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I really like how the mini bag turned out that I made to carry the little book I want to keep track of my food in. It only took a couple hours to make it (book and bag) last night. I think this little bag would make a neat gift. If I find a friend admiring it I will make them one too. It is a good size for a cell phone or wallet. I'm not going on a diet - can't stand doing things like that - but I figure it wouldn't hurt to be more aware of what I am eating. It might change what I am eating if I am taking note of it.

This is a bag that was constructed in a similar way, but larger, that I made a couple weeks ago. I ended up not liking it with the thin strap that I put on it. I originally made the bag to carry when hiking in the summer when I wouldn't need to take along extra clothing but after I put in a bottle of water it was too heavy and the strap dug my shoulder too much. Chloe loved the bag when she saw it and I gave it to her. It would be fine with lightweight things in it.

Dave and I went early this morning and picked up our taxes from our tax lady. We owe about $700. I actually made money again last year with my business. Though I doubt this year I will be making a profit. Since I quit offering the made-to-size rings and bracelets I am not getting near as much business as before. I still wouldn't go back to making to-size things. I like making what I want, when I want and making things for fun and to my own liking - even if they don't sell right away.
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The steep path we climbed.

As usual Candy and I did our Monday hike today. We wanted to make the loop by climbing the Kennerdell hill first rather than going down it at the end of the hike. By the end of a 5 mile hike my legs are rubbery and it's hard to control them when going down. So we planned this so that the final stretch would be on flat ground by the river to make it easier on ourselves. More HERE )

I was hoping my heel spur would be getting better by now but it isn't. Though I haven't been doing my stretching exercises at all - got bored with them. It was getting better (I thought) when I was doing them. Today it was pretty painful on the return of the hike. I guess I need to get with the program again.

This afternoon Dave and I took the taxes to our tax lady in Titusville - one more thing that needed done completed. Ate at Perkins - one of my favorite places to eat now. I had shrimp, mushrooms and tomatoes over noodles in a white sauce.


Mar. 2nd, 2017 07:20 am
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I woke up very early this morning - 5 am. Snowing - did not expect that - though I should have. March is too soon for winter to be over around here.

Looking forward to a big day of jewelry making and enameling. Maybe I will get some jewelry finished and get back to etsyizing things. I did get the last of the stuff added up for income taxes last night and emailed our tax lady to set up a time to see her. I feel like things are getting done - progressing properly.

Talking more with Dave about a chicken coop. I found 3 kits offered by our local feed store that I wanted him to look at to help me choose one but then he said that there is an Amish place on the way to Clarion that he would rather buy from. So good. Maybe I will finally get him on board. I really like the idea of fresh eggs from our own chickens. The vegans next door have said that they would be willing to eat sterile eggs from happy chickens so I could feed the eggs to them too. When I'm not home Rossy says he will help out and take care of them for me. I think that would be a good thing.

Oh good lord - just looked down on the floor - as the day is getting lighter and I can see things better - there are parts of a dead mouse strewn all over. Gad. That is the bad thing about cats. Skye had a mouse in here on Tuesday - still alive and playing with it so I took it outside. I should have taken it farther away. It's possible that mouse found it's way back in the house and this is it. Horrible.

my day

Jan. 18th, 2017 08:38 pm
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As the day went on things started to seem a lot better. Even though I was ready to give up on my laptop and start grieving its loss Johnny wasn't, and he tried new things with it today. He quit using the recovery discs I had made for it and instead installed Windows 10. Not something I wanted to do - I like Windows 7 and didn't want to learn a new thing but as the day went on I got myself ready for a new adventure. Hopefully that is the answer. So far so good - we are still loading my files back into it.

Crocheted a while. That was calming. Went through the Christmas cards and made sure the return addresses matched the ones in our address book. Some of Dave's nieces and nephews moved to new houses last year. Did some business book work in preparation for figuring out state sales tax. Helped Johnny make templates and cut material for the chairs that he is reupholstering. Walked down to the creek and to the lake with Dave and Andy as dusk was falling. Made part of our dinner - the raviolis and green beans, while Dave grilled salmon. So all in all a productive day in spite of the blaas.

And now David Z is coming so Johnny can look at his old computer - to advise him if it can be saved...


Oct. 21st, 2016 08:53 am
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Thank you for your kind comments about Dave's eyes. I think we both are in a state of grieving the loss of health. At this age more and more things are starting to go wrong. Though, of course it could be worse. There is always that thought and remembering what we are grateful for - in general we still are pretty healthy and get outside and do lots of things.

Right now it's not a time to get out and do anything though. Rain again today and dark - cold. I did finish painting the grout on the mosaic with metallic paint yesterday and I really do think it turned out well. I'll get a good picture later of it. I still have to fix the glass globs that lost their color (I ordered same stained glass paint that I hope will work) and then I will be done and can deliver it - yay! For today I can get back to some jewelry work - the perfect thing for a rainy day. And too I have some paperwork that needs done that I can do in the living room and watch Andy at the same time.

Favorite foods right now: boiled chestnuts, tortilla corn chips and fresh apple cider! That's what I had for dinner last night and I hope to have it for lunch today too.
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Really it says peds but I read it upside-down.

It has been over a month since I did a spad. I see the creative things others are doing and that makes me want to start up again. I guess I don't have to do it everyday - just if I feel inspired - it's up to me.

I had a busy day yesterday. Went to the dentist - I thought I was going to get my completed bridge but it was only for more shaping of the teeth involved and final impressions. Then I went to women's group (only 3 of us) - afterwards we went out to lunch. After coming home and getting a little nap, Gabe and I and Amber drove to Clarion and walked in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes thing with Johnny and Alison. There was a lot of suffering going on with the boys but for a good cause. Johnny was very stoic but Gabe couldn't take it and went barefoot some of the way. In all fairness Gabe shoes were hugely high and since Johnny had done this walk before he got himself some shoes that were more sensible. More - 3 photos. )

I digress. I wouldn't want to do it (wear heels for any reason) - that's for sure - I hate high heels. I don't care how ill dressed I might look I will never wear them anywhere again. At one point, long ago, I got myself a pair of low heels for dress on the advice of my mother-in-law. It was good advice - the small heels did make me look a bit more dressed up for weddings and such but I still couldn't take it and would go barefoot as soon as I was able to kick them off. Shoes have become a big issue to me now that I have bunions and I'm always searching for comfortable shoes.

After the Walk we took Johnny and Alison shopping at Aldi's and Walmart then back to their apartment where Alison cooked us dinner. She is a very good cook. She made zucchini parmesan for me and chicken parmesan for everyone else. We got home pretty late and that was my day.

Today I pick up our taxes - for the first time in a long time we owe lots of money. After paying that and our real estate taxes we will be hitting bottom - time to suck in our belts. I'm going to try a bit harder to keep up with the etsy store - try to list older things more frequently and finish and list some new things. I have 2 new things on the workbench at the moment.
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Worktable jumble.

I got the 5 bluebirds finished this afternoon. Now I will wait and see which one the customer likes the best. The others will be made into pendants eventually.

I have fallen by the wayside in doing the 365 writing prompts project. Yesterday I was supposed to write about "an issue I care about" and I also skipped the one on the 3rd that was supposed to be about "something I heard a friend say". Today it is supposed to be "country field". I think this is probably due to winter doldrums. Every single year, no matter how I try to get out and be active and get light or sun or whatever it is I need more of during the winter I start to get dull and want to not do anything. I wish I could just read or watch TV and do nothing more than that. I dragged my feet terribly with enameling these bluebirds. And the weather isn't even bad - it was a beautiful day today - Dave and I walked the dog on the bike trail but I still feel very blaa creatively. I'm going to work on the taxes now - that about fits my mood.

tax time

Jan. 26th, 2016 05:10 pm
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Photo by Rossy.

Dave and I looked at dogs at the local shelters again today. The latest dog that I am fixated on is Jupiter. Dave thinks he is a pit bull mix (and doesn't even want to consider him for that reason) but I don't. He is very sweet and gentle.


Aug. 5th, 2015 07:21 pm
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7 things I did:
Got my music all loaded on the iPaddypods in spite of mysterious problems - took hours to figure out.
Made a phone call I dreaded.
Watched Rossy and Gabe swim in the creek.
Wrote morning meditation affirmations to remind me that everyone is equal and that god is the one in charge.
Paid the majority of the taxes - what a relief.
Washed 2 loads of clothes.
Washed dishes.

7 things I saw:
Feet that looked like they were walking in brown moondust.
50 minnows tasting my legs.
Ripples that moved across the water like a sparkling checkerboard.
Liquid sunshine.
Gabriel made up to be Heather Hawk:
The shadows of wind chimes on an undulating cloth.
A little girl sized woman pushing a shopping cart.

1 thing I heard:
Ceramic wind chimes clacking and crickets chirping.

1 drawing:
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I like to call it that because it is many times a free day of the week for me - a day to go slow and catch up on things. My one Wednesday thing is to walk with Berdella and I always like that too but it's okay to have it free sometimes - like today. Today I'm going to catch up on chores - pay taxes and bills, make some phone calls, do dishes (haven't done them in a few days - bad me) and wash clothes. I might even get out a tarot deck. I've been missing that. I would also like to figure out why there is one song that iTunes won't transfer over to my iPad and iPod. Stupid.

Nine of Swords - Hanson-Roberts deck

This does not bode well - worry, concern, despair and sleeplessness! I have been worrying about the taxes a lot lately - the first thing I think about when I wake up even. Well, I may as well get started on my chores and see what happens.
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The parent orioles are teaching their babies how to get hummingbird water this morning. Every once in a while the baby will open it's mouth wide (begging?) and the parent will jab its beak toward it (in what looks like an angry way to me) then they will both go back to sipping the water again. Seems like the parent is saying don't bother me - just do what I do and eat.

I think there might be a mouse in the house. Skye is acting funny - running full speed through the rooms - spending more time in the basement than usual. She does frequently gallop across rooms for no apparent reason but this seems more purposeful. I was wakened by a squeaking sound this morning - still half asleep when I heard it so I don't even know where it came from.

I have been worrying about how to pay the school taxes this year. A friend reminded me that many times those taxes can be done in 3 payments. We have never done it that way before so I hadn't thought of it. Good idea! I checked last night and 1/3 the amount is much more doable.

Somehow my laptop got the wrong time of day on it this morning. It thought it was 4:41 AM and really it was 8:11 AM. I don't understand how that can happen but I got it synchronized correctly after some searching around for the right place to do that.

"May we reach for what is inside, rather than what is outside of ourselves today." A phrase that came to me as a theme for the mosaic table. As a compulsive personality I can so quickly want to reach for something outside myself, for distraction, to fill the hole I imagine I have inside me but for now I want to remember that I have everything I need already.

A red squirrel runs down and gets one seed from the feeder then runs back up to the top of the shepherd's hook to perch and eat it - over and over. He is a cute picture waiting to be taken.

Things to do today:
work on the basement at least one hour
finish making and pack up a ring so it can be mailed tomorrow
lay out the glass mosaic pieces to see what I have


Apr. 15th, 2015 05:48 pm
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spot of green grass and a ribbon edge

The world is just barely beginning to green up around here - the moss on the edges of the bike trail through the woods at Lake Wilhelm is one of the first green things I have seen. I heightened the effect of grayness in the photos by using the pinhole filter on the camera but in reality the bright green at the edge of the path really was very striking and bright compared to the rest of the woods. 4 more HERE )

I had such a good day today. Starting the day with a walk is good. And I always appreciate time with Berdella. After I got home Dave and I loaded up some recyclables from the basement and then we drove to Titusville to pick up our income tax papers. We ate at the Chinese buffet on the way there. After we got the tax papers from our tax lady we sat in the car and signed everything, then walked them over to the post office to mail them - done! On the way home we dropped off the recyclables at Two Mile Run Park. When we got home my sister called and we had a good catch-up talk. I did some etsy communications with customers and then made a reserved listing. Which brings me to the present moment of processing these photos from the morning and writing this. Altogether so far, an excellent day!
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my cafe table art center - Oo-tapo in the background sleeping in the chair

I got in the habit of doing art first thing in the morning when I was at Kathy's and I want to keep it up now that I am home again. I got an idea to do a little painting showing our gray world, but with the roots of spring below the ground.

Most the time I never know what to eat. As a compulsive eater I could (and used to) think about food all the time, what I would eat next, what I would cook or bake or get next. Now I am very much on guard against that type of thinking. Now I err on the side of not planning or thinking about food enough. I just eat what I can find. This morning I found a bag of peanuts in shells. I need to make a shopping list of healthy foods to have here so I can keep up not thinking about food and still have good food to eat. Peanuts aren't that bad but I need more.

I decided to get all the Soulcard cards. The second deck arrived while I was gone.

Woke up with a sore throat and laryngitis this morning.

Oh no! Just discovered that we forgot to go to the appointment with our tax lady - have to get going...


Mar. 4th, 2015 09:03 am
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The kids have no school today - probably cause of the freezing rain that fell last night. They will be coming over soon probably. It's nice that they are getting old enough to be home alone more often.

Dreaming more dreams last night of searching and trying to find people, losing them, losing things, creatures attacking other creatures and me trying to save them. I am glad that I have dedicated myself now to trying to write "morning pages" cause that gives me the time to devote myself to remembering and writing down my dreams. For a while now I haven't been able to remember my dreams - I'd just wake up and they would evaporate. Remembering dreams doesn't help me to resolve the issues but at least it gives me some insight into how I *feel* about them. I haven't written a full 3 pages of "morning pages" except for the first day, but it does give me time dedicated to write.

I got very disgusted with the old living room rug that we got in 2013 when we moved back into this house. The cats pull long threads out of it, the light colored areas are dingy and the black background shows specks of dirt so easily. So I ordered a new rug - with much more muted colors (olive green, rust, ivory and tan in an oriental pattern). We pulled the old rug up last week and cleaned the floor well in anticipation of the new rug's arrival. But I got tired of the bare floor and the day before yesterday put the old bright colored rug on the floor again. As soon as I saw it there I loved it all over again. I guess I just needed a break from it. Anyway the new rug should get here tomorrow. Maybe we will have a "winter rug" and a "summer rug". I do need to give the old rug an intense cleaning - maybe take it out into the yard and scrub it well this summer. The floors get very dirty here - the grandkids (and us) tracking dirt in everyday. I don't want to be bothered with taking our shoes off at the door so that's what we get, I guess. Here's a picture I took this morning of the old rug (and old Oo-tapo):


I'll get a photo of the new rug later for comparison when it arrives.

Other stuff -

I need to work on income taxes. I did do my 2nd half of 2014 sales taxes but I still need to tackle the business and family income taxes. Blaa. I will be going to Florida to visit my sister the end of the month (yay!) but I need to get this done before I go so the tax lady can have a chance to work on it.

Yesterday I made what I think is a cute pair of rectangular earrings for the "window" series - looking forward to getting them polished today so I can list them.

I have a challenge right now of making settings for a group of 8 antique elements that a customer wants me to make into buttons for her. She wants the settings to be made out of brass. When I first was learning metal fabrication we used brass and copper cause it is cheaper to work with but it was difficult in some ways - solder didn't seem to flow as easily and it can be "sticky" when sawing it. The more experienced people said that when I got better and started to use silver the process would be much easier. And that was true. I have enjoyed the ease of silver for so many years it is a little annoying to have to struggle with brass again. But I'm hoping as I go along it will get easier to make the button settings. I think I will anneal the brass first - that could help. Going to do that today. Maybe this will be a whole new thing I can work with if I get good with brass and really master it. Some people do like brass - they like yellow and gold looking things.
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"Snowfall on the Wings of Night" pendant - sterling, merlinite, black onyx Listing HERE

The snow is falling outside today too.

Bird news. The finches have just within the last few minutes finally discovered my niger thistle seed feeder - yay! They're all over it.

The rest of the day - work on taxes...
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Perhaps our last snow of the season?

Waiting to hear from our tax lady to see when we can pick up our taxes. She is traditionally always last minute of the last day with us. But she's good, we trust her and she saves us money so I guess we accept it.

The snow is now falling a little thicker than the picture I just took shows.

We have been watching Game of Thrones lately. I HATE the violence and torture that is in it. Such a lot of cruelty in it. I don't watch the news cause it is upsetting to my serenity so I wonder why am I watching this? Of course there is a good storyline and I like some characters and I love to hate other characters so I keep watching it to see what's going to happen next. I want someone to kill Joffrey so badly! Peter Dinklage's character is starting to take a larger role in it now (we are at second season 4th episode) so I am enjoying that. I am rooting for the good guys and he seems to be one. I just wish they would skip over the torture and cruelty more. I realize that's not going to happen - that's what makes the show real - I think I am just a very sensitive person. I couldn't sleep last night after watching it.

Back to work on the rings now... waiting for a phone call...


Feb. 16th, 2014 08:26 am
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Though the bedroom window - 18 to 200 lens.

Woke up around 5 am from an unpleasant dream (that I can't remember now) and noticed how pretty the moon was with a halo of rainbow colors around it in a lightly clouded sky. Couldn't really get a very good picture of it so I just played around in photoshop with the best picture I did get. It was so cold last night that I didn't want to go outside but finally I did hoping to get a better photo. I used the infrared camera that time.

IR camera outside - I just about froze a hole in my hand where I was leaning it against the metal porch support to steady the camera - it was only 1F this morning.

Nearly done with compiling the sales from 2013 into my books and will soon have the state sales taxes paid and then have the information I will need for income taxes.

Usually Dave and I buy bran muffins from Giant Eagle for our breakfast fiber but they are actually excessively high in calories (and expensive) so yesterday I decided I would make a big batch of bran pancakes and freeze them. I put one part wheat bran to one part baking mix and added an egg for every pancake that I would be making - plus added almonds and dates. I'm eating one right now and even though they are not that sweet (just plain) they are pretty good.

Johnny got a job at the college in the computer department and Dave and I are driving over later today to give him papers he will need before he starts. Maybe we'll take him out to lunch which will be nice.

The sky has clouded over again.


Feb. 14th, 2014 09:35 am
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the family sign next door

When I walked Rossy next door to the bus stop this morning I noticed how pretty (interesting?) the poke plant was that is draped over the family sign by the driveway. It's not really dead - the roots are alive and it comes back bigger and stronger every year.

taken with soft focus optic on the lensbaby

Snow again today. Though yesterday was clear and sunny. Dave is sick with a cold and laryngitis. 6 weeks ago I mailed a ring to Australia and it never got there. I am going to start to make another one today. Continuing with tax stuff - didn't really get very far with that yet.
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She has a heart that is pierced with a dagger, bound with living flowers and from it a flame burns that will never go out. Her love can never be killed. She reaches her hand out to forgive and accept everyone. I don't know the real meaning of Catholic symbols - that is just my take on this picture that hangs in my room. The people who lived here before (the neighbors that I grew up with from the time I was 6) were devote Catholics and after the yard sales were over and after the kids took all the stuff they wanted to take after their mother died this picture was left in the house. So I gladly took possession of it. I think it was meant for me. Mrs. Grill's gift to me.

3F this morning. The bitter cold keeps hanging on. Though it's supposed to get up into the upper teens later today. The sun is shining weakly. I plan to go to art group today at Deb's and grocery shop too. Our insurance man is coming in the afternoon and help us figure out our options. I'm going to start working on getting our taxes ready too. The card table I set up in the living room to work on Everything Book painting (but then didn't use) will be perfect for laying out tax stuff. We are going to be starting the legal stuff to sell mom and dad's house to Jules on Friday. Lots of loose ends need tied up before I go on my little vacation on the 24th.


Mar. 18th, 2013 05:26 pm
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Back out in the world again. Movie watched (a Swedish film called, "Songs From the Second Floor" - pretty good - strange - a sort-of satire/absurdist drama), feet all warmed up now and I am making vegetarian chili for dinner.

Soon we will be leaving to take our tax info to our tax lady.


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