Sep. 2nd, 2014 01:55 pm
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I'm at art group right now and using Berdella's internet. Ours at home will get it's monthly renewal tonight at midnight - finally! My laptop seems to be kaput though. It only has a black screen, no curser. I fear it might be the end for it. My plan is to share Dave's computer till I can afford a new one so I don't know when that will happen. Baa.

Lizard eyes.

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Johnny, Sebby, Gabe and I biked up the road from here and ended up at the Sugarcreek Memorial Cemetery tonight - a 6 mile round trip. They are getting bored with bike trails - too tame. But I love the bike trails - cause they are safe (no danger of cars).

The summer (kids summer vacation) is almost over. They go back to school next Tuesday. We need to try and get as much summery stuff fitted into these last days. I promised them we would camp out at least once. Still need to do that.

I am posting this picture with my iPod. Thank goodness I never got around to updating the LJ app on it and it still functions in the old way.

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A coincidence that the next book coming up on my reading list and the next book mark on the top of that pile seem related.

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I decided it would be nice to try and do nothing for a while. I did take my bike for multiple rides around the yard - there are some little hills if I go in a circle around the house to give my legs a work out plus just peddling on grass is hard. I didn't want to work in my studio today though. There should be at least one day a week I don't go in there. So I found myself sitting on the front patio burning a stick of incense and watching the cars go by. Then I noticed how many trucks go by. It seemed like more trucks than cars for a while and I thought I would count them. So much for doing "nothing" - now I am counting vehicles. As of this moment (STOP COUNTING NOW) there have been 114 cars and SUVs, 45 pickup trucks and 15 motorcycles, no large 18 wheelers, dump trucks or delivery trucks. Tomorrow morning I almost think those (big trucks) will be in the majority cause this is a busy highway. Other things to watch: one bee visiting the sunflowers, one yellow and black butterfly passing by, one nuthatch (the birds really don't like visiting this feeder while I am beside it,) other flitting birds in the trees but not easy to see, one chipmunk with no tail and there are the 3 horses across the road to watch. It is so hard to do nothing! Obviously. Here I am WRITING about doing nothing, cause I can't just DO nothing. Okay - going to really try now... Goodbye.

6 cameras

Aug. 8th, 2014 06:33 pm
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Just playing around with a new camera app I just got - Sketch Guru. This was a photo I took quite a while ago. Being in love with my cameras I take pictures of them. I notice in Flickr a lot of people do that.

I constructed 3 bracelets and 2 rings today. Will oxidize them and set the stones, etc tomorrow. I just woke up from an after-dinner nap and reached for my ipad so here I am.

The cats have fleas. It wasn't nearly time for their last monthly treatment to run out but I needed to apply another one yesterday. I still see living fleas on Milo. I might need to get a different brand. Maybe the fleas are immune to Frontline now.


Jul. 25th, 2014 01:34 pm
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Dave and I were just now eating in our favorite Chinese buffet and after the meal one of the waitresses came to our booth and sat down beside me and gave me a wonderful hug and then gave me this ornament. I have no idea why, unless it is for always cleaning my plate and being very polite. Very sweet - and because I don't know why it makes me feel even better! She pointed to the gold boat shaped things in the middle and said in broken English something about money. I wonder what it is?

*Edit* Ha! Found it! With the wonders of the internet. Those boat shaped things are called "sycee", a type of silver or gold ingot currency used in China until the 20th century. Wiki says: "Today, imitation gold sycees are used as a symbol of prosperity by Chinese and are frequently displayed at Chinese New Year." I will hang it in my studio and maybe it will bring me prosperity!


Jun. 28th, 2014 09:44 pm
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Last night I got stung by a paper wasp. Usually I don't swell up from things like this, but boy, this time I sure did. It's making my life miserable. So stupid how it happened. Sebby was cleaning the gutter and came to a wasp nest and asked me what he should do. I said we could just leave them there and clean around them cause paper wasps are "friendly wasps". So I was cleaning and pulling leaves and muck from around the nest for quite a while when Sebby marveled how was I doing that?! Weren't they stinging me? I no sooner said, no, they can sense your intentions and knew I didn't want to hurt them when one landed on me and stung. I guess I am going into a new phase of being allergic to stings. I was when I was a kid but when I became an adult it seemed to go away. So itchy! I am holding an ice bag on it right now while I type with my left hand. Dave took the photo for me. I took Benadryl - not sure that is helping much.

That's my big news of life today. I did accompany Chloe to Pittsburgh to pick up some of her art from a gallery today. Hours of driving, which I am glad I wasn't responsible for except to drive to meet Chloe in Clarion. We had a really nice time together. The AC in her car doesn't work either - seems like I am living the lifestyle of preAC cars wherever I go now but that's okay. I'm game. Though I still need to brush the tangles out of my hair.

Time to take a couple more Benadryl. Maybe I will go to bed early with my ice pack.

right now

Jun. 23rd, 2014 12:45 pm
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We are at McD's using their internet to download a game for Rossy. Passing time. We did ride bikes this morning from Belmar to the Sandy Creek tunnel. Sebby with the Diana app:

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Thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. And today is another special day for us. It's Dave's and my anniversary. We didn't do anything really special but tonight Dave, Johnny and I walked in the woods at Two Mile Run. Some Diana double exposures:

daisy sky

dave and me

johnny lake

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Breakfast. Cinnamon raisin toast and a mustard egg (like a regular pickled egg but bitier with mustard flavor). Watching "Gods and Monsters" - end of it - just couldn't stay awake anymore last night to finish it. I love the looks of both Brendan Fraser and Ian McKellen and the story is very good too. The kids are sleeping in next door and I slept in this morning too. Dave got up early and drove Johnny to work so I had the luxury of waking up alone with lots of dream shreds clinging to my mind. When the kids come over we can all go to town so I can mail the jewelry I finished over the weekend. Maybe we can fit in a walk somewhere too.


May. 15th, 2014 05:04 pm
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Marmite by itself is HORRIBLE. Marmite with butter on a cracker is like eating finely aged cheddar cheese. Yum! Still waiting for the Vegemite to arrive.

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I like this one better. Facts can be used against you - depending on which facts you choose to use.

Sitting outside now, on the (fairly clean) back porch. Sounds of crows, wrens, other birds that I don't know. Woodpeckers far away. The cars on the road - a nearly constant sound. Burning 2 sticks of nag champa (one to the south and one to the west) so if the wind shifts I won't miss out. I am feeling like a whole new person - so relieved that the package was picked up for that customer! Summing up my day. I guess it was a good day - even though I was worrying a lot about that package. I did get down to the basement and cleared out about 7 bags of stuff that came from the bathroom of the house next door. Some stuff that we used for taking care of mom. The zippered pouch that contained her supplies for checking sugar. The little booklet that we used to record her numbers. 4 days before she died we quit checking it and writing them down. I remember how upset I was getting cause the numbers were so high and wanted the nurses to tell me what to do. Finally one just said, quit checking it. There is nothing more you can do. I think it really hit me then. She was dying, for real. They said quit giving her meds too. So hard. That's why I hate going through this basement stuff. You never know when one of these terribly sad memories is going to sneak up on you. But I got through it. Cried a few tears. Came upstairs and worked on the pendant for a while for a break and when I went back I was able to throw the whole thing in the garbage. And now - new things happening. The grandboys just asked if we could go on a bike ride. Yes. Going to pack the bikes on the car and go...

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Day 2. What you wore.

I wear those 2 rings all the time right now (plus my wedding ring). That is some glass mosaic tesserae that I found in Florida - I think they will make really neat jewelry elements.

Last night I watched About Time. A really sweet romantic comedy that I liked a lot. Right now I am watching The Soloist. Trying to catch up with netflix that came in while I was away that Dave saved for me. I had lined up multiple Gunsmoke and Rawhide episodes for Dave to watch while I was gone - something only he would like. Then when I got home again the plan was that we could resume watching things we both might like. But those 2 movies somehow snuck into the top of the queue while I was gone and he watched them. And Julie and Julia too. So I am on a movie watching catch up spree alone while I pay the bills.

Raining all day today. Dark. After the kids went to school this morning I went back to bed for a many hour nap. Dull.

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This is a photo challenge that my niece Tracy's husband Joe found for their daughter Maria to do. She just got a brand new DSLR for Christmas. Anyway, I like it too and might try it. Maybe I will start after I get back home though...


Mar. 8th, 2014 08:19 am
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I could do a series of photos just of these shoes in different places. I love them so much. A photo I took early yesterday morning in my bathroom - before the day started. It's nice to have my own personal bathroom here - I can leave my stuff out. I hear there was some warmth and sun up north but we had a cold day here yesterday. Stayed in most of the day and worked on the mosaic. We did take a couple outings though. In the morning we went searching for epoxy clay at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Neither one had it so we rethought some of our plans for attaching the larger elements to our earth lady figure. In the evening we took an outing to the beach. Not prime weather at all - cold and very windy but to me it was more about seeing the wonder of big water and endless horizon. Luckily I have my winter coat and scarf here so I could wear that and Kathy wore a hooded jacket so it ended up being invigorating rather than too miserable. It was hard to get any good photos cause it was getting dark and so windy that the camera was being moved in my hands and making blurriness. Kathy took a neat one though with the IR camera and put it on her journal last night, [livejournal.com profile] earthmother45.

Today there is going to be a big family dinner here and a fire in the fire pit. Before that though we will be just hanging out in the studio doing mosaic. I may be a strange person but in many ways to me this is a perfect way to spend my vacation. I have my ipad music set to shuffle and we listen to that. Kathy sits at her computer or over at the mosaic table. I stand at the mosaic table or move over to where I have this ipad sitting and check internety things with it periodically. We just talk, or don't talk. Or we laugh. A couple times we cried. I'll take little bathroom breaks now and then and go into the Doctor Sleep book world when I am there. It's like that story is running in the background all the time. That is what I like about novel reading - something I have missed with the way I read up north. I don't allow myself to get so immersed in novels there for some reason. Is it the kindle? Is it really more engaging to read on it? Or is it the draw of Stephen King? I know I (sadly) do spend a lot more time reading internetish things on the ipad rather than reading real books when I am at home. Do my eyes like to look at lighted screens more than paper?

I got the ball of the eye/head finished last night and today I'm going to start helping Kathy mosaic the body. We might just get all the tesserae in place before I leave on Monday. Maybe I will post a couple photos later today.

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It takes a certain type of patience, or craziness, to want to mosaic. To take perfectly fine pieces of flat glass, turn them into tiny jagged pieces and then reassemble them again. The ball with the eye is my baby (the future head) and the body is Kathy's. Drinking chocolate peppermint expresso.


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