Sony TX9 which would be very easy to carry with me each day and easy to balance on a mini tripod if necessary. Generally I want to crop the photos to 11 by 8. It will need to have at least one part of my body in it but not always the face - a hand, foot or even a piece of clothing will do.

SPAD = Self Portrait A Day


Here's a start - in my room in the spot where I do my computerating. Milo by my side - as usual - rubbing and licking my hand as I try to use the mouse. This is "his" bed.

We had a nice day driving to Clarion and seeing Johnny. His fiance Alison had made quiche for their breakfast and then she had gone on to work but he served us the quiche for lunch. She is really a good cook! We sat around and talked politics and about our amazement that Trump is so popular. Unbelievable! I am just shocked that so many people in America are such idiots that they would want that man to represent our country. What is going to happen next? Frightening. Then we drove over to see the house that Chloe and Mike are building. On the way we stopped at the Helen Furnace. It is interesting that originally it was called the Highland Furnace but because of the Scottish accent of the local people it came to be known as Helen Furnace. Some photos of the furnace and at Chloe's - HERE )


Aug. 13th, 2015 06:15 pm
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Early this morning we drove out to Home Depot so I could get more of the resin. I think I'm on the home stretch with the table. I put another coat on this morning and then tonight I'm going to put the very last coat on it. This project would be so much easier if this was an extra table sitting in a workshop garage - but it is our dining room table in the main area of the living room and we have to avoid touching it. I'm figuring by Sunday night it will be totally cured and we can start to use it then.

path light

This afternoon Gabe and his friend Salina and Rossy wanted to go swimming in the creek so I went along with the IR camera. Many pictures HERE )
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It's raining today. I'm glad though cause I planted (scattered) sweet william, fox glove and columbine seeds in the flower garden this morning, hoping they would fill in the bare spots. I also got a set of jacks in the mail this morning and taught Rossy how to play. He is practicing with them right now - a perfect rainy day game to play inside. Got some new music too - Iris Dement - Infamous Angel; The Decemberists - What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World; Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams; Bob Dylan - Desire; and Mumford and Sons - Babel. Loading it into my laptop at the moment so I can put it all into my ipod. Looking forward very much to the new music. Also this morning we have already watched 2 movies - "Wild" and a documentary about twins called "The Unexplained: The Twin Connection". I thought Wild was really good (basically) but I was constantly distracted by how clean and non-sunburned (and even non-tanned) Reese Witherspoon was. I imagine the book would be a good read.
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Home now from all my Saturday morning walking, meeting, lunch and shopping stuff. Another adapter arrived today for the Super Takumar lens but it isn't right either - won't work with my d5000. So I ordered another and will have to wait another week for it. Luckily they only cost a few dollars. Oh well...


Apr. 11th, 2015 09:19 pm
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at the Oil City campus gazebo - Sebby and Jules in the background

It was chilly today but sunny. I had a feeling I probably looked pretty dumb with my hood on under my bike helmet but I took a selfie just so I could see for sure. We went from Franklin to Oil City again this afternoon and it was much easier (no head wind). I adjusted the handlebars down on the new bike - I think that helped too. I feel like I am finally getting it adjusted to my liking. Rossy is becoming quite the biker this year - I am so happy that he is enjoying himself. Last year he could only go a few miles - today after going 11 miles he said he could have easily gone farther. This really opens it up for many more places we can go.
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the sign out front of the museum

Today Kathy, my niece Laurie and Kathy's granddaughter Maria traveled to Sarasoto to eat lunch at the Don Pablo restaurant and then see the Marietta Museum of Art and Whimsy. I used the iPod and took many, many photos today. Everything at the Whimsy Museum just makes you happy - which is the point of the whole collection. We went last year too. Every 6 months they change most everything inside the building so there were lots of new things to see. Many more photos HERE )

and one final picture - Jack (Tracy, Joe and Maria's dog) - a real sweetie. He "sings" happy birthday along with you if you can stand it.
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blue shelves pots
blue shelves

I have been working (trying to figure out where things are and how to file things so I can find them on this iMac computer) ever since I got here. I told Kathy I was not going to give up tonight till I was able to post these double exposure photos to LJ. So here they are. They are photos taken inside a little walled room that is attached to her house that she calls The Secret Garden. The walls are painted a beautiful purple and there are accents of electric blue and bright pea green. It is full of succulents planted in unique pots and quirky sculptures scattered all around. There are many mosaics with mirrors and mosaics of birds attached to the walls. All in all it is a Garden of Enchantment. More HERE )

So - I'm satisfied now and going to quit (iMac-ing) for the night. It rained here most of the afternoon so we stayed indoors - plus I took my usual nap. Going to go sit with Kathy now and do my art-a-day and writing. Also Kathy's friend Priscilla gave us a copy of a book she has compiled of old postcards with an amusing story she wrote that goes along with it - I want to read that.

double me

Jan. 30th, 2015 12:04 pm
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40 second exposure this morning - still in my pajamas and furry slipper boots

The kids had a 2 hour school delay this morning and Gabe still forgot his gym bag so Dave and I drove to town with it and did errands afterwards. There's not much new snow but it is very windy. I got another suet feeder and more suet cakes while in the feed store - a 6 for $5 sale. A lot of the time there are woodpeckers (both downy and hairy) on the suet feeder outside my studio window and I don't like to disappoint them. We stopped at the car wash on the way back so Dave could spray off the ice that had built up on the truck.

Lunch time already...


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