Mar. 24th, 2017 06:42 pm
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Lake - me on a big rock - Andy and Rossy - photo by Dave.

After I got the appointment set up for the surgeon we were finally able to get out of the house and take a walk. It felt good to get outside and the weather is super nice right now. For once someone (Rossy - I was impressed) remembered to bring plastic bags with us so we could pick up the garbage that people had left strewn all over down there. We got 3 grocery bags full. Andy found a flip flop and had a good time throwing it around and fetching it from the lake before we added it to one of the bags.

Now I think it is time to take a late afternoon nap - it feels like it's been a long day.


Nov. 25th, 2016 09:25 am
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Rest - inspired by a Soul Cards card this morning. Today will be a good day for rest. I woke up with a very stiff back this morning. My feet and back were hurting last night too. Not used to all the stooping and cleaning and standing on my feet I did yesterday. But I feel our birthday party/thanksgiving dinner was a success and I'm glad I got the house spruced up as much as I did. It had fallen into a pretty dusty grimy state of disrepair. Hazel helped a lot. Dusted things and helped me cut up celery and apples and pare potatoes. Reminded me of when I was young and helping my mother in the kitchen. I definitely helped her a lot on the holidays but also helped her most afternoons just with little things like preparing vegetables, cleaning carrots, shucking peas or corn and paring potatoes for dinner. At the time I felt like it was interrupting my *busy* life of sitting in my room reading but I'm glad now I learned how to cook from her this way.

Andy was VERY good with all the company we had here last night. He was a little too excited when Chloe and Mike arrived first but we held him in one spot away from them till he got calmer and then let him go to greet them. He wanted to jump up a bit but soon got over it. I'm glad they were the first arrivals cause they are used to dogs and Chloe has special charming abilities with most animals. From then on as other people arrived he became calmer and calmer with each new arrival. David Z brought his little sister Lori who has Down's Syndrome. She walks with a walker and Andy was very respectful of her - though after about an hour and she didn't eat the cheese on the plate she had set on a low table beside her (the usual table that Andy is allowed to sit on and look out the window) he gently reached over and ate the cheese. Lori and I looked at each other and laughed. Hazel brought out the laser light after dinner and Andy chased it for us. Very funny.

So - back to my usual life today.


Sep. 23rd, 2016 11:07 pm
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Nothing is glued down yet but I'm testing out how everything fits when laid out.



Spent many hours stringing the beads that are the dividers in the fields and hills. After I get these parts glued down it will just be a matter of filling in the rest with stained glass.

My feet hurt!

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The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on July 12, 2015. It is was delivered to me by email from this morning.

Oh dear, Future Me - help me!!! I am having such a hard time getting to the basement and getting going with it today. I want to clear an area on the inside wall of the garage so Dave can move his stuff in there from the garage next door. It would make everyone happy - Dave, and Jules too cause then he would have his own garage all to himself. I hate myself cause I don't do it. But hating myself isn't enough incentive I guess. Perhaps after I write this I will be able to get started. I hope that you, one year in the future, will be looking back to this day and congratulating yourself that you DID IT.

Yes, I am (congratulating myself). But I wonder why does it take me so long to do these things? It seems I am such a time waster, a procrastinator. I'd rather hate myself and take a nap than do what needs done.

We had a small family graduation party for Hazel last Sunday. It was nice - we did the easy thing - got Chinese takeout. A couple pictures of the decorations before the party )

Andy keeping himself busy before the party.

On Friday and Saturday Dave and I went to my class reunion events. Friday was a get-together in a local bar and Saturday the official dinner at the Reno Social Club. I had a surprisingly good time. I made it my mission to try and go around and talk to everyone from the class if I saw them alone and not talking to someone else already. It was pretty easy to walk up, look at their name tag and ask, what have you been doing for the last 45 years? I did miss a few people cause they seemed to be occupied already with others and I didn't want to interrupt. But as always I came away with a few lingering thoughts that I wasn't good enough. That seems to just be me. I didn't do anything "wrong" but maybe I didn't participate as much as I could have. It will take me a few days to get over that I suppose. It needs to recede into the past so I can let go of it. As we all left the building I was one of the people calling out to others, "see you in 5 years!", which is when we will have our 50th. I need to remember that next time - it is possible to have a good time at these things.

I haven't been sleeping well. Either I can't get to sleep at night and stay up till 3 or 4 am or I wake up at 3 or 4 am and can't sleep after that. The night before it was the first problem, and last night it was the second. I had a terrible headache last night and felt nauseous with constant hot flashes. I'm feeling better now though - just tired. I don't know what it was, though I think now part of it - the headache part - was a lack of sufficient caffeine the day before.

Last night I used one of the bottled curry sauces I got last week with stir fried green beans, broccoli and tofu. It was so good! I coated the tofu with nutritional yeast flakes before frying it and it was so tasty. I think I have found an excellent way to get lots of vegs and get our protein now too.
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1. Cleaned 4 birdhouse gourds - scrubbed them in the kitchen sink in bleach water.
2. Took a nap.
2. Went with Dave to get gas for his boat - he needs special gas that doesn't have alcohol in it and you can only get it at a station near Cranberry.
3. Ate Chinese at the Jumbo Buffet. It is my favorite buffet in the area.
4. Visited the Mall and went to God's Little Garden for organic foods - got "fake candy" - made with nuts and fruit and no sugar - pretty good.
5. Came home and took another nap.
6. Ate dinner of fried fish and roasted cauliflower.
7. Took a bath with my new bath pillow. It didn't help the stupid tub much - it still feels small and uncomfortable.

1. Lots of rain and mist all day.
2. Saw a big colorful spotted hummingbird in a dream. It was using the new cardboard birdhouse I had just put up for it. I had erected the birdhouse inside a chicken house (cause cardboard can't be out in the weather). I had forgotten to feed the chickens in the chicken house for many years but they surprisingly were doing well anyway. Kathy was with me and we were both so tired we sat down on a bench and I held her head so she could sleep. A group of women who were jewelry customers came in and were looking at the hummingbird hovering around the door of its house.
3. A bird flying forwards in the wind but actually going backwards.
4. Saw Andy tearing a play toy into pieces - white stuffing everywhere.
5. Saw many text messages from Johnny and his fiance as we tried to figure out what we will be doing tomorrow and how we will meet up with them. Gabe and I will be going over to Clarion to do the "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" thing with them.
6. Watched some DVD videos about Monsanto and GMOs and corporate agriculture that the lady at God's Little Garden gave us. Disturbing. Feeling outraged and concerned now.
7. Watched Rossy cycle 10 miles on the stationary bike in the living room.

Two clocks ticking in tandem in a quiet room as I write this.

Dumb little sketch - the butterfly might be a pendant someday.

Another thing I did today - Dave showed me how Andy can catch treats in his mouth. So I spent time throwing treats in the air for him.


Apr. 2nd, 2016 05:41 pm
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During the night my right arm was aching to the point that I couldn't sleep. The pain was mainly radiating from the elbow I guess. Got up at 6 very tired. Piddled around, ate breakfast, got my shower and then went back to bed for an hour. If one of the members hadn't texted me to ask if I was going and then I had told her yes, I might not have gone to OA. But I decided I would give it a try - I could always go home early if need be. We had a new member at the meeting - which boosted our small group up to 5! It was good to hear a new story - and feel like we could be helpful to someone fresh by explaining the program to them. We all went to lunch at Eat-n-Park afterward, then I went shopping with my friend David Z. Saw some beautiful spring flowering trees and bushes here and there - yellow forsythias and a delicate pink small tree that looked so sweet. Came home and the tiredness took over again. I went to bed for a couple hours - this time the ache was in both my knees - felt like they were stretched too tight in there - the only way I can think to explain the feeling. Got up and made spaghetti with vegetarian meatballs. I just got done eating it. It's been a cold day - we are getting a low pressure zone coming in Dave tells me. Maybe that is why I'm getting all these aches - or maybe I am fighting off some sickness. I might just go back to bed again.
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Bluebird of Happiness in hand. At first I thought I would get my self portrait wearing the pendant using the webcam, but I didn't like how that turned out so it is in the background.

I don't know if this is an old people thing or not but it seems Dave and I are going to bed earlier and earlier and getting up earlier and earlier. He got up at 4:30 and I got up at 5:30 today. This is pretty common anymore - getting up between 4 and 6, when really we wish we could sleep till 7. I think I will join him for our mid-morning nap now.

I just remembered a thing I used to say to my brother. I would tell him it was time for my nappy-poo and I could always get a smile. John, wherever you are - it's time for my nappy-poo.

long day

Feb. 1st, 2016 10:00 pm
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Photo by Dave. This is how I look after a long day. Hiking in the morning with Candy, taking the dog to the vet and then to his first obedience class tonight. Andy can be very sweet and calm around the house or the woods but when you get him out and meeting new people and new dogs he can be a totally crazy boy - exhausting.

Good night now...


Jan. 20th, 2016 10:31 am
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I've been getting a lot of this word today on the watch. I got up at 5:30 to drive Gabe to his early morning Wednesday swim practice but after I came home I got Rossy off to school and then went back to bed and haven't really gotten up till now. It made a little beep once to remind me I needed to get up and get moving but after that it just silently reminded me to move. I guess I am up now though - drinking a coffee. Going to meet Jan for lunch...


Sep. 14th, 2015 12:28 pm
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Pages in my self portrait book. This kind of sums up the last 2 days. As you can see I have been reduced to the simplest of doodles - no great art works being done in there. I only have one more month to go with this project and I will have the year over. I started with good intentions but it's all just doodles now.

Woke up this morning to one of my "dizzy days" - (slightly dizzy and listing). I've had them before - usually they last a few hours in the morning and then go away. After seeing the boys off to school I went back to bed and slept a couple hours. I seem to be extra tired right now - it started when I got back from the big bike ride on Friday and I have been extra tired ever since - going back to bed over and over all day. Puttering today - still exploring turtles - they are such excellent places to use large interesting oval stones. And multitasking some paper work and bill paying.

Dave got a big box of tomatoes on Friday and made 2 pans of stuffed tomatoes. He removes the insides of the tomatoes and simmers that on the stove (it becomes stewed tomatoes that he keeps separate for later) while he makes bread stuffing that he puts into the tomato shells and then bakes them in the oven till the stuffing becomes golden brown. When we eat them later we put one (or two) in a bowl and cover it with the stewed tomato sauce and some mozzarella cheese and then microwave. I just ate one for lunch. So good. Thanks Dave.

The sun is back after 2 days of overcast. It is a beautiful day. Time to take a break and get outside and enjoy it. I can do my paperwork at the picnic table.

big day

Sep. 11th, 2015 11:27 pm
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Big biking day today - Candy and I biked from Emlenton 3 miles upriver to Dotter, then back to Emlenton and beyond to Foxburg and Parker to the very end of the Allegheny River Trail and then back to Emlenton - 20 miles in all. On our first pass though Foxburg we got espresso coffees and a big chunk of dark chocolate with cashews and caramel (so decadent!) and sat on the sidewalk out front watching people walk by. I really loved the stretch of the trail from Emlenton to Foxburg - an old railroad bed beside the river that hasn't been paved yet - it is just a dirt road with grass and bushes growing close beside it. We had to go a bit slower but it seemed extra relaxing and interesting too to be dodging puddles and spiderwebs. It is officially a part of the North Country hiking trail - but not a part of the Allegheny River bike trail (yet).

The sound of dry leaves under our tires was constant.

On the way back through Foxburg we stopped at the Allegheny Grille (a really nice restaurant) and had lunch. Foxburg is a tiny little town - it's kind of amazing how many nice places they have there - coffee/chocolate/ice cream shop, antique shop, fancy restaurant, hotel, winery, pizza shop restaurant and gift shop etc. The town was full of people at lunch time - I just can not figure out where they all came from - Foxburg is so far out of the way.

I was tired coming home and when I pulled into the front yard I just stumbled out of the car and into the house and fell into bed for a 2 hour nap.

w w

Sep. 2nd, 2015 09:44 am
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Wonderful Wednesday. I named it that back in the days I was taking care of my mom. Sahlah used to do a thing on her journal called Wondrous Wednesday where she would post about interesting things - maybe they were about nature (?), not sure now, but the wording stuck in my head and I started to think of Wednesday as a wonderful day. It is a day of the week where at the most I take a quick walk with Berdella in the morning and then have the rest of the day free. My freedom day. Usually I use Wednesday as a day to putter in my studio.

The warm weather has returned - summer isn't over. A beautiful foggy morning at the moment.

The trip to Pittsburgh yesterday was very tiring to me. I drove Berdella's car while she directed me. I didn't listen properly (thinking the turn she was talking about would be the next road up) and that set us on a course of taking the long way home. I don't know Pittsburgh very well and to me it just seems like someone threw a ball of spaghetti down and then planned the roads around how it fell. Plus it was a hot day and being in a greenhouse on a hot day is the equivalent of doing something very hot. I came home last night and ate dinner at 4 then slept till after 7. Though in spite of the tiredness if I had it to do over again I would still have gone - it was really magical there.

nine of crystals from the Inner Child tarot deck

My tarot card today is magical too. It is a story about a story teller and her little listener. Anticipation. Passing time and the time is nearly there. Instilling traditions. Stockings hung in hope. It seems like all is right with the world in this card. I'm thinking a good day ahead.


Apr. 28th, 2015 08:37 am
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Another card with a winged being hovering over the scene. This time the angel is pouring water between 2 cups (2 of Cups. My card yesterday!) I think the sun is rising, not setting in the background. She has one foot in the water and one foot out. Restrained enough to not jump into something too quickly. I am the one who is seeking balance (always) - because I can go so easily out of balance with my compulsive nature. So I will see this as an encouraging card – another opportunity for me to be more balanced today.

I didn't do anything in the basement yesterday – or much of anything at all with my day except hike in the woods in the morning. I took 3 naps yesterday – felt very tired. But I did think about how I am going to organize the books:
Jewelry making
Lamp-working and glass working
Gardening and gardens
Future reading material – novels
Writing prompts, journaling and writing
Paper making
Painting techiques
Creativity and inspiration
Nature – bird and nature identification books
Recovery and spirituality
My childhood books
Children's books for grandkids


Mar. 6th, 2015 06:37 pm
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path full of light

Dave was concerned about the turkeys and deer getting enough to eat in this cold weather and wanted to spread some birdseed on the railroad bed that goes through a property that we have part interest in near Kossuth. So I went along for the ride (and walk). It was good that snowmobiles had been over the trail so it was easy walking. More infrared photos from the day - HERE )

I was so tired today though! I went back to bed after the grandsons went to school and then when we got back from our walk I slept for 2 more hours. Things (jewelry jobs, taxes) are building up that need done but I do not want to go into "overwhelmed mode" about it. I keep doing positive self talk (first things first, there will be time, do what is in front of me and don't worry about the rest) and it seems to be working. I woke up during the night last night with "the doom" but then I was able to dispel it and get back to sleep. Most years, during March especially, I succumb to it and go down the path of what I call winter depression. But I really don't want to go there this year. Keep on keeping on...
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a puddle where the ice looked like a tiny mosaic

Candi and I walked on Oak Hill again this afternoon - the snow was not as deep as last week - only about 1' high or so. The snow had melted and froze again - it had a hard crust on it that needed broken through with each step. I came home very tired and can't seem to get over it. I'd like to just go to bed now for the rest of the night. Maybe I will...
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It feels like I have had a very long day. Up as usual at 5 to take Jules to work at 6 but Dave and I were up in the night for many hours before that too. He has been having heart palpitations a lot lately - 4 times in the last week and a half and the episodes have been lasting more than a few hours at a time. He went to the emergency room during one of them last week but when he got there it had stopped so there was nothing to show the doctors. The ER doctor said for him to see his family physician so a few days later Dave did and the family doctor ordered an echo-cardiogram and another test. Today was the echo-cardiogram and luckily (I guess in the big scheme of things) Dave was having an episode during the test. Afterwards they sent him over to the ER and from there he was admitted. The atrial fibrillations finally stopped around 1:30 pm. They had been happening since 3 am and Dave was exhausted. So I guess this is the future - Dave is going to have this heart condition and have to take meds and blood thinners the rest of his life. Makes me feel like we are entering a new phase of life - getting older now. It is scary to think how this could have been much worse. This is how my mother had her stroke - she had atrail fibrillations and had a clot go to her brain when she was only 74 - then lived another 26 years with her mind and body drastically diminished from the effects of the stroke. I'm just glad he is being taken care of and has it under control at the moment.
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I have been working all day on a pair of earrings for my friend Karen. About a year ago she mentioned that she would like another pair of earrings but this time in an owl theme. So I did a little sketch that I wasn't satisfied with and then totally forgot all about it till last month when she brought it up again.

Here is a sketch that I did last month that both of us liked the look of. Today was the big day to work on it. Pictures of today's work HERE )


May. 21st, 2014 08:00 pm
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"Ouroboros" earrings - sterling Listing HERE

Spent all day in My Room - working on 2 rings for customers, this pair of earrings and a number of pendants. So tired now! But I got all the Lord of the Rings DVDs and we are going to start a movie marathon tonight with that. Time to rest.


Aug. 7th, 2013 10:45 pm
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"Watching" pendant - sterling, copper, enamel on copper and sky blue topaz. Listing HERE

I decided that I have had enough of putting off listing any jewelry and I need to get back to work. Maybe if I was doing something I enjoyed (working jewelry) I might get more done - rather than all the procrastination I'm doing when I tell myself the only thing I should be doing right now is cleaning, painting and organizing. Anyway... I'm exhausted tonight. Didn't sleep well last night and didn't get a nap today either. I started this listing, then Jules came home from his work and we painted trim for hours and just now I came back home and thought I would finish the listing. I hope I didn't make any mistakes with tiredness but at least it's there.

Good night. :-)
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my most favorite breakfast

I had blood work this morning - after that had breakfast with Nancy [ profile] kyana and then did shopping for assorted things - epoxy and denatured alcohol - wasn't sure where I was going to find those things but I found the epoxy at Kmart and the denatured alcohol at Sherwin Williams. I'm going to do some lapidary work and need the alcohol for an alcohol lamp to heat the wax to put the stones on the dop sticks. Maybe I'll take photos of that - put them on the WTS blog later like a little educational story. I barely put anything on there and business-wise I should (I guess...)

The last 2 days I have been so tired and listless. It seems so hard to work up any excitement or hope about my life. Maybe I am feeling overwhelmed about all the work that is approaching closer and closer with the upcoming move. I came home today and took a big nap and am now trying to figure out what to do next - writing about it seems like the thing to do.

The sap is running again. It runs the best when it freezes at night and gets sunny and warm in the day. I gathered about 5 gallons of sap yesterday and will go out in a bit and check on today's harvest. So I'm thinking we might have another quart+ of syrup in our future. After the buds come out on the trees no more sap gathering cause the taste gets weird then but I don't see any buds on these trees yet.

I guess that about covers my life: eating food, shopping, tired, sap. But as I say that of course I see more. Not just eating food - it was breakfast with a friend, not just shopping for blaa things but for things that will help me do a creative thing, not just a nap - sleeping and having dreams (which I love so much), and finally experiencing a hobby that we can all enjoy the fruits of for months to come. I definitely need a new spin on things and I'm the only one who can do that. :-)


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