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I really liked how the colored xmas lights looked around the front window this winter (you could see them from inside during the night) and left them burning till just recently. Then I got the idea to get some strings of white led lights for inside to brighten things up around here.

Last night I woke up around 4 am, like I do so often, and sat and crocheted while listening to music - enjoying the lights. I thought to take some pictures of the lights as dawn was arriving. You can barely see Yoshi up on her haunches looking forward to the sun rise.

Just now I put up another string under the shelves and around the ceiling in my studio room.

Tomorrow is the operation. Supposed to be at the hospital at 10. Nothing after midnight tonight. I have felt kind of stressed out and dull today. Though I did get some things done that I wanted to do. Washed two loads of clothes and changed the sheets on the bed, cooked a dozen and a half hard boiled eggs and made a big pot of vegetable soup. Jules invited us over for tacos for dinner - that was nice. Afterwards we looked at his car, which had hit a deer yesterday while Hazel was driving into town. The car might be totaled. That could be a good thing. Jules has been wanting to get a new one. Just before dark Dave took Andy in his truck and I drove my car so I could drop it off to be inspected tomorrow. On the way back we were all together and stopped at an intersection when a fire truck went by, siren blaring, and Andy howled along with it. Funny. Earlier I wanted to go biking and Dave and Rossy put a new tire on my bike but then I felt very tired and my chest hurt - I had no energy so we didn't go. I feel like my traveling pain has traveled into the middle of my chest and put its ache there now. Any exertion makes it hurt. I think it is "fight or flight" time and I can't do either. Talking to my sister tonight and that helped me relax. Maybe I just need to BREATHE more.
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Because I am a mainly a morning writer I think I write about different things than a lot of the writing I see here on LJ. I don't have a day to recount - I have dreams and feelings that have come up during the night to deal with and put in their proper place. Many times I wake up weighed down with doom and helplessness. It is during my morning meditation time that I try to get back to or reach a place of hope and balance that I can carry with me through the day.

The card is from the Paulina tarot deck. Perhaps I will see this as a reminder to concentrate on being a good partner today.

It snowed all day yesterday - off and on. I never did get out for a walk - I had an urge to go to Two Mile Run but that frittered away as the day went on. Rossy was over here and he and Johnny were playing video games together and I didn't want to break that up. Dave took Andy hunting. I wish I could drive my car in the snow but I don't feel safe with it anymore. A couple times so far this winter I have had it stuck in the driveway. Something happened to the transmission during the summer and it has no 4 wheel drive anymore. We have an appointment to have it looked at on Jan 10th. Dave says he will drive me in the truck if I want to go somewhere today. I would like to get some fat quarters and lots of cheap rice so I can make the microwave heating pads.

Last night Johnny and I made 2 versions of tacos - venison and veggie burger - and then invited Jules and his boys over. It was nice to have everyone here for that. Andy entertained us with his tricks.

The snow is picking up. Looking whiter and whiter out there as the morning goes on.
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a little stream that flows through the woods

The snow was deep today - about an inch below my knees. Candi and I probably walked about a third the distance we normally go but it took us the usual 2 hours. I'm thinking the way we are strengthening our legs now, when the snow is gone and we get back into regular hiking boots we will be flying through the woods then.

Got up this morning to the mailbox gone - knocked off by a snowplow. Dave just went out and put it back up and then another snowplow went by and knocked it off again. This time the post got broken so I don't know what he's going to do - we may have no mailbox till spring when he can put a new post in the thawed ground. Luckily the usual mailman is aware that we are related to Jules next door and they will probably leave the mail there - I hope.

the weight of snow

Good news - my car is fixed so I am back on the road again.

Time for me to get back outside. The bird feeders need filled again - the birds go through a lot of feed during this kind of weather.
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Dave's heart still is having some AFib going on (the last episode happened on Friday night) so that's not all fixed yet - but as far as vehicle problems go things are looking up. I guess what had happened to my car was a rod or bolt in the fly wheel broke off and then went though something (the power steering? My understanding of it is VERY non-accurate, sorry) but $500 later and it is fixed. I am on the road again.

Jules car has also been fixed after being broken down for about 2 months. It seemed to be the transmission but maybe in the end it was a computer part that controlled the transmission that was bad. Dave put that part in for him (we had to order it from a special shop in California) and now the car seems to be working. Time will tell for sure, but tomorrow I won't be getting up at 5 am to drive him to work. I didn't mind the driving though - not really - it was a nice time to talk to Jules. And I enjoyed the sunrises.

Another good thing - we got a load of gravel for the driveway (which was turning into a muck hole). We had given up parking there and started to park our vehicles next door in that driveway. We probably need 4 more loads of gravel but it is a start. The grandboys went out with us today and helped us spread it. It is only about a 20 minute job spreading one truckload with everyone working.

A bad thing. I bit into a tiny rock (or something very hard) today and I think I loosened up a filing or cracked the tooth. Starting to hurt. Blaa!

Dave goes for a stress test tomorrow. I hope it doesn't throw him into another bout of the AFib.


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