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I really liked how the colored xmas lights looked around the front window this winter (you could see them from inside during the night) and left them burning till just recently. Then I got the idea to get some strings of white led lights for inside to brighten things up around here.

Last night I woke up around 4 am, like I do so often, and sat and crocheted while listening to music - enjoying the lights. I thought to take some pictures of the lights as dawn was arriving. You can barely see Yoshi up on her haunches looking forward to the sun rise.

Just now I put up another string under the shelves and around the ceiling in my studio room.

Tomorrow is the operation. Supposed to be at the hospital at 10. Nothing after midnight tonight. I have felt kind of stressed out and dull today. Though I did get some things done that I wanted to do. Washed two loads of clothes and changed the sheets on the bed, cooked a dozen and a half hard boiled eggs and made a big pot of vegetable soup. Jules invited us over for tacos for dinner - that was nice. Afterwards we looked at his car, which had hit a deer yesterday while Hazel was driving into town. The car might be totaled. That could be a good thing. Jules has been wanting to get a new one. Just before dark Dave took Andy in his truck and I drove my car so I could drop it off to be inspected tomorrow. On the way back we were all together and stopped at an intersection when a fire truck went by, siren blaring, and Andy howled along with it. Funny. Earlier I wanted to go biking and Dave and Rossy put a new tire on my bike but then I felt very tired and my chest hurt - I had no energy so we didn't go. I feel like my traveling pain has traveled into the middle of my chest and put its ache there now. Any exertion makes it hurt. I think it is "fight or flight" time and I can't do either. Talking to my sister tonight and that helped me relax. Maybe I just need to BREATHE more.
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...from enameling to post this. It might be time for my nap soon.

I always end up making a clutter when I work.

Bluebird in process at the bottom. The one above is one I did last year. I really like the way things look with the glass powders in place, before they are melted. Then, I like how they look after they are melted too.
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I have been having a hard time seeing things close up - checking for flaws at the end of the jewelry making process. I would end up seeing things I didn't know were there after I took photos and then saw the jewelry blown up on the computer screen. Then I remembered these head mounted magnifying glasses that I got years ago for when I was doing stone cutting. So now this is how I look at the end of the job as I check things over.
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"Amethyst Rising" pendant - sterling, Czech glass button, brass filigree and amethyst cabochon. Listing HERE.

Spent most all day in my room working today. I took a few photos as I was enameling. )
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Early - ordered the Cat Stevens CD Footsteps in the Dark.
Walked with Candy - an adventure in the changed woods.
Lunch of leftover Pizza Hut pizza - premium veggie on thin crust and spinach Alfredo on pretzel crust. Dave and I ate dinner there last night and got the special - 2 specialty mediums for $15 - plus we got a senior discount - I think it was only about $14 in all.
Called the mosaic customer and left a message. No matter that I do think the mosaic turned out well I still have this fear that it won't be liked. FEAR. But I made my voice sound confident anyway.
Cleaned off my enameling table - wiped Skye's hair and thick dust off everything and scrubbed out old enamel from the spoons. Before and After. )
Took a nap in the slippy sleeping bag on the bed in my studio. Wonderful dreams that I can't remember now.
Woke up to a phone call from Berdella. Her oldest sister died over the weekend. Sad.
Dave came home with Andy. They got a pheasant but he left it in town for one of his friends to clean and eat.
Dinner - boiled chestnuts, smoked trout (from Dave's friend that he gave the pheasant to), coffee with sweet vanilla creamer.
Opened the mail - I had ordered 5 CDs of Joni Mitchell and the first arrived today. Listening to Song to a Seagull.
Just now - ordered a 5 CD boxed set by Judy Collins - 5 albums for $10! I want to get all the music back again that I once loved.
Plans for the evening: clean some copper and silver shapes to enamel on and then watch some Longmire with Dave.


Oct. 26th, 2016 10:48 am
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This is what happens when I leave an area alone for a few months - it becomes Skye's territory. One of these days I would like to start enameling again and I will need to do a thorough clean up anyway so I'm not worried.

I got my new glasses yesterday. Not sure I like them though. I think I need a stronger bifocal - darn. I guess I am going to need to go back and see if they will remake them.

Dave has been taking Andy hunting most every day. Things are going well (even though he hasn't gotten any more birds). I'm so glad Dave is now able to get Andy out and do things in the woods with him.

"Storm Window" earrings - all sterling. Listing HERE

Sunshine today. Cold - we had a freeze last night. Going to go out to lunch with Nancy today - a good day to get out.

Thoughts early this morning...
Is it my age? Or what? But when I wake up the first thing going through my mind most days is dread and doom. Not even sure where it comes from but there is an undercurrent that is always there waiting. Before the daytime thoughts rush in to fill the spot there is a dark river of gloom flowing. Thank goodness for the light of day. I want to DO something creative - I feel like that might *fix* me. Something needs expressing.
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Some things are taking shape as they sift down out of the mess on my workbench today:


Dave is making his annual giant batch of stuffed tomatoes - they smell so good - can't wait to eat supper.

He tells me we are going to have lots more warm days this week with no rain. Summer is not over! I just opened the windows again.
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Skye in her favorite perch.
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Making new molded ceramic elements - I wanted to get this done before I have to start on other stuff.

Things are getting busy for me. It seems like lots of people have waited till after Christmas to order a piece of special jewelry. Maybe they didn't know if they had enough money before Christmas and now they have decided they do. Or they got money for Christmas. Or they wanted someone to get something for them and they didn't get it so now they are getting it for themselves. Anyway, I don't know - but there are lots of things to make now.

I have expressed some doubt about continuing SPAD. What I don't like about it is that I might want to show a picture of something that interests me but then I have to put myself in the picture so it will count as a SPAD - seems very self-centered! But I do think I will continue - as a challenge. Sometimes challenges help you grow. And it is a good record of my daily life...
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32. How and where do you prefer to study?

Where: my studying (learning about my work) mostly happens in "my room". Sometimes I call it my studio or my workroom but mainly I just call it my room. It has a bed, a laptop, 6 tables - each one dedicated to something different (art, fabrication, soldering, enameling, ceramics and polishing), art and painting supplies and jewelry making supplies and lots of tools. It is upstairs in this house and has WINDOWS - I used to have all that stuff before but it was downstairs in the cold basement with no windows and no bed. I feel like I have finally "arrived" as far as a workroom goes. I no longer dream about a better workroom.

How: reading on the internet, from books, trial and error. Music playing in the background - the ipod on shuffle. Sometimes I listen to lecturers on CD. Any time of the day or night I can go into my room and "study" - close the door, not bother anyone and be alone. I realize I am very fortunate right now and I am still amazed by it.

Milo lower left - in his usual spot.

While I'm at it - a SPAD - in my room:

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Holding the phone cause I'm talking to [ profile] earthmother45 while taking the photo. Hi!
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reaching for a tool

Good news - Dave wants to go to Foxburg tonight to pick up my jacket. A nice drive and nice meal later. The rain has stopped too. On a whim I got the old Jefferson Airplane album - Surrealistic Pillow. It's taking me back listening to it today. I especially love that song Comin' Back to Me.

Skye says leave me alone:

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Next set stones and enameled elements and polish everything back up again. Looking forward to getting these all done today and then I can start listing them one at a time daily.

It was nice to wake up this morning at 8:30 (wow, did we sleep in!) and then discover it is really only 7:30.

I want at some time today to drive to Clarion and give Johnny a birthday hug - his birthday is tomorrow but we are celebrating it later in the month per his wishes - and then I want to take a hike on another part of the North Country Trail that passes through Clarion. A beautiful sunny day today.

I figured out probably what was causing my sad spell last week - the depressed day I mentioned. My friend Berdella left for her winter home in Alabama this weekend and by looking over my old journals I see I always have a sad time at the end of October when she leaves.

Happy Birthday to you tomorrow too, Kathy!
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Making things in batches - fabrication done now - next will be oxidation of the metal and setting the stones.

Indigo the beta fish is dying I think. I found him laying on his side on the bottom of the tank this afternoon. I tapped the glass and he stirred a bit but not much. I changed the water just to see if that might help freshen him up (more oxygen) but I don't think it did much for him. He hasn't been "young" or interested in making bubble nests for a while so I guess he is "old". Looking back on tags I see I got him a little over 2 years ago but I don't know how old he was before I got him. Oh well, a good and bad to everything. When he's gone I will have more room for plants in that window. Just makes me a little sad anyway.

My big beautiful grandson tonight:

And another thing that has a good and bad side to it - winter's coming (baa) but alcoholic eggnog has arrived in the state store (yay).


Oct. 28th, 2015 10:02 am
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It's like an avalanche - but in a good way. From all the stuff up top the designs filter down.

For many months, during the summer, I didn't have that much interest in jewelry making. I did it on rainy days or free days but it feels like a switch has flipped. I feel renewed. The ideas and designs are piling up at the edge of my table. I'm glad it's raining today. Though Dave wants to go next door and work on the garage and I said I would when he would I guess that will pull me out of here at some point.


Sep. 16th, 2015 02:06 pm
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"Anna" style sterling bracelet Listing HERE

I have a job to do for one of Chloe's friends. He has a large bracelet with a broken stone in it and another stone very loose but still attached. I have had it sitting on my workbench for what seems like months. I am pretty sure when I remove the loose stone (the large triangular one on the right side) for re-gluing it will break. I gently tug on it and tug on it and it won't come out - it just wiggles. The large triangular stone on the left side with the missing corner - not sure how to fix that - may need to shape a piece of turquoise to fit that hole. It looks like a very expensive bracelet but it probably isn't as expensive as it appears - I believe that is dyed howlite instead of turquoise and the silver is really "nickle silver". But it's still pretty impressive and I know her friend really likes it. I keep thinking and thinking and planning what might work and every once in a while I pry a little at the stone on the right and then give up again. I might get a needle and try to inject epoxy under the stone - not take it out at all. I'm leaning that way.

Walked this morning with Berdella at the Falling Run trail near Lake Wilhelm. I think (hope!) my energy is back again. I haven't gone back to bed yet today. If I do find that the depressing/obsessing thoughts come back without the 5-HTP I might try taking it at night instead of in the morning like I was.

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I like it when I only have the little table light on in my room. It feels more intimate then. (Boy, that area sure looks cluttered! No wonder I don't get out the paints and do art there. It has become the packing area for jewelry orders instead.)

I recently got 3 UV filters that will fit my big lens on the big girl camera and I painted all of them with different amounts of clear nail polish around the edges. This one is my favorite - it has the "medium" amount.
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Skye has chosen a new spot to sit. This is NOT what I wanted. I do have a very cluttered work space but I know where everything is, really. I have tried to chase her off, hissed at her, struck at her (not trying to really hit her - just scare her), yelled at her, lifted her off and deposited her on the ground firmly where I wanted her. But she has officially won. She has her spot. There are 2 bird feeders outside this window and it's too much to ask that she not sit there now that she has discovered it. So as long as she just stays away from where I have my gems and the little parts that I am working on (to the left in the photo) we will be okay.
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my new little blue butane torch

I have been really trying to curtail extra spending lately and did put a good rein on the books and music for the last few months but this week after visiting Kathy S's studio I kind of went wild with ordering new tools (the above torch, 2 new pliers, another special pair of pliers to help in jump ring making and a fire proof pad for under my soldering area). This little torch is the first thing to arrive. It is so cute! I am very pleased with it. I have used it multiple times already today. Before, when I had a small soldering job I had to get out the torch behind it (which is a big hassle with the tubing, 2 valves that needed opening and having to use the spark lighter) plus that torch also has a slow leak too so I have to be really careful to make sure I turn it off afterwards. Now with Little Blue I have a switch to flip and a button to push and I have flame. I love tools.
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I spent the morning visiting Kathy S's jewelry making studio today. I love her wire wrapped and chain maille jewelry - she is the one who got me started on viking knit last time I saw her. She is a tool junkie - maybe even more so than me, so I got lots of ideas for tools I need (really want?). I started shopping for a pliers holder as soon as I got home but then as I was researching them I saw where you can make your own from cardboard - so I did. I cut holes to hold my two bezel mandrels on each end of it too. Very proud of myself for saving money and improving the workbench!


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